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When it comes to Hollywood starlets, you don’t get much bigger than Angelina Jolie.

If you were to ask anybody walking down the street about her, I’m sure that 90% of the public would know who she is.

I’m sure you would get many comments on her good looks and perfectly formed cheekbones… no wonder she managed to lure Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston.

Anyway, her good looks aren’t the only thing she is known for. It just so happens that she is a pretty good actress too, and has starred in some brilliant movies.

In this article, I will be showing you her Top 23 best movies that are available on Netflix and how you can access them no matter where you are located.

So sit back and get ready to add some films to your to-watch list, some of them are a MUST WATCH for any Jolie fans.

How to watch these on Netflix

When you go through this list, you will find that each movie is available in different regions.

This is due to regional restrictions that are put in place by the movie studios in agreement with Netflix.

A movie that is available on the UK’s Netflix library might not be available for viewers living in the United States and so on.

To avoid these regional restrictions, you will need to use an app called a ‘VPN‘.

By using a VPN, you will avoid any restriction and have access to other regions’ Netflix libraries at will.

All it will take is a few clicks and you’ll be watching Angelina Jolie in 4K on your TV screen, which isn’t a bad thing.

I recommend that you use ExpressVPN. But there are others like CyberGhost and Surfshark, so it’s up to you to decide.

I especially like ExpressVPN because they’re easy to use and offer high speeds for streaming. For you, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try without risk.

Once you’ve signed up, you can switch regions and access all these great Jolie movies below.

1. Tomb Raider

Based on the 90’s Playstation video game, Tomb Raider was one of Angelina Jolie’s most famous roles. Not only did she do a great job becoming the character, but she also did most of her stunts.

Tomb Raider follows an explorer/adventurer Lara Croft as she investigates a mysterious clock she found in the walls of her late father’s manor house. She soon discovers that she has stumbled across a map to an ancient artefact that will give its user power over time itself.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one looking for the artefact. A mysterious and dangerous secret society is also hot on its trail, and won’t stop until they have their hands on what they are after.

The movie is full of adventure and has some brilliant action scenes.

Available in regions: Argentina, Germany, Japan, Switzerland. (We recommend connecting to Germany or Japan via the VPN)

2. The Bone Collector

Starring alongside Denzel Washington, Jolie plays a rookie cop who has no choice but to join forces with a paralysed ex-detective (Washington) to try and catch an infamous serial killer known as The Bone Collector.

The killer begins leaving clues for the pair to follow, as they embark on a deadly game of cat & mouse.

This is certainly a film for all Thriller lovers out there.

Available in regions: South Africa.

3. Salt

After she is accused of being a Russian Sleeper agent, Evelyn Salt’s life is changed forever. She has no choice but to use all of the skills she has learnt during her career as a CIA operative to evade capture and clear her name.

If you enjoy an espionage thriller, then this movie is for you. It certainly doesn’t disappoint and will keep you entertained from the start.

Available in regions: UK, The United States, Canada, Switzerland, and South Africa. (We recommend connecting to the UK or USA)

4. Maleficent

Maleficent is the live-action version of Sleeping Beauty with a twist, the whole story has been turned on its head.

You will see the story being told from “evil witch” Maleficent’s point of view. The movie will shed light on how and why she cast the sleeping spell on Aurora.

You never know, you might even end up thinking that she isn’t as bad as the Disney cartoons make out, but I’ll let you decide on that one.

The movie is great for adults and children alike. The is plenty of action, a great story, and plenty of fun.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea. (We recommend connecting to South Korea)

5. Gone In 60 Seconds

Gone in 60 seconds is a fast-paced American heist action movie.

Memphis Raines, an ex-con trying to keep on the straight and narrow runs into a spot of trouble, and finds that he has no choice but to return to the criminal world to perform a heist like no other.

He must steal 48 cars in under a week, but hits a snag when it comes to a vehicle he names “Eleanor”, a 1971 classic Mustang.

Available in regions: Germany, and Switzerland. (We recommend connecting to Germany)

6. Sharks Tale

This animated tale tells the story of a very ambitious fish and a cowardly great white shark’s unlikely friendship.

The pair devise a plot that will solve both of their problems, allowing them to live the lives they want to live. But, not all goes to plan and leaves the pair in a spot of trouble when the great white mafia comes looking for them.

This movie is an entertaining animation that you can enjoy with your kids, or by yourself.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, UK, Switzerland, and South Africa. (We recommend connecting to Canada or the UK)

7. Mr & Mrs Smith

John & Jane are just an ordinary couple. They have the house, the white picket fence, and each other.

But what they don’t know is that both of them have the same occupation that has been kept a secret from one another… they are both assassins.

All is going well until they are both assigned their next targets, each other.

Will they go through with it, or will they work through it. After all, there’s nothing a little bit of marriage counselling won’t solve? Right?

Mr & Mrs Smith is a brilliant action film with plenty of comedic moments that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Available in regions: Italy.

8. Changeling

In 1928, Christine Collins comes home from work to find that her 9-year-old son is missing.

Several months pass and the LAPD call to say that a boy has been found and it is her son. There is one problem though, when she meets the boy she is adamant that it is not her boy, despite what the police are saying.

After being convinced by the police captain to take the boy home on a trial basis, Christine compiles evidence that the boy is not her missing son, dental records, hospital records, his height… they all point to him being an imposter.

Or has the trauma of losing her son sent her over the edge?

This movie certainly had me on edge and if I’m honest, it gave me the creeps.

Available in regions: Canada, UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Japan, Spain, South Africa. (We recommend connecting to Canada or the UK)

9. Wanted

When Wesley Gibson discovers that his recently deceased father belonged to a secret guild of assassins, he is taken under the wing of the guild and begins learning the ways the assassin.

This film blurs the lines of who is good and who is bad, with twists and turns that you will love.

Available in regions: Canada.

10. Kung Fu Panda

Po, the panda, is a huge Kung Fu enthusiast and is selected to be the Dragon Warrior. He decides to team up with a group named the Furious Five so that they can work together to banish all evil from the Valley of Peace.

This animated comedy brought to you by Dreamworks is excellent for the whole family. It will certainly have you laughing in your seats.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Germany. (We recommend connecting to Canada or Australia)

11. Taking Lives

Taking Lives is a psychological crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

FBI profiler Illeana Scott is hired to help the police in their search for an infamous serial killer who has been assuming the identities of their victims.

The problem is, hunting the killer is proving to be a difficult task. The police have no idea whose identity they are using next, leaving them free to travel all over the United States completely undetected.

Available in regions: Canada, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and India. (We recommend connecting to Canada)

12. Unbroken

Unbroken is based on a true story set during World War 2. The movie tells the story of Louis Zamperini, a United States Olympic track record holder who finds himself in a bit of a problem.

After pulling himself out of a plane crash in 1943, he finds himself at the mercy of nature and everything that it throws at him. Unfortunately, he is captured and thrown in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

Will he survive? I will let you find that out for yourselves.

Available in regions: UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, and South Korea. (We recommend connecting to the UK)

13. Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life

Lara Croft returns for another adventure.

When Lara is out exploring a mythical underwater temple, she discovers a mystical orb that seems to detail the location of Pandora’s box.

As with the first movie, she soon finds out that she is not the only person hot on the relics trail and she must get there before any unsavoury characters open Pandora’s box unleashing whatever lies inside.

Available in regions: Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. (We recommend connecting to Germany or Japan)

14. Girl Interrupted

Susanna, a messed up teenager who has no direction in life, is sent to a mental institute called Claymoore after a suspected attempted suicide.

While she is there, she befriends several patients who begin to lead her astray. Using underground tunnels at night, she travels around visiting fellow patients without the guards knowing.

The story is based on writer Susanna Kaysen’s 18-month stay in a mental institution during the 1960s.

Available in regions: UK, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and Italy. (We recommend connecting to the UK)

15. The Good Shepard

Edward Wilson, an upstanding Yale student is hired by the CIA to work for them during World War 2.

After a while, Edward finds himself being eaten away by the job role, stripping away his ideals.

The movie is loosely based on actual events and is considered as the untold story of the development of the CIA’s counter-intelligence department.

Available in regions: Belgium, Netherlands, and Turkey. (We recommend connecting to the Netherlands)

16. Kung Fu Panda 2

Po, the panda, is back in action again with the much-anticipated sequel.

A deadly new enemy emerges, known as Peacock Shen who is hell-bent on taking over China and destroying Kung Fu for good.

Po and the furious five must team up again to protect China and the art of Kung Fu from being destroyed. Along the way, Po also discovers some secrets from his mysterious past.

The sequel is another brilliantly funny movie for the whole family to enjoy watching. Watch it with your kids, or without them… I won’t judge.

Available in regions: UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and South Korea. (We recommend connecting to the UK or Canada)

17. First They Killed My Father

A human rights activist/author called Loung Ung tells her story in this gripping drama based on her life.

During the 1960s, the events that Loung experiences as a 5-year-old growing up in war-torn Cambodia are genuinely harrowing.

Under the rule of Khmer Rouge, women and children are rounded up to work in labour camps in extremely harsh conditions. Certainly not suitable for a 5-year-old girl.

Loung must learn to survive in her new reality and hope that one day she can escape.

Available in regions: Canada, Australia, United States, and the UK. (We recommend connecting to Canada, the US or UK)

18. By The Sea

Set during the 1970s, Roland and his wife Vanessa are travelling around France together. Throughout their journey, they appear to be growing further apart and their marriage is on the rocks.

When they settle down in a small seaside town, they become close to some of the residents and an unhealthy relationship ensues.

This steamy romance movie is one to watch with your partner.

Available in regions: United States, Netherlands, South Korea, and Turkey. (We recommend connecting to the United States)

19. Original Sin

When the wealthy Luis Vargas selects a plain Jane mail order bride, he is shocked to find that his new bride is far from dull.

His new bride claims that she used another person’s photos so that he would fall in love with her personality and not just her looks. However, little does he know that she is a professional con artist working with her partner to trick wealthy men out of their money.

One thing that she didn’t expect to happen though… she falls in love.

She must now decide between her new husband/target or her former lover who’s pulling the strings from afar.

Available in regions: Belgium and France. (We recommend connecting to France)

20. Beowulf

The movie depicts the old English tale of Beowulf, the Scandinavian monster slayer from the year 507 A.D.

When Beowulf makes a deal with Grendal, he returns to the kingdom as a king. After years of sitting on the throne ruling over his lands. The famous hero must face enemies from the past that have come back to haunt him.

This medieval tale is depicted using state of the art 3D animation and is a brilliant take on a classic story.

Available in regions: Australia, Russia, South Korea. (We recommend connecting to Australia or South Korea)

21. Kung Fu Panda 3

That’s right, Po is back again! Except for this time, he has some company… he has found his long lost Dad.

During their visit to a secret panda paradise village, Po and his father discover that an evil spirit that threatens to take over all of China.

Po must build an army out of the ragtag local villagers and hope that they can defeat the evil spirit before it destroys everything he loves.

Available in regions: Japan and Turkey. (We recommend connecting to Japan)

22. The Tourist

On a train to Venice, Interpol agent Elise sits next to American tourist Frank. He is seeking to repair his broken heart, and she is looking to use him as a decoy to avoid being caught by local police who are hunting her and her ex-partner.

Not only do they need to avoid the police, but also a gangster’s henchmen sent to collect money stolen from him.

If you like action movies with a twist of thriller, then this is the one for you.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, United States, South Korea, and Canada. (We recommend connecting to the US or Canada)

23. Kung Fu Panda Holiday

Everybody’s favourite panda is back yet again in this bite-sized movie.

In this short movie, Po finds himself in charge of hosting a banquet for all the Masters of Kung Fu. There is a problem though, the feast is on the same night that his father’s restaurant party.

Po can’t miss either one, and he struggles to fulfil the role of Dragon Warrior and keep up with his family’s expectations.

If you enjoyed the Kung Fu feature-length movies, then you will love this addition to Po’s story.

Available in regions: Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Italy, and Japan. (We recommend connecting to Australia or Japan)


Angelina Jolie is probably one of the worlds most recognised actresses. She has starred in a wide range of films covering all Genres.

Some of the movies listed above won’t be available in your country but they are available on Netflix. By using a VPN, you can access them all.

My number 1 recommendation is that you use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is one of the most highly rated VPN services in the world, with their ultra-fast connection speeds you will have no trouble streaming Angelina Jolie’s best movies on Netflix in 4K.

Which is your favourite movie from the list or is your favourite missing? Let me know in the comments section below.

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