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When 365 Days came out, it was on the end of everyone’s tongues for quite a while. While it isn’t the best movie to grace our TV screens, it was the hot and steamy sex scenes that made it so popular.

It puts many other movies of the genre to shame, especially when you see how much they got away with.

If you enjoyed watching 365 Days, then you’re no doubt looking for another movie to get you going. Whether you’re watching them alone, or going to use them to help usher things along during Netflix and chill, then this list is for you.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey is the movie that made this genre famous. Based on the captivating book series that set the world alight in 2011, the movie follows a young college senior named Anastasia Steele who interviews a billionaire businessman, Christian Grey, for the newspaper she works for.

However, the pair become captivated with each other, and she’s drawn into a whirlwind sexual affair, bringing out Christian’s darkest sexual desires that include pain and pleasure.

The movies go deeper (excuse the pun) than the pain and pleasure element with a twisting storyline that’ll keep you watching. Best of all, the series has three movies, so you can binge away.

The movie stars Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Rita Ora, and Luke Grimes.

Pleasure Or Pain

In this movie, two people fall in love despite their differences. Victoria is a beautiful young designer, while Jack is a wealthy retail estate developer.

When the pair hit it off, Victoria leaves her average life behind to have a love affair with Jack. During her time with him, they both fall into an erotic fantasy that neither wants to leave.

The movie is like 365 Days as it has plenty of steamy scenes and follows the love affair of two very different people.

This erotic thriller stars Christos Vasilopoulos and Malena Morgan.

The Boy Next Door

If you enjoyed the “thriller” part of 365 Days, then you’ll love The Boy Next Door; this erotic thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

Claire Peterson finds herself developing an attraction to her new neighbour Noah. However, Noah is 19 years old and becomes best friends with her son.

However, his friendship with her son doesn’t stop the pair from giving in to temptation and pursuing a steamy affair. But, things take a turn for the worst when Noah becomes obsessed with her and plans to kill her husband and take over his life.

The movie stars Jennifer Lopez, who’s known for Enough, The Wedding Planner, Hustlers, Marry Me, Maid In Manhattan, and The Back-Up Plan.


Two young millionaires living in Los Angeles spend most of their lives swiping left and right on dating apps. They’re obsessed with hooking up and “enjoying” their lives.

However, after spending months on a dating app, the pair match and decide to form a “no strings attached” relationship, which we all know never works out for both of you. During their newfound relationship, their limits are pushed physically and mentally.

If you enjoyed watching the love development during 365 Days, then you’ll enjoy watching Newness.

It stars Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa, Danny Huston, Pom Klementieff, and Matthew Gray Gubler.

Nymphomaniac: Vol 1

Nymphomaniac is a Danish erotic drama with some pretty big names attached to it. But I’ll discuss that in a moment.

The movie is a two-part sexual epic with similar plot points to 365 Days.

It follows a feisty woman named Joe whose sexual desires get the better of her, and she wants to have sex as often as she can. She self-diagnoses herself as a nymphomaniac.

However, when she’s beaten and left in an alleyway, a man saves her and takes her back to his apartment. While she’s there, the pair develop a highly sexual relationship.

Starring in this movie is Uma Thurman, known for Kill Bill, Batman & Robin, Pulp Fiction, Imposters, and Burnt. Joining her are Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, and Stacy Martin.

Original Sin

A woman named Julia plans to marry rich Luis in a bid to con him and run away with all of his money. Everything seems to be going to plan until she starts to fall in love with him.

It looks like this gold-digger bit off more than she could chew.

The movie is similar to 365 Days as it explores the dynamic between a rich and powerful man and his new love interest. If you’ve been looking for a movie to fill the gap 365 Days left, then Original Sin is the one for you.

Angelina Jolie stars in the movie; she’s known for Tomb Raider, Gone In 60 Seconds, Wanted, Mr And Mrs Smith, Salt, Maleficent, and Changeling. She’s joined by Antonio Banderas, who’s been in Once Upon A Time In Mexico, The Mask Of Zorro, The 13th Warrior, Desperado, Assassins, and Evita.

Don Jon

In this 2013 sex-filled rom-com, porn addict Jon struggles to find happiness and forms his life around his obsession with porn.

However, when he meets Barbara, she’s different from all the other women… but can she live up to the unrealistic expectations that Jon’s developed from consuming too much pornography? Or will it prove too much for his newfound love interest?

Starring in this movie is Scarlett Johansson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Julianne Moore.

Julianne Moore’s “powerful performance” (The Guardian) and sex-driven storyline will help fill any gap 365 Days left.

Cruel Intentions

Millionaire Sebastian and Kathryn place an evil wager on if Sebastian can “de-fower” their principal’s daughter. However, when Sebastian tries to woo her, he begins to fall for her, leaving him with a dilemma.

Meanwhile, his spiteful sister plans on holding him to the bet.

The movie is like 365 Days, as its sex-driven storyline keeps you on edge; it’s a great movie to watch after watching 365 Days and its sequel.

Starring in the movie is Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillipe, and Reese Witherspoon.

Basic Instinct

This neo-erotic thriller is a classic which is known for “that legs scene” if you know, you know.

The movie follows Detective Nick Curran, who’s investigating a brutal murder of a man named Johnny. He suspects Johnny’s girlfriend is responsible and pursues her to find out the truth.

But, things begin to fall apart when he falls for her.

Basic Instincts stars Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, and Jeanne Tripplehorn.


Laura and Carlos are a young couple who start dating. However, they soon realise that the same things that brought them together could be what drives them apart a year into their relationship.

While this movie may have flown under your radar back in 2017, it’s as hot and steamy as 365 Days, so you’ll love every minute of it.

Starring in the movie is Maria Pedraza, Pol Monen, and Natalia Tena.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Is slightly different to 365 Days, but at the same time has similar aspects throughout.

The movie follows a former mental patient Ricky, who, upon release, decides he’s going to kidnap porn star, Marina Osorio. In Ricky’s head, if he kidnaps her, she’ll fall in love with him, and he can then marry her… but the reality is this probably won’t happen.

The movie is a dark romantic comedy that’ll keep you entertained after 365 Days.

It stars Antonio Banderas, Victoria Abril, and Loles Leon.

Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth has an extremely passionate and erotic plot that gives you the same feeling as watching 365 Days.

The movie follows Dallas and Jasmine, two women who’re involved in a steamy love affair without their partners knowing.

Their affair causes the pair to re-assess their lives, as they wonder what they truly want from life.

Below Her Mouth is like 365 Days, but with an LGBTQ twist.

Hollywood reporter said the movie is “steamy sex scenes, but not much else”. It shouldn’t be a bother; let’s not pretend you’re watching this movie for the storyline.


Brandon is a sex addict. He regularly sleeps with prostitutes to fuel his deep-rooted sexual desires and watches an ungodly amount of porn. However, his life changes when his sister arrives at his New York apartment for an extended stay.

As his situation has changed, cracks start to appear as he deals with his sexual addiction.

The movie covers a similar theme to 365 Days, so you’ll love every minute of it.

Michael Fassbender takes the lead role in this movie and is supported by Carey Mulligan, Lucy Walters, Elizabeth Masucci, and Nicole Beharie.

Through My Window

Through My Window is like a cross between Romeo & Juliet and 365 Days. It mixes a gripping story, and steamy sex scenes, making it the perfect movie to watch after you’ve finished 365 Days.

Raquel has a long-term crush on her next-door neighbour. One day he starts harbouring feelings for her, too, and the pair begin a fiery and lustful relationship. The problem is his family isn’t happy about the situation.

We’ve all had a partner our parents disapprove of… and know how it makes you feel; it’s like a forbidden fruit.

The movie stars Julio Pena and Clara Galle.

Wild Orchid

In this 1980s erotic thriller, the movie tells the story of a lawyer, Emily Reed. Emily has an interview with a law firm and is invited to travel to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, if she wants the job.

However, while she’s there, millionaire James catches Emily’s attention, and the pair embark on a steamy erotic affair.

The movie is very similar to 365 Days as it has a fairly familiar storyline and has a hell of a lot of sex. It’s the perfect movie to watch if you enjoyed 365 Days.

Starring in the movie is Mickey Rourke, best known for The Wrestler, Sin City, Angel Heart, and Iron Man 2. He’s joined by Jacqueline Bisset, Carre Otis, Assumpta Serna, Bruce Greenwood, and Oleg Vidov.

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