Top 15 Kodi Addons you don’t want to miss in 2018



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Kodi is an online media player. But it is much more than that too. It is the best online media player on the market at the moment and the most popular too. And for most people, it is the addons which attract them to Kodi.

There are lots of addons and they come and go all the time. So, in this article, we are going to pick our Top 15 Best Kodi Addons you don’t want to miss in 2018.

Kodi addons work like plugins and bring new features and capabilities to the Kodi media player. There are both official addons, which are approved by the Kodi developer, and unofficial addons, which aren’t.

Almost all popular official and unofficial Kodi addons enable the quick and easy streaming of movies, TV shows and other media content through Kodi.

Safety reminder

Before we go any further, a word of caution. Kodi’s open source status means it can be an easy target for hackers. Official addons are all approved by the developer and should be safe, but unofficial addons can be created by anyone and are downloaded very much at the user’s own risk.

Another issue some Kodi users have concerns about is privacy. Kodi has been in the public eye of late and most Kodi users are keen to keep their online viewing habits private.

It is for both these reasons that almost every Kodi user these days makes sure they are connected to a VPN before logging in.

A VPN encrypts all of your online activity and so makes it almost impossible for anyone to see what you are streaming on Kodi. VPNs also help to hide your IP Address, which makes it almost impossible to trace anything you do online back to your real internet connection.

There are a lot of VPNs on the market at the moment, but for Kodi users, the two best providers are IPVanish and ExpressVPN. Both offer a great all-round service with fast connection speeds which are ideal for online streaming and high-level security and privacy protections too.

Are you worried about your Kodi privacy?

Top 15 Best Kodi Addons 2018

Here is our rundown of the Top 15 Best Kodi Addons for 2018, all of which are available to download and fully functional at the time of writing:

1. Neptune Rising

This unofficial addon offers a great range of movies and TV shows to stream. Users can bookmark their favourite content and this easy-to-navigate app offers a ton of features to help you seek out the content for you. It is a hugely popular addon and a winner with beginners and experienced Kodi users alike.

2. Genesis Reborn

Old Kodi hands will be familiar with Genesis which was once the biggest addon around and which also spawned the hugely popular Exodus addon too. Both of these are now no more, but Genesis Reborn has brought the original Genesis back to life. This addon offers a huge range of movies and TV shows and plenty of great search features to help you find your way around.

3. Reptilia

Reptilia is somewhat of a new boy on the block but is already making waves in the Kodi community. It’s more of a movie addon than a sport one but if you’re a movie fan you’ll appreciate the multiple movies sections. Debrid and Trakt are covered in this addon so if that’s a requirement for you then you’re covered.

4. Supremacy

This unofficial Kodi addon, which can be found in the Supremacy Repo is an all-in-one which offers a huge range of diverse content including 3D Films, 4K Movies, Live TV, IPTV, Kids content, on-demand TV Shows, Box Sets, Live Sports, and much more besides.

5. Placenta

While Covenant still exists, Placenta is the new boy in town. This addon is a fork from Covenant and can be found in the excellent new Blamo Repository. In true Covenant style it has a huge range of content available, a familiar layout, and a whole host of user-friendly features.

6. Joker Sports

Joker Sports is the new sports addon of choice featuring everything from live sports to highlights and an exclusive European football section. If you were a fan of the classic SportsDevil addon then this makes an ideal replacement with a ton of sport to keep you entertained.

7. UK Turks Playlist

UK Turks Playlist is also a Kodi institution and is one of the most stable and reliable unofficial addons around. You can get most things here, from TV shows and movies, to live sports streams and even more offbeat things like CCTV streams. Its success is, at least in part, thanks to its slick, easy to use design.

8. Halow Live TV

If you are looking for a big range of Live IPTV streams, then look no further than Halow TV. This fantastic addon claims to give access to every TV channel in the world. There are thousands of available links in all sorts of languages and from multiple different countries. And most of them work really well too.

9. The Dogs Bollocks

This new all-in-one addon has set pulses racing in the Kodi community and with good reason. It has a great selection of just about everything from movies and TV shows to kids content and sports. The streams are of a great quality and pretty reliable too. An impressive addition to any Kodi library.

10. iPlayerWWW

This official Kodi addon is ideal for British Kodi users or fans of British TV. It brings the full range of content available on the BBC iPlayer service to Kodi. It is free to use, but users will have to be in the UK (or be using a VPN connected to a UK server) to access the content of this one.

11. SkyNet

SkyNet is an all-in-one addon with a lot of content to pick from. It is particularly strong on sports and music links and there are a great range of older movies on-demand too. SkyNet has been around a while and its durability speaks volumes for its ongoing popularity.

12. Brettus Documentaries

If documentaries are your thing, the Brettus Documentaries is a must-have addon. It has a massive range of documentary content sourced from hundreds of different locations. No matter what factual content you are into, you are sure to find something of interest here.

13. USTV Now

This official addon has a big selection of US television content. A limited amount of this is available for free, but there is a small subscription if you want to stream the full range. But if you like US TV, it is a small price to pay.

14. Snagfilms

This achingly simple addon is a great place to go for independent movies. It has plenty of content broken down into 35 easy-to-search categories. There are a fair few documentaries to be found here too, but it is independent movies where this one really excels.

15. Chocolate Salty Balls

This addon is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of adult cartoons then it is an absolute gold mine. It is well designed, easy-to-use, and has every episode of all the biggest adult cartoons, from the Simpsons and South Park to Family Guy and Futurama.

WatchTVAbroad takes no responsibility for the content of the above addons, we also host nor link to any of the mentioned addons. Many offer free-to-air content but also may contain copyright material that is illegal to view. It is your responsibility to ensure that you access only legal content through any addon.

Do you have a favourite addon that isn’t listed here? Found one that doesn’t work anymore? We would love to know about it in the comments.


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    Definitely Douglas. NordVPN is another good choice for Kodi. The only reason we didn’t recommend it was because they lack a Fire TV and Firestick app which many people use Kodi on, but for other Kodi enabled devices they’re great. If you use this link: and code “VPNCOMP17” you can get 30% off a 1 year subscription.

  2. Avatar Douglas Moore says:

    I’ve been using kodi for a while now and would for sure recommend purchasing a vpn with it.. as it before video streaming speed was quite low and kodi often kept buffering. Great reviews online led me to try nordvpn, so far no complains..the speed got up and now it runs smoothly.

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