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2022’s Purple Hearts is one of Netflix’s most popular romantic dramas, and for a good reason.

It tells a somewhat relatable story of a couple who meet and, despite their differences, decide to marry (more for convenience than love… at first).

However, it has caused a lot of controversies. VOX called the movie “a political hate-watch”, as it deals with two opposing political beliefs in America.

If you’re mad about love and want to watch movies like Purple Hearts, you’re in luck.

This article will show you 15 movies you can work your way through that’ll give you a romance fix.

Read through the list and choose a movie to start watching.

Dear John

Dear John is one of the best-known romance movies of all time.

The movie is based on the popular Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, and if you know anything about Sparks, he knows a thing or two about romance novels… definitely keep some tissues handy for this one.

When a marine named John meets a student named Savannah, the two instantly hit it off. They begin to fall in love, but when 9/11 occurs, he redeploys overseas, and the two keep in touch over a series of love letters.

However, several obstacles test their relationship.

The movie stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried; both do an excellent job.

The Vow

Leo and Paige are a couple in love; they’ve been together for years and can always rely on their love to get them through anything.

However, Paige suffers a near-fatal accident which leaves her with severe memory loss, and she has no idea who Leo is.

Over the coming weeks and months, Leo must try to rekindle their love before it’s too late.

Oh, and if the task wasn’t hard enough, her estranged wealthy family see this as an opportunity to remove Leo from her life, pushing her towards a “better” suitor of their choosing.

The movie is loosely inspired by a true event and will send your emotions on a wild ride.

It stars Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Lange, Sam Neill, and Scott Speedman.

Life As We Know It

Holly and Eric, a single man and woman, attend a blind date that their best friends have set up.

However, during the date, they quickly realise they can’t stand each other and decide to go their separate ways.

But fate has other ideas for them both.

Not long after, their friends suffer a fatal accident and leave their baby in the care of the unlikely couple.

They’re left with a choice, try to raise the baby as best they can regardless of their feelings towards each other… or place the child in an unforgiving adoption service.

The movie is quite a tear-jerker, as you can imagine.

It stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.

This movie is like Purple Hearts as it places two unlikely characters together in an unusual circumstance.

The Proposal

High-flying New York editor Margaret is on the verge of being deported back to Canada, which would mean she would lose her job and lifestyle.

However, as she’s about to be dismissed, she informs work that she and her assistant are in love and are getting married.

Their newfound relationship is placed under scrutiny, and she joins Andrew during a trip to visit his parents in a bid to prove they are really in love.

But, while she’s there, the pair begin to fall in love, leaving both of them with a dilemma on their hands.

This movie will remind you of Purple Hearts as it tells a similar tale in a different setting.

It stars Ryan Reynolds, known for Deadpool, Free Guy, The Adam Project, Just Friends and Van Wilder.

He’s joined by Sandra Bullock, Betty White, and Craig T Nelson.

Leap Year

Anna Brady is a sucker for love and has been waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her.

However, after waiting and waiting, she decides to take matters into her own hands and propose to her boyfriend on February 29th in Ireland.

But, travelling across Ireland isn’t as straightforward as she thought, leaving her with a few problems, including a new love interest.

The movie stars Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, and Adam Scott.

Leap Year will undoubtedly give you the same feelings as Purple Hearts.

Just Go With It

Plastic surgeon Daniel convinces his assistant to pose as his ex-wife to impress his new (and much younger) girlfriend… while on holiday.

As you can imagine, there is a lot that can go wrong with this extravagant plan, and it does.

To make matters even more complicated, he begins to fall for his assistant.

This movie follows the theme of falling in love with someone you shouldn’t and under odd circumstances.

It’s a brilliant movie to watch if you enjoyed Purple Hearts.

It stars Adam Sandler, known for Billy Maddison, Mr Deeds, Big Daddy, and Happy Gilmore.

He is joined by Jennifer Aniston, Bailee Madison, and Nicole Kidman.


In 2020, Netflix released a wide range of movies, and Holidate was one of the most popular.

It follows two ‘always’ single young adults who’re fed up with always being single for the holidays.

To change things up, they agree to be each other’s plus-ones for any holiday events throughout the year.

However, they didn’t expect to pick up feelings for each other along the way. Yeah, I bet you didn’t see that one coming…

It’s similar to Purple Hearts as it’s about a relationship formed from a mutually beneficial agreement, which is something that rarely works out.

It stars Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Nicola Peltz, and Kristen Chenoweth.

Bride Wars

Two brides, one date, and one dream venue… the problem is they’re best friends, and they both want the venue more than anything, but are they willing to put their friendship on the line?

In this movie, two best friends get engaged to their partners. However, regardless of their differences, they have the same preferences for wedding venues.

When one slot becomes available for their dream day, the pair battle it out to get the reservation.

It’s an all-out war between the two, and it’ll only end in tears.

While it’s a funnier movie than Purple Hearts, it does share the wedding theme.

It stars Anne Hathaway, known for Love And Other Drugs, The Dark Knight Rises, and the Princess Dairies.

She’s joined by Kate Hudson, Chris Pratt, and Steve Howey.

Love Hard

This movie combines aspects from a couple of movies on this list. And while it has a different premise to Purple Hearts, you’ll find it has similar qualities.

Lonely writer Natalie finds her perfect match on a dating app and decides to travel 3000 miles to surprise him during the holidays.

However, when she arrives, she discovers she’s been catfished.

She decides to make the catfish set her up with the guy she thought she was meeting, but in the meantime begins to fall for the catfish.

This movie stars Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet, and Jimmy O Yang.

The Ugly Truth

In The Ugly Truth, TV producer Abby finds her job turned upside down when the studio hires a highly controversial chauvinistic TV presenter who wants to prove his theories on love are true.

While he’s trying to win Abby over, the pair begin to fall for each other.

This movie is fun to watch and has similar undertones to Purple Hearts.

It stars Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.

Sweet Home Alabama

This early 2000s romantic comedy is a classic. If you haven’t seen it yet and enjoyed Purple Hearts, then you’ll love it.

Melanie has just broken into the fashion world, and her clothing is a big hit. She’s engaged to one of the most eligible men in New York, but she’s got a secret… she’s still married to her high school sweetheart.

In a bid to divorce her estranged husband, Jake, she travels to Alabama. But when she arrives, she begins to fall back in love with a man she once grew to hate.

This movie is like Purple Hearts as it involves weddings and two unlikely lovers.

It stars Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas, and Patrick Dempsey.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This is another example of romantic comedy gold from the mid-2000s.

Advertising agent Ben is challenged by his work colleagues to get a girl to fall in love with him. In return, he gets to head a huge advertising campaign for a large diamond company.

On the other hand, Andie, a women’s magazine columnist, is writing an article on ‘how to lose a guy in 10 days’.

Fate brings these two together, and even though the relationship is meant to fail, they get more than they bargained for.

Starring in this movie is Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

Single All The Way

In a bid to prevent his parents from hassling him about being single still, Peter convinces his best friend Nick to pose as his partner during the holidays.

It’s Netflix’s first LGBTQ movie set at Christmas time and services a niche that is lacking quality.

Unfortunately, according to The Guardian, the movie is “competent but lacking chemistry”.

Yet, regardless of the negative review, its been well received by audiences globally.

Safe Haven

When a young woman with a mysterious past turns up in Southport, North Carolina, she falls in love with a widower.

However, her newfound love forces her to confront the demons of her past.

The movie follows the same themes Purple Hearts does, with plenty of romance and a gripping love story.

It stars Julianne Howe and Josh Duhamel.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Set in Baltimore, USA, this movie tells the interlinking story of several couples. Each couple struggles to keep their lives together while one of them experiences heartbreak.

If you’ve seen movies like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, you’ll know what I mean by interlinking story arcs. It’s a brilliant way to tell multiple stories without it becoming confusing.

I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to give too many details and risk spoiling the movie.

But, if you enjoyed Purple Hearts, this movie is right up your street.

It has an all-star cast, including Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Anniston, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Connelly.

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