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Coraline is one of the creepiest dark fantasy movies I’ve watched, and if you’re like me, you undoubtedly loved every moment of it.

The movie is created using stop-motion animation, which has always added a hint of creepiness to whatever movie it’s applied to.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if there are other movies you can watch, like Coraline.

Luckily I have 15 movies similar to Coraline you can watch that’ll give you the same gripping storylines and a hint of creepiness.

Read through the list and choose a film to watch next. I highly recommend the last movie on this list; it’s excellent.

The Boxtrolls

2014’s stop-motion adventure movie follows a young boy raised by trash-collecting trolls known as “Boxtrolls”.

However, when an exterminator plans on wiping out the Boxtrolls, the young boy teams up with a friend to save them all.

This is an ideal movie to watch if you love Coraline; while it’s not as dark, it feels like it could be part of the Coraline world. I was just glad there weren’t any button eyes; they just freak me out.

Simon Pegg stars in the movie alongside Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade, Ben Kingsley, Elle Fanning, and Isaac Hempstead Wright.


Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant young scientist, lives with his parents and his dog, Sparky.

However, when Sparky passes away, Victor is heartbroken and decides to resurrect his beloved pet using electricity. Victor is over the moon to have Sparky back in his life, but the local residents aren’t as pleased.

Sparky might be back, but he looks like a monster which terrifies the local population.

The movie is dark and looks like it could be set in the same world as Coraline.

The movie stars Winona Ryder, known for Stranger Things, Edward Scissorhands, Heathers, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Friends, and Little Women.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

In this Halloween/Christmas movie, Jack Skellington of Halloween Town discovers a set of doorways leading to other worlds. He enters Christmas Town and is amazed by all of the Christmas wonders.

However, his obsession with Christmas Town gets out of hand when he kidnaps Santa Claus and brings him back to Halloween Town.

The movie is fun to watch, has a dark side, and uses stop motion, just like Coraline.

The film stars Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara, Chris Sarandon, Paul Reubens, and Ken Page.

Where The Wild Things Are

After getting into trouble with his parents, Max is sent to bed without his supper.

While he’s in his room, eight-year-old Max sails away to a mysterious island that’s inhabited by a group of animals known as the Wild Things.

While he’s there, the Wild Things declare Max as their king… not too bad for an eight-year-old child.

This movie is a fun animated movie like Coraline; that’s perfect for watching after it.

Starring in Where The Wild Things Are is Spike Jonze, Max Records, Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, and Paul Dano.

Edward Scissorhands

If you enjoyed the dark storyline in Coraline, you’ll enjoy watching Edward Scissorhands.

Edward is an artificial man created with scissors for his hands. When Edward’s creator passes away, he is taken in by Peg, a kind-hearted woman.

However, his new life is thrown into turmoil when he’s blamed for a crime that he didn’t commit.

I always remember watching this as a child, and while it’s not overly scary, it is creepy at times and definitely has a darkness to it. As with many films on this list, Tim Burton directs it.

This movie stars Johnny Depp, known for Pirates Of The Caribbean, Fantastic Beasts, Alice In Wonderland, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Dark Shadows, and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.


A young orphan becomes friends with a giant; however, unlike all the other giants, he refuses to hurt humans.

But things become complicated when Sophie follows the giant home, and the other giants become aware of her, leaving them hunting her.

Will Sophie manage to escape the horrible giants with the help of the BFG (Big Friendly Giant)?

This movie is based on the Road Dahl book of the same name. It’s similar to Coraline as it’s a fun storyline with a dark feel to it.

The movie was well received, with The Guardian calling it “a marvellously melancholic motion capture performance” and a “scrumdiddlyumptious feast” while giving the film 4 stars.

This film stars Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, and Penelope Wilton.

James And The Giant Peach

Based on the 1961 Road Dahl novel of the same name, this movie was a massive hit in the mid-90s.

It tells the story of an orphaned boy who drops mystical crocodile tongues on the ground, and they grow into a gigantic never-ending peach tree.

James decides to enter the tree in order to escape the two evil adults who’ve been placed in charge of him.

While he’s in the peach, he befriends six insects that become his new family, and they help him on his adventure throughout the peach.

The movie is similar to Coraline as it uses stop-motion animation and is a dark story with creepy undertones.

The movie stars Paul Terry, Joanna Lumley, Susan Sarandon, Richard Dreyfuss, and David Thewlis.

Fantastic Mr Fox

This 2009 stop-motion classic is based on the popular Road Dahl book of the same name. The movie follows Mr Fox, a family man who can’t resist stealing everything. After all, he is a fox, and it’s his animal instincts.

However, when three farmers band together to try and kill him and his family, Mr Fox finds himself trapped and must find a way out of the sticky situation he’s got himself into.

While the movie isn’t as spooky as Coraline, it uses the same animation techniques and does have some tense “trapped” moments.

The film stars several big names, such as George Clooney, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe, and Jason Schwartzman.


Norman Babcock is not your typical resident of Blithe Hollow, a small town in Massachusetts, USA. He has a unique ability that allows him to communicate with ghosts.

When his ill-fated town is in danger, he teams up with a group of friends to save his town from what’s coming for it.

The movie is similar to Coraline as it uses stop-motion animation and has a spooky theme to it. It’s a fantastic movie to watch with your kids around Halloween.

The film stars Anna Kendrick, known for Pitch Perfect, Trolls, The Accountant, A Simple Favour, Mr Right, Into The Woods, Up In The Air, and Twilight.

Monster House

Three teenagers discover that their neighbour’s house is a real, living, breathing monster that despises children. The teenagers decide to enter the house in order to destroy its heart and bring the house down.

Can the teenagers manage to defeat the house? You’ll have to watch the movie to see what happens.

Starring in Monster House is Steve Buscemi, known for his roles in Boardwalk Empire, Grown Ups, Con Air, Reservoir Dogs, Mr Deeds, Monsters Inc, and Fargo.

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania follows Count Dracula, who decides to open a high-end holiday resort for monsters. He’s incredibly overprotective of his daughter, Mavis and does anything he can to keep her away from boys.

However, when a human named Johnny turns up, Mavis starts to fall for him, leaving Dracula doing all he can to stop Mavis from falling for him.

The movie is extremely fun to watch, and its spooky animation is similar to Coraline. It would be a perfect movie to watch if you want to get your spook on without watching a horror movie.

Starring in Hotel Transylvania is Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, David Spade, and Steve Buscemi.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family movie is based on the cartoon created by Charles Addams. The film follows Morticia and Gomez Addams, along with their odd family. They’re eccentric, dark, and extremely odd.

When a group of con artists attempt to rip the family off, things don’t go quite the way they’d hoped… ripping this family off isn’t as easy as they thought.

This movie has a darkness similar to Coraline and is one of the best family movies of the 90s.

This movie stars Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci, Jimmy Workman, and Christopher Hart.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

After the Baudelaire family lose their parents during a house fire, they are placed in the care of Count Olaf.

However, there is more to the Count than meets the eye; he’s wicked and is willing to do anything he can to get his hands on the kid’s inheritance.

The movie is like a live-action version of Coraline; while the story is different, it feels pretty similar and is a dark movie considering it was created for children.

Starring in the movie is the legendary actor Jim Carrey; he’s best known for Ace Ventura, Dumb And Dumber, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Mask, The Truman Show, and Bruce Almighty.

He’s joined by Kara Hoffman, Meryl Streep, and Jude Law.

9 (2009 animated movie)

Set in a dystopian world where a war between humanity and machines has completely destroyed the world. No, it’s not Terminator, but it does sound familiar, right?

A child’s ragdoll awakens amongst the post-apocalyptic world and holds the secret to humanity’s salvation.

Could the little doll save the world?

This movie is similar to Coraline as it uses stop-motion animation. It feels like the film is part of the Caroline world, but without the “button eyes”, which, if I’m honest, I’m grateful… they are too creepy.

Starring in 9 is Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, and John C Reilly.

Corpse Bride

Like several other movies on this list, Corpse Bride uses stop motion and is directed by the legendary Tim Burton, who’s famous for delivering dark films.

The movie follows Victor, a human who is soon to be married. He’s nervous and heads into the woods to practice his wedding vows. However, once he’s finished practising his vows, he discovers that he’s accidentally married a skeleton creature named Emily.

Emily whisks him to the land of the dead, where Victor is in for a shock.

Can Victor make his way back to the real world, or is he destined to remain married to Emily?

The movie has a pretty epic cast, starring Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Christopher Lee, Emily Watson, Albert Finney, and Danny Elfman.

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