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You are probably sat there wondering if the hit Japanese manga movies Tokyo Ghoul is on Netflix, and if it is, how do you access it?

In this article, I will be showing you how you can stream Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix regardless of where you are located in the world.

It will be as simple as a few clicks of a button, and you’ll be able to binge-watch Tokyo Ghoul as you wish.

The movies are pretty dark, so if you like that kind of thing, then you are in for a treat.

Can I watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix?

Tokyo Ghoul is available on Netflix. However, you will need to be in Japan or the UK to access the movie on your Netflix account.

This is due to regional restrictions that are in place. Each region has its own Netflix library full of region-specific content.

But, what I’m about to show you will allow you to unlock the TV films no matter what country you are in, bypassing any regional restrictions that are in place on certain pieces of Netflix content.

This is great news for all of you Manga fans out there.

How to watch Tokyo Ghoul where I am?

To gain access to Tokyo Ghoul on your Netflix account, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short.

A VPN is an online security tool that can be downloaded to your device. It gives you an extra layer of security and prevents anyone from tracking what you are doing while you’re online.

However, a VPN can also be used to change your virtual location, so it will allow you to trick Netflix into thinking you are elsewhere.

In this instance, you can use the VPN to connect to a Japanese or UK server, this will give you full access to the Netflix libraries of those regions, which includes Tokyo Ghoul.

Where to get a VPN?

To unlock Tokyo Ghoul, I recommend that you use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN for Netflix, it will allow you to unlock most of the Netflix regions including some of the largest Netflix libraries such as Netflix US, Netflix Canada, Netflix Japan, and Netflix UK.

They also offer over 3000 VPN servers located all over the world, each one providing you with lightning-fast connection speeds that will work perfectly with Netflix.

Did somebody say 4K streaming?

If you are still unsure, ExpressVPN offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try their app out and you’re not locked into your purchase.

It is also worth noting that their 12-month package will give you the lowest prices. Plus they even give you three months free on top which is worth grabbing.

You may wish to shop around though, in which case, you should check out Surfshark VPN and NordVPN.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Tokyo Ghoul

To unlock Tokyo Ghoul on your device, follow my step by step guide below.

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN website and select a VPN plan that suits your requirements.
  2. Enter your email address and payment information into the spaces provided and click the “Join Now” button.
  3. Next, you need to download the ExpressVPN dedicated app to your device(s). This can be achieved via your app store, or from the ExpressVPN site.
  4. Log in to the app using your username and password, then select a server located in Japan and then click the Connect button.
  5. Visit the Netflix website and search for Tokyo Ghoul, you will now be able to binge watch the popular manga movies and shows.
ExpressVPN connecting to Japan

Stream Tokyo Ghoul using ExpressVPN.

I hope you enjoy watching Tokyo Ghoul.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Tokyo Ghoul all about?

Tokyo Ghoul is available in a range of movies, Tokyo Ghoul, Pinto, Jack and Ghoul S.

It’s also available as a series.

In the suspenseful dark/horror fantasy TV series, two ghouls haunt Tokyo and feed on human flesh. Tokyo’s population lives in fear, and the mysterious identities of these ghouls are unknown.

A young student named Ken Kaneki encounters a girl named Rize in a cafe, and it changes his life forever. After being attacked by a Ghoul, he soon finds himself stuck between two worlds when he becomes a Ghoul-human hybrid.

Unfortunately for Ken Kaneki, his situation leads him to become a fugitive and he has to go on the run.

Who stars in Tokyo Ghoul?

  • Natsuki Hanae – He is best known for Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection, Starmyu, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, Smile At The Runway, and Stars Align.
  • Austin Tindle – Best known for his roles in Guilty Crown, High School DxD, The Boy And The Beast, A Certain Magical Index, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and Fairy Gone.
  • Sora Amamiya – She is best known for Blame!, The Seven Deadly Sins, Pokemon: Twighlight Wings, Baki, Drifting Dragons, and How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?
  • Brina Palencia – She is best known for video games Borderlands 3, Code Vein, and The Walking Dead: Michonne, but has also starred in My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket, and Fairy Tale.


Unlocking Tokyo Ghoul on your Netflix account is achievable, however you will need to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN to do so.

By using a VPN you will bypass any regional restrictions that are placed on content such as Tokyo Ghoul, and you’ll have full access to another region’s Netflix library.

Using a VPN with Netflix is amazing, it will change your Netflix experience completely, giving you 10,000+ hours of additional content at your fingertips.

I would love to hear your thoughts ok Tokyo Ghoul so drop me a comment below.

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