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In the expansive universe of YouTube, certain hidden gems offer a fresh perspective on travel, away from the mainstream glare.

Inside I’ll be introducing you to a selection of the very best under-the-radar YouTubers, each a maestro of untold stories from the road less traveled.

With modest subscriber counts, channels like Jammy Gits, Ride Me Five, and Geoff Carter are unexplored treasures waiting to be discovered.

Their content, rich in authenticity, explores the untouched essence of van life, the thrill of motorbike adventures, and the heartbeats of uncharted terrains.

Despite their lesser-known status, the production value and narrative charisma are commendable, providing a genuine and often unpolished glimpse into the world’s diverse cultures and landscapes.

For travel enthusiasts seeking a detour from the well-trodden path of popular travel vloggers, these channels promise a voyage into uncelebrated corners of the globe.

Venture beyond the known, and you might find your next favourite travel companion among these untapped YouTubers.

1. One Pack Wanderers

One Pack Wanderers header

The One Pack Wanderers YouTube channel is curated by Cheveyo and Tia, a duo who embarked on a global expedition since June 2020 after quitting their jobs and throwing caution to the wind in a pandemic-induced travel-restricted period.

Their content encapsulates the essence of exploration, backed by their motto “wander in wonder”. They share their adventures and the diverse cultures they encounter, captured initially on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, later upgrading to a Sony A7SIII.

Personally, their storytelling style coupled with authentic experiences is captivating, making every upload an exciting venture into different parts of the world​.

One Pack Wanderers videos

My favourite vlogs without question are their travels across Asia including highlights in Thailand, motorbiking their way across Vietnam (twice) and the lesser trodden paths of Japan.

Cheveyo and Tia cover travel and food on their journey and a highlight is their ‘Tia for scale’ moments – You’ll find out when you watch!

Youtube Link:

2. Callum Abroad

Callum Abroad

Callum Abroad is a YouTube channel run by a young Scottish man named Callum Mills.

The channel, which has amassed over 58.8K subscribers, showcases his travels around the globe. Callum’s adventures are anything but ordinary; he explores some of the world’s most dangerous and unique places.

From the gang-ruled favelas in Brazil to standing on Saddam Hussein’s Palace, and venturing into areas under Russian control like Kherson in Ukraine, Callum brings his audience along for an enthralling and oftentimes perilous journey through his vlogs.

The compelling aspect of Callum’s channel is the raw and unfiltered lens through which viewers get to see parts of the world that are often shrouded in mystery or tainted by mainstream media narratives.

His courageous, or some might say audacious, explorations into the unknown are not only eye-opening but also serve as a bridge to understanding and appreciating the diversity and complexity of the world we live in.

In my opinion, Callum Abroad is a thrilling channel for those with a penchant for adventure and a curiosity about the world’s lesser-known or misrepresented places.

Videos are shot in continuous format with few edits and only a handful of skips forward in time. His Scottish accent may be difficult for some and I envisage it may be the only thing holding him back.

Through his daring travels and genuine interactions with locals, Callum provides a refreshing, albeit sometimes unsettling, perspective on the world, making his channel a captivating watch.

This is a channel to watch and deserves millions of subscribers, certainly one to watch and I expect will be big in the future.

Youtube Link:

3. Ride Me Five

Ride Me Five

The YouTube channel Ride Me Five is a gem for motorcycle and travel enthusiasts, particularly those who prefer veering off the typical tourist trails.

The channel, steered by a passionate rider, exhibits a blend of motorbike adventures through less explored roads and the interaction with diverse cultures along the way. It’s indeed a virtual treat for those with a knack for unadulterated travel experiences.

Regrettably, the English version of the channel ceased updates in 2021, halting at a modest 80,000 subscribers mark.

Despite this, it leaves behind a substantial collection of videos that still resonate with the spirit of adventure. On a brighter note, the Spanish iteration of Ride Me Five continues to flourish, boasting a whopping 1.55 million subscriber base, thereby keeping the essence of exploration alive but in a different linguistic landscape.

The ongoing success of the Spanish channel manifests the universal allure of open-road adventures and the unique narratives that Ride Me Five brings to the table.

The lingering allure of the English channel’s archives combined with the thriving Spanish channel makes Ride Me Five a significant name in the community of motorcycle-travel aficionados.

Nico, the guy behind Ride Me Five explores mostly Africa in his English vlogs and I only wish he’d have continued so I could explore the rest of the world via his videos.

It’s a channel that not only fuels the wanderlust but also celebrates the essence of motorcycling through the veins of untouched landscapes.

Youtube Link:

4. Jammy Gits

Jammy Gits

The YouTube channel Jammy Gits is spearheaded by Martha and Mitch, a UK-based couple who have embraced the van life for a more authentic and adventurous lifestyle.

With a current subscriber count of around 10,000 on their channel, the duo documents their journeys across Europe in their VW T5 Transporter Campervan. Their content is a pleasant blend of van life experiences and other adventures, including notable motorbike tours through the scenic landscapes of Vietnam.

One of the standout features of Jammy Gits is the remarkable production quality of their videos. Despite being a relatively small channel, the visual and storytelling calibre rival those of much larger counterparts.

The crisp editing, engaging narrative, and the beautiful locales they explore make every video a delightful watch. The channel provides a genuine glimpse into a lifestyle that breaks away from societal norms, resonating with viewers who harbor a similar spirit of adventure.

Though their subscriber count is modest, the Jammy Gits channel showcases a rich and engaging catalogue of adventures.

Jammy Gits videos

Mitch and Martha are relatively young and so their channel may appeal more to the backpacker age group. However, there’s something for everyone and what appears like it was started just for their friends and family has surprisingly revealed two natural talents for being behind (and in front) of the camera.

The motorbike tours of Vietnam are my favourite and particularly captivating, offering a different pace and perspective compared to their van life episodes. These videos not only satiate the wanderlust of viewers but also provide practical insights into living and travelling in a van or on a motorbike.

The dedication of Martha and Mitch to share their journey, coupled with their excellent video production, indeed makes Jammy Gits a channel worth exploring for those intrigued by van life, motorbike tours, and offbeat travel experiences.

Youtube Link:

5. Anton is here

Anton is here

Anton is here is a YouTube channel helmed by Anton Lyadov, previously known under the name “The People”.

The channel showcases a collection of documentaries depicting life in various parts of the globe. Anton ventures into diverse societies, bringing forth narratives that are often untouched by mainstream media.

His videos do not focus on staged beauties but rather aim to portray life as it is, offering a genuine glimpse into the lives of individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

The channel demonstrates excellent production quality, encapsulating authentic experiences in a visually appealing manner. The dedication to bring forth unfiltered stories is evident in each upload.

The production value is indeed commendable, reflecting a profound understanding of storytelling coupled with the technical acumen to deliver high-quality content.

What sets Anton is here apart is the intimate portrayal of everyday lives, capturing the essence of diverse societies. It’s a channel that doesn’t just skim the surface, but delves deeper into understanding the human experience across different geographical and cultural landscapes.

Anton speaks in Russian with a professional English voice over. I’d love to see Anton speak directly in English in his videos as when he does speak it, it’s clear he’s fluent. However, the voiceover doesn’t detract from the video.

If you’re after what’s often referred to as “dark tourism” then Anton ticks that box. He’s visited Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Somalia, North Korea and more.

He’s also covered the Venezuelan – Colombian border, cartels on the Mexican border, the Armenian – Azerbaijani war, the war in Ukraine, Japanese gangsters, the Turkish earthquake aftermath and dangers in South Sudan.

Youtube Link:

6. Geoff Carter

Geoff Carter header

The self-titled Geoff Carter YouTube channel is a charming blend of travel, food, and culture, predominantly focusing on Asian regions, especially Thailand.

Geoff, the person behind the lens, delves into the local flavours, traditions, and everyday life of the places he visits, offering his audience a genuine taste of the local culture. His videos range from exploring street food markets to navigating through bustling cities and serene countryside, providing a varied palette of experiences.

Despite being a smaller channel, the entertainment value is high. Geoff is one of Youtube’s older content creators and so it may suit the 40+ age range.

No flashy gimmicks here but Geoff’s Northern English likeable ‘lad’ style makes him a firm favourite for all ages, someone who you would love to sink a pint or two with, especially his favourite, Chang… just watch out for the ‘Changovers’.

Geoff’s genuine enthusiasm for exploring and sharing his adventures adds a personal touch to the channel, making it feel like viewers are travelling alongside him.

Geoff Carter videos

His content showcases a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the diverse cultures and traditions he encounters. The channel provides a rich tapestry of experiences, right from the heart of the locales he visits, making it a delightful virtual journey for those who share a love for travel and cultural exploration.

Geoff’s production quality may be more pound shop Casey Neistat or Mr. Beast from Wish but his engaging personality far outweigh any technical limitations of his content.

For a channel with a modest subscriber base, the quality and the authenticity of the content are truly commendable, making Geoff Carter a channel worth diving into for those intrigued by the vibrant cultures of Asia and beyond.

… and you know what I’m going to say next, “Keep smiling!”

Youtube Link:

7. TheLifeOfJord

LifeofJord header

TheLifeOfJord is a well-curated YouTube channel by Jordan Simons, whose journey through lens started around 2014.

His initial videos around 2015-2016 are arguably some of the channel’s finest pieces, where a fresh-faced Jord unveiled the raw, unadulterated essence of travel. Those gritty, less-polished narratives showcased the thrill of exploring the unknown, resonating with viewers who yearn for authentic travel experiences.

However, over the years, the channel has seen a slow transition in both content frequency and style. Jord has seemingly shifted his focus to other endeavors, leading to less frequent video updates on the channel.

This change is also mirrored in the style of the recent videos which are more polished, with a noticeable increase in production value. They now showcase a more refined, well-edited narrative that contrasts with the raw appeal of his earlier work.

The higher budget allocations are evident, bringing a different, more mature flavor to the channel. Despite the changes, TheLifeOfJord continues to be a source of both nostalgic and new explorations.

For longstanding viewers, the early videos offer a trip down memory lane to a time when Jord was discovering the world with a camera, unpolished editing skills, and a heart full of wanderlust.

On the other hand, the recent videos offer a more polished viewing experience with well-structured narratives and higher production quality.

The duality of TheLifeOfJord caters to a broad spectrum of viewers. Whether you are drawn to the raw, adventurous spirit of his early days or appreciate the sophistication of the recent productions, the channel offers a rich blend of content.

The evolving narrative of TheLifeOfJord mirrors the growth and transformation of Jord as a traveller and a storyteller, making it a channel with a unique blend of content that has something for everyone.

Youtube Link:


There you have it. My pick of the top seven travel Youtubers you really should know about and be watching, but probably aren’t.

With both high and low quality production, each offers something different. Whether you’re after motorcycle adventures, backpacker or luxury, all sectors are covered.

I would love to hear who your favourite travel Youtuber is. Is it one we all know and love or is it another hidden gem? Let me know in the comments section below so we can keep discovering new finds together.

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