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AirTM is an online platform that works as a virtual wallet and a bank account in the cloud.

This service has been gaining popularity recently because of the financial freedom it provides to its users.

Among its many perks, AirTM also offers you the chance of paying for services located in the US, such as Netflix, Disney+, Peacock TV, Paramount+ and more. Any service that demands an American credit card with an American address.

If you’re looking for an alternative for paying for such services in the US, keep reading this guide to get all the information you need.

What is AirTM?

AirTM is a financial services company created in Mexico in 2015.

It consists of an online platform to exchange and transfer money from different platforms. All the money you transfer to your AirTM account is transformed into AirUSD, a cryptocurrency tied to the real dollar value, meaning that 1 AirUSD = 1 USD.

How does it work?

The platform works with a peer to peer system, where users work as cashiers for the transactions.

You can add funds to your AirTM account from a huge range of platforms, virtual wallets, and bank accounts, such as Paypal, Skrill, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

Once you have transferred the desired amount to your AirTM account, you can leave the money there for saving purposes, buy online things or pay for online services. You can also withdraw your funds to another platform or bank account.

Is AirTM legal?

Yes, AirTM is legal, and the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) of the US guarantees that behind every AirUSD, there is a real dollar.

How to use AirTM to pay for services located in the US?

One of the many advantages AirTM offers to its users, it’s a virtual prepaid Visa or Mastercard credit card.

The card is generated the moment you’re going to use it, and you can charge it with the desired amount of money.

How to use the virtual credit card?

This card can be used to buy online goods or to pay for services like streaming platforms or any other subscription located in the US.

When the service you are going to pay asks you for an American address, you can provide the AirTM headquarters address in the US.

The card has a setup fee of $4.95. You pay this only the first time.

Then according to the amount of money you’re going to charge on it, you have to pay a funding fee (3%) and a service fee (1%).

Also, for each purchase you make, you pay 1 USD. If you’re a verified member, which is advisable to be, you can get an unlimited number of cards.

How to use AirTM to pay for services

Probably, at this point, you need to clarify some thoughts, and you may wonder how to make an account at AirTM, how to add funds and get the virtual card working.

Don’t worry, here I prepared these easy steps for you!

Step 1

Go to the AirTM website and create an account. To make transactions, it’s advisable to get your account verified with your ID card and other verification items they require.

Step 2

Once your account is ready, you can start adding funds to your account.

You can choose the method you want, for example, Paypal, Skrill, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon gift card, bank account from any country, and a lot of other virtual wallets around the globe.

Step 3

Let’s say you want to subscribe to Peacock TV Premium. The monthly fee is $4.99.

You must add to that the setup fee of the card and the service and funding fees and the $1 for the purchase. You’ll need a total of $11.15.

Remember that this is the first time you configure a card. The following month, you only will pay the Peacock fee, the service and funding fee, and the $1 for the purchase.

Step 4

To add funds, you make a request with the amount you want to add and the payment method of your choice, and a peer at AirTM will respond to this.

You only need to follow the instructions provided with your transaction request, and you’ll get the money transferred into your AirTM account.

What other things can I do with AirTM?

In general terms, AirTM is an intermediate between your different virtual wallets and bank accounts.

This platform is very useful in countries where there are many restrictions when it comes to buying dollars or operating with money coming from foreign countries.

You can use it as a virtual savings account, but also if you reach a certain level of transactions, you can be a cashier.

Being an AirTM cashier not only gives you better fees when you need to add or withdraw funds, but also you earn money for each transaction.


If you’re thinking about subscribing to an American streaming service like Peacock TV or Paramount+, you’ll need an American credit card and an American address.

To solve this, you can use AirTM, which is an online financial platform that allows you to add funds to your account and then activates a virtual prepaid credit card to use wherever you want.

Regarding a US address, you can use the AirTM headquarters address in the United States.

Although you have to pay some fees for the service, they aren’t too expensive in comparison with other similar ones.

So, now you can pay access streaming platforms in the US as if you were there!

Don’t forget, for most streaming services you’ll also need to use a VPN app to unlock the content in your country, so search our site for the service you’re interested in to learn how to do that.

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