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A connoisseur of 80's action films like 300, Predator, and Terminator, Lee blends his extensive movie knowledge with adeptness at streaming shows worldwide. His love for cinema permeates his lifestyle, from attending Comic Con to sporting Star Wars socks.

If you are like us and love to be scared stiff by a movie, then this list is for you.

We will be showing you the most horrifyingly scary, disturbing movies that you can binge watch on Netflix right now.

We’ll also be showing you how you can access all of these films no matter where you are living and all it will take is the click of a button. But, we will discuss more on that at the end of the article.

Let’s start with our Top 10.

1. A Quiet Place

Imagine a world where if you make a noise, you die.

A Quiet Place brings you a suspense filled 90 minutes, a family of 4 must fight against the odds and survive in a world where mysterious monsters are hunting humans to the brink of extinction, using their finely tuned hearing to hunt down and kill.

There is one way to survive, be quiet.

This movie is currently available on Netflix if you live in the UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.

However, it is currently not available if you live in the United States. You can get watching by following the steps at the bottom of this guide.

2. IT (2017)

This magnificent remake of Stephen King’s classic from the ’80s has had millions sat on the edge of their seats terrified.

Where an evil clown named Pennywise is haunting a small American town and luring children into the sewers.

A group of teenage friends go on a journey to find one of their missing younger brothers. But they soon find that the clown isn’t the only thing they need to be frightened of.

This movie is truly terrifying and a must watch for all horror fans out there. Especially since part 2 was released not long ago.

Don’t miss out on this one.

IT is currently available on Netflix in the UK, Germany, Italy and, Switzerland. To watch elsewhere scroll to the bottom of this guide.

3. Annabelle

This supernatural horror movie is brought to you by the producers of horror movie The Conjuring.

Annabelle is loosely based on the real life events involving the infamous haunted Annabelle doll.

Two Satan worshippers attack a young couple and summon an evil spirit that possesses a doll. The doll haunts the young family and tries to take their newborn baby’s soul.

The doll caused mayhem for several families throughout the 60s-70s and demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren were eventually called in to take the doll for safekeeping.

There is something about haunted dolls that put a shiver down our spines. I’m sure this movie will do the same to you.

It is currently available on Netflix in Switzerland, Germany and Greece. But isn’t available on the UK or US Netflix libraries, scroll to the bottom to find out how to watch there.

4. Us

When a family goes on what should be a nice relaxing family trip to the beach house from their childhood, they soon find that something isn’t quite right.

Four mysterious masked intruders attack their holiday home, and when the masks come off, the family finds that the intruders are exact copies of themselves.

This psychological horror movie is full of suspense and intrigue; it will certainly leave you thinking.

This movie is currently only available on the South Korean Netflix library. But we can show you a way around this later in the article.

5. Winchester

Winchester is another movie based on a true story of the Winchester family who is famously known for developing the world renown Winchester Repeating Arms Company (a US weapons manufacturer).

When the heiress to the vast family fortune inherits everything the family has, she builds a huge mansion on the outskirts of San Francisco. However, there is a problem.

She believes she is being haunted by the spirits of everybody killed by her family’s weapons.

Her solution is to build more rooms, hidden doors, stairs to nowhere in a bid to confuse the spirits so they will never find her.

To this day, construction is still going on at this house and it is listed as one of the most haunted houses in the world.

This spooky horror movie is currently available in Australia, Belgium, Germany, and India.

6. The Nun

The Nun is brought to you by the same producers of the Annabelle movies.

Loosely based on experiences documented by the Warren family, the movie is the story of a young Nun and Priest who travel to Romania to try and solve the mystery of an evil spirit that is plaguing the holy site.

The movie is full of nail biting moments and will have many of you hiding behind your seats.

The movie is currently available on Netflix if you live in Australia, Japan, and Sweden. Check the bottom of this article to watch in other countries.

7. Ghost Stories (2017)

If you are looking for a movie that will put some shivers down your spine, then this is the one for you.

Ghost Stories is a Psychological horror that has jump scares, suspense and immense anxiety inducing moments.

The movie follows a TV host who is famous for debunking paranormal events. He is investigating a new event, but he soon finds himself questioning his own scepticism during his latest investigation.

I have watched this movie twice now and still think about it whenever I turn off the lights. It is certainly one to watch alone if you dare.

Currently only available on Netflix in Canada. If you’re in another country skip to the bottom where you’ll find details of how to watch where you are.

8. Get Out

Want a nerve-wracking movie that will have you pulling your hair out? Then this is the one for you.

When an African-American guy named Chris visits his white girlfriend’s parents, he soon finds himself in a world of trouble. He isn’t sure what is wrong, but he knows something isn’t right.

Nothing is what it seems in this film and he must Get Out.

Available on Netflix in: Canada, Brazil and, Mexico. Are you somewhere else? The end of this article has details on how to watch where you are.

9. Lights Out

A woman’s past comes back to haunt her, and she must try to protect her younger brother from an evil spirit that kills only when the lights go out.

This movie plays on your fear of the dark, and will certainly stay in your mind when you decide to go to bed.

Just remember, don’t turn off the lights.

Available on Netflix in: Switzerland, France and Belgium. Elsewhere? Check the bottom of this guide.

10. Terrifier (2017)

This movie is one of the goriest films on our list.

Terrifier is another movie involving a clown, and not the fun kind either.

On Halloween, Art the clown goes on a murderous rampage. Stalking and murdering his victims one by one. He is silent, gruesome and damn right terrifying.

Who will survive?

Available on Netflix in: United States, Canada, Australia and, South Africa. Not in your country? Check below.

How to unblock these on Netflix

To unlock all of these movies on Netflix no matter your location, you will need to use a VPN app.

As you can see from this article, all of the movies are available in different regions, meaning that some content will be blocked for you depending on your location.

A VPN will help you mask your location and allow you to connect through a server from a country of your choosing, unlocking all of these movies and giving you access to every Netflix library.

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All of the movies above are some of the top Horror movies that Netflix has to offer.

To access them all, you will need to use a VPN to unlock any regional restrictions. We recommend that you use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN offers fast, secure and extremely reliable connections.

So don’t wait around, dim your lights, download a VPN and get ready to scare yourself silly with all the movies on our list.

I would love to know if you agree or disagree with my selection. Let me know in the comments section below.

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