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Interstellar was a groundbreaking movie when it came out in 2014.

Its mind-bending plot, insane graphics, and stellar (pun intended) acting make it a must-watch movie for Sci-fi fans.

If you enjoyed watching Christopher Nolan‘s dark space extravaganza, then you’ll love the 15 movies on the list below.

I’ve compiled 15 films you can watch that give you the same feeling of wonder and intrigue that Interstellar did.

Read through the list below and choose your next movie.


Dr Ryan Stone and engineer Matt Kowalski are on a mission in outer space when their shuttle is hit by a piece of space debris.

The debris causes significant damage and the pair have to repair the ship quickly or face dire consequences.

This movie feels like Interstellar as it places you in the loneliness of space with nobody around to help you. While the characters aren’t travelling the universe, it perfectly encapsulates the urgency and helplessness.

The movie stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, both legendary actors.

The Martian

Humanity has started sending people to Mars to try and establish a colony there.

While they might be a long way off from living there, the scientific data collected is invaluable.

However, when Mark Watney is left on the planet by his team (they presumed he was killed in a storm), he is forced to survive with what little equipment he has until help arrives.

Space, loneliness, and hope are the themes the movie shares with Interstellar.

It stars Matt Damon who’s known for The Bourne Identity, Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr Ripley, and Ocean’s Eleven.


During a universe-spanning trip to a new home, Jim’s life support pod awakens him light years before the ship reaches its destination.

After spending a long time alone on the ship with no other humans awake. He decides to awaken a good-looking female to keep him company.

However, his decision to awaken her means she won’t ever be able to make it to the final destination either.

Can the pair of them figure out why the ship woke Jim? And will Aurora figure out it was Jim who woke her?

The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Ad Astra

Astronaut Roy Mcbride ventures into space in search of his father who went missing while looking for alien life.

However, a mysterious power surge threatens the entire solar system and Roy is tasked with finding his father and figuring out what is causing the deadly surges.

This movie is like Interstellar as it follows a similar storyline of one man being sent into space to save humanity from a cataclysmic event.

It’ll definitely scratch the itch to watch another Interstellar-esque movie.

The Guardian newspaper called the movie “2001 meets Apocalypse Now” but only gave the movie 3 out of 5 stars.

Ad Astra is visually stunning and has an excellent cast including Brad Pitt, Donald Sutherland, and Tommy Lee Jones.

2001: A Space Odyssey

When a mysterious monolith is discovered on a lunar surface, a small ship carrying two men and a supercomputer known as H.A.L 9000 is sent to Jupiter to investigate its origins.

However, the men take a journey that spans time and space as it appears the monolith is placed to speed up the evolution process.

What the men discover is groundbreaking and will surely change humanity as we know it.

This movie is one of the most well-known Sci-fi movies of all time for good reason.

If you’re a Sci-fi fan (like me) and want something similar to Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey is the one for you.

Sure, its visuals might be a little dated compared to today’s standard, but the story is fantastic.

Starring in the movie is Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood.


Sam Bell has spent the last three years on the moon harvesting the precious Helium-3 resource which is a clean and abundant source of power used on Earth.

However, three days before his return to Earth, Sam is involved in an accident with a harvesting machine which knocks him unconscious.

Upon waking up, he finds himself in the infirmary being assisted by his AI machine GERTY.

GERTY informs him a rescue team is on their way to help clean up the mess. However, Sam suspects that something isn’t quite right and begins to question the company he works for.

Is it paranoia from being alone for three years, or was Sam’s incident more than just an “accident”?

Sam Rockwell stars in this movie, he’s best known for Seven Psychopaths, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, and See How They Run.

He’s joined by Kevin Spacey and Dominique McElligott.


In 2057, the sun begins to die leaving humanity on the brink of extinction.

To save the sun and the Earth as we know it, a crew of 8 astronauts are sent on a daring mission to reignite the sun with a nuclear fission bomb.

However, things take a turn for the worst when an accident happens, leaving the crew not only fighting for their lives but the fate of humanity.

It stars Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, and Rose Bryne.

First Man

Based on the book of the same name, this movie follows the story of a young Neil Armstrong, who as you know was the first man on the moon.

It covers everything from his ambitious personality to some of the tragic events leading up to the moon landing itself.

If you enjoy Sci-fi and want to take a jump into reality, this movie is the perfect way to do it.

Landing on the moon is often touted as one of mankind’s biggest achievements, let’s hope we can do it again soon… “it’s over to you Elon”.

Ryan Gosling heads this movie, he’s known for The Notebook, La La Land, Crazy Stupid Love, and The Gray Man.

Apollo 13

Based on true events, this movie is a one in a million and should be on any Sci-fi fan’s bucket list.

On 11th April 1970, three astronauts are launched into space on a mission to the moon.

However, their craft suffers a significant failure, which leaves them stranded aboard the vessel with limited supplies and even less oxygen.

With help from NASA, the astronauts have one shot at returning to Earth and if they fail, they’ll lose their lives to the coldness of space.

Starring in this movie is Tom Hanks, known for Toy Story, Big, The Terminal, The Money Pit, You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless In Seattle.


Set in the same world as Alien, a group of researchers from the Wayland Yutani corporation venture to a mysterious planet to find the source of a distress signal.

However, while they’re there they encounter a deadly lifeform which infects members of the group causing all hell to break loose.

The movie is a prequel to Alien, and it’ll have your heart bursting from your chest… quite literally.

It stars Charlize Thereon and Michael Fassbender.

It’s perfect for sci-fi fans.


When aliens land on Earth in a mysterious spacecraft a linguistics expert and her team attempt to translate the alien’s language so they can converse.

Why the aliens are there is anybody’s guess, but militaries around the world are watching closely with their trigger fingers getting itchier by the minute.

The Guardian newspaper called Arrival “Denis Villeneuve’s thrilling sci-fi epic” and they’re right. It has the same level of excitement Interstellar has.

Sci-fi fans, you won’t want to miss this movie.

Amy Adams plays a career-defining role alongside Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, and Shawn Levy.

Event Horizon

In 2047, humanity is testing an experimental engine for a new spaceship. But, things go wrong and the new engine transports the ship out of our universe.

However, when the ship returns with an active distress signal, a team is sent to investigate for signs of life.

What the crew find is beyond their comprehension; a demonic force has taken over the ship.

This movie is similar to Interstellar by setting only but it’s one you’ll enjoy regardless. It merges Sci-fi and horror perfectly.

It stars Lawrence Fishburne, Kathleen Quinlan, and Sam Neill.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

In 1977 Steven Spielberg brought out this Sci-fi classic that defined the genre for years to come.

Like Interstellar, it got people talking about space and the possibility of what’s beyond our small planet.

During the movie, aliens begin to make themselves known to humanity, yet the government actively deny it (sound familiar?).

But, this changes when an electrician encountered a UFO in person.

The movie stars Richard Dreyfuss, Francois Truffaut, and Melinda Dillon.


In the year 2122, the Nostromo research ship is hurtling through space to investigate a distress signal coming from a nearby spaceship.

However, what they don’t know is that the ship has been infiltrated by a mysterious and deadly organism.

Alien was the first time we ever got to see Sigourney Weaver go head to head with a Xenomorph, and it set the path for one of the best Sci-fi franchises of all time.

It gives you the same sense of loneliness Interstellar does.


This 2017 Sci-fi movie took me by surprise, and if you enjoyed being in space on Interstellar, you’ll love this.

A group of astronauts researching on Mars find the first sign of alien life. They bring the organism aboard their ship for further research but soon realise it’s highly intelligent… and hostile.

The movie stars Jake Gyllenhall known for Donnie Darko, Nightcrawler, Prisoners, and Zodiac.

And Ryan Reynolds known for Deadpool, Free Guy, Van Wilder, Just Friends, and The Adam Project.

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