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Best movie add-ons for Kodi

Kodi offers many functions and features, but it is the ability to stream movies and other media content which is what attracts most users. Through the myriad of unofficial addons which can now be downloaded, Kodi has revolutionised the way many people watch movies.

Which is why in this guide we are going to help you find the best Kodi addons for this purpose.

There are no shortage of movie addons to choose to run on Kodi with users able to either pick one of the large all-purpose addons or something a bit more specialist.

However, while some are exceptionally good, others can be frustratingly bad. Some offer reliable links, HD quality streams, and a huge range of content to choose from. With others, it can take half an hour to find a link that works and when it does you find yourself unknowingly watching something filmed in the back of a cinema.

Many big name addons have disappeared from Kodi recently after a crackdown from copyright holders. But plenty of good ones remain and we have road-tested the pick of them and drawn up a list of the best available right now.

Disclaimer: Some unofficial Kodi addons can allow users to access content in breach of copyright law. WatchTVAbroad in no way condones software piracy or the use of any Kodi addons for copyright infringement purposes. You should consider the relevant laws in your country before accessing content via third-party addons.

Before we begin – Always use a VPN

It is always highly advisable to use a VPN when streaming movies and other content on Kodi. This is because, although Kodi itself is 100% legal, as we have already mentioned some unofficial Kodi addons can sometimes enable access to content illegally.

A number of Kodi users have received legal notices from breach of copyright and some have even faced further legal action too. But a VPN can help users to evade these potential legal repercussions if you happen to access copyright material by mistake, by making all your online activity anonymous.

What is the best VPN for Kodi

There are a lot of VPNs on the market, but not all of them are ideal for Kodi users. When choosing the right VPN, Kodi users should be looking for one which offers the following key features

  1. Fast Connection Speeds
  2. Strong Privacy Provisions
  3. A wide range of international servers available
  4. No restrictions on bandwidth or file types

The one VPN which ticks all of these boxes is IPVanish. Their connection speeds are extremely fast, regardless of which server you connect to. They offer fantastic privacy provisions including a guaranteed no user logs policy and they also feature 256-bit AES encryption which is as good as it gets.

They offer no fewer than 850 servers across more than 60 countries to choose from and there is no restriction on bandwidth or the type of files you can download or stream.

IPVanish have apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices making it easy to secure your device no matter what you use Kodi on. There is even an Amazon app for use with the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Best Kodi add-ons for movies

1) SALTS (Stream all the Sources)

SALTS offers Movies and TV Shows in huge quantities to stream online. It is simple to use, with a clean design and underneath these two main categories are a selection of submenus which should make finding the right movie for you a doddle. If you are not sure what to watch, there are also several ‘Movie Most’ menus, such as ‘most played this week’ and ‘most watched’ which can help.

SALTS is a multi-scrapper addon which means it will search through a selection of more than 50 sources to find a working stream. This means that the chances of finding a movie that cannot be streamed is very small.

Streaming quality is generally good, although this can sometimes depend on the source you are connected to. Generally speaking though, SALTS has something for everyone and is a great option for movie lovers.

SALTS can be found in the Cypher’s Locker Repo which is located here.

2) Covenant

Exodus used to be the pick of Kodi’s movie addons, but is sadly no more. But Covenant has stepped into its shoes. There are many similarities between the two addons, but with Covenant being regularly updated, it is the one users now have to opt for.

Many who have previously used Exodus, will not notice the difference. The menus remain the same and inside is all the same content that Exodus had to offer. This means a huge range of movies to suit everyone regardless of what you are into. Covenant is just as easy to use as its predecessor too, with a great search facility in addition to its easy-to-navigate menus.

Covenant can be found in the Smash Repository here or alternatively, you can download it directly from the zip file on Github here.

3) Velocity

Less heralded than its predecessors on this list, but no less effective for movie lovers, Velocity is another addon which warrants downloading. It is another addon which is beautifully designed and easy to use with a huge range of content to choose from.

Velocity’s menus aren’t perfect though. They are built around tabs like ‘Box Office’, ‘trending’, ‘most watched’ and ‘most played’ but there are no genre options to search. But Velocity makes up for this with its high-quality streams. When it claims a stream is HD it usually is, which is not always the case.

Velocity’s streams load quickly too and there are more options to customize the addon than some others in this field. Velocity identifies multiple streams for each movie, but unlike SALTS you have to pick the URL you want to watch yourself. This suits some users better than others, but either way, Velocity is a great addon to have in your library.

Velocity can be found in the SuperRepo repository which is located here.

4) Quasar

Quasar is the only addon in this list which uses BitTorrent files as the source for its content. This makes the legality of this addon debatable in some countries and users are warned to take precautions, such as using a VPN, before streaming from it.

Quasar has plenty to offer users and is the best of the BitTorrent addons around right now. It offers links to a huge library of content which can be accessed through a very user-friendly interface. It is a bit of a pain to set up, but once that is done, it offers reliable and fast connections which are guaranteed to work.

Quasar can also be found in the SuperRepo repository which is located here.

5) Specto

Specto is another really user-friendly and customizable addon, which has proved hugely popular with Kodi users. Its origins can be found in Genesis, a hugely popular addon in its day, and it has retained many of the great features from its predecessor.

It has extensive menus which offer diverse options for users to browse through including Year, People, Featured, People Watching, Most Popular, Most Voted, Box Office, Oscar Winners, In Theaters, and Latest Movies. There is also a broad list of genres to choose from as well.

Many Specto links are of HD quality and users have the option to choose their stream based on its quality which is a really nice touch. Links are fairly reliable and quick to load too. Furthermore, the Specto addon is regularly updated to fix broken links and new features are also appearing all the time.

Specto can be found in the Kodil Repository here.

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