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Kodi is a great way to stream content that you wouldn’t usually have access to, however there is a large amount of content that is blocked. In this article I’m going to teach you how you can unblock that content.

The most common reason content is blocked is because of what is known as geo-restrictions or “geoblocking”. Basically this means that the content you’re trying to watch on Kodi is restricted to one country or a specific region, for example services like BBC iPlayer from the UK.

Another reason content is blocked sometimes is because of copyright issues but if the copyright issue isn’t valid in your country then with this guide you’ll be able to unblock add-ons.

In this guide I’m going to show you how you can access this blocked content and watch more on Kodi.

How to steam blocked content on Kodi

If like me you’ve tried to access certain streams or add-ons on Kodi and found yourself blocked then you’ll know how annoying this is.

Kodi Add-on Blocked

BBC iPlayer Kodi Add-on blocked.

All you need to unblock content or unblock Kodi add-ons is to sign up for a service known as a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that encrypts your internet connection so no one else can see what you’re doing, accessing or streaming on Kodi.

A VPN helps you protect your online privacy and also lets you change the location that your internet connection reports you’re in.

For example if you’re trying to access BBC iPlayer on Kodi then you need to be in the UK. A VPN will allow you to change your region and pretend you are in the UK and rather than be blocked like above then you’ll be able to stream any content you wish.

A VPN won’t just allow you to access regionally restricted content but will also let you use and download blocked add-ons or streams too including both official and unofficial ones.

Where to get a VPN

There are plenty of companies that offer VPN services and with the amount of choice it can make it difficult to decide which to sign up to.

I’ve been testing a selection of providers with Kodi to discover which is the best and found I got the best quality streams without buffering using ExpressVPN. You can visit their website using the button below.

If you want to compare ExpressVPN with another VPN provider then it’s worth taking a look at IPVanish too who also offer a similar service albeit with less support for devices.

Once you’ve visited the ExpressVPN website and signed up all you need to do is download their software or app for your system.

Below I’ll show you how to use the VPN service with Kodi.

Kodi media box

How to use a VPN with Kodi

Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS & Amazon Fire TV/Stick:

The easiest way of using a VPN with Kodi is if you use Kodi on a Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Amazon Fire TV/Stick device.

All you need to do is download the VPN software from the ExpressVPN website or the VPN app from either the Google Play, Apple app store or Amazon store.

If you’re after accessing content from a specific region such as BBC iPlayer in the blocked example above then you just need to connect to the correct country on the ExpressVPN VPN software or app. You’ll then be able to stream the content you wish.

If you want to access content that is blocked in your country for other reasons then simply connect to another country that is nearby. For example if you’re in the United States and it’s blocked then connect to Canada and if you’re in the UK and it’s blocked then connect to the Netherlands or another European country.


Linux set-up is relatively easy. All you need to do is visit the ExpressVPN website click “Products” and then click on Linux and follow the instructions.

You should then connect to the country of the content you’re trying to access or connect to another country if you’re trying to access blocked content.

Raspberry Pi and other media boxes:

Using a VPN with one of these devices is a little more complicated but as long as you can follow easy instructions then it need not take you longer than 5-10 minutes to set-up.

Most will make use of the Android app so it’s best to start there.

Don’t forget you can stream blocked content on Kodi with the aid of a VPN service. I recommend ExpressVPN which you can get by clicking the button below.

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