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A 2021 report on movie statistics by Women and Hollywood revealed that of the top grossing theatrical releases, just 31% of films featured a female protagonist.

That’s extremely poor and as of 2022, we would expect much better.

While the spread of male to female ratio has certainly improved in recent years, it is somewhat telling that lead roles are still heavily biased towards males.

When you look at major movies, female lead roles have increased but are usually grouped in with other male actors. It is only very recently, for example, that we have begun to see protagonists as female in genres such as superhero and action movies.

So we thought it would be interesting to reimagine some of the most popular movies of recent times but with female leads.

Not those aimed at a male audience and simply there as ‘eye-candy’, but real-world empowered females taking the leads in what have traditionally been given to males.

I think you’ll agree, these are some badass females and if the movies were made with females, they would give their original male production a run for their money.

It goes without saying, these are transformative fan arts, not to be confused with nor are endorsed by any original movie, product or person.

The Characters

Our creations…

Robin Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Robin has dreamed all her life of being a professional boxer, but as a woman in a mostly male dominated sport, she had it hard.

One day she sees the chance to get back to boxing when Artemisa, who has been the undisputed World Welterweight Champion, defies an unknown fighter to challenge her.

Harriet Potter

Harry Potter

Harriet Jane Potter is a famous witch who defeated the evil lady twice: once when she was a baby and then when she was a student at the Witchcraft school.

She grew up as an orphan because in an attempt to kill her, the evil lady murdered her parents.

When she turned 11 years-old, she discovered she was actually a witch and discovered the truth about herself; she was the chosen one.

Frida Baggins

Frodo Baggins

Frida Baggins is a hobbit from the Shire who inherits the One Ring from her uncle.

The One Ring is a powerful ring that corrupts whoever holds it, and now it’s Frida’s duty to take it to the Doom Mount to destroy it before dark forces take over.

Petra Mitchell

Top Gun

Petra is a skilled aviator, known mainly by her Maverick nickname in honor of her father.

Although she’s reckless in the air, she’s an excellent pilot who managed to be part of the Top Gun programme, an achievement for her skills and also a big step for more women like her pursuing their dreams.


Female terminator

The year is 1984, and an assassin cyborg looking like a woman comes from the future with the mission to kill Janice’s father.

In the future, Janice will be a leader of the human resistance, so the machines now must prevent her birth.

But the Terminator is not the only woman traveling from the future. A woman sent by Janice, Sarah, comes to protect Kyle and prevent his murder.

Jane McClane

Jane McClane

Jane Mcclane is a New York Police detective who has successfully dealt with terrorists in hostages situations.

Her first mission by accident was when a terrorist took hostages in a large plaza in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, and Jane’s ex-husband, Henry, was among the hostages.

Jane was at the building because she had taken her two children to spend Christmas with their father.

Dominika Toretto & Lucy Hobbs

Fast and furious

The toughest female duo of the lot.

Dominika is a mechanic and a professional street racer who was banned from the pro circuit for being a woman with a strong character stealing the crown from the big guys.

She is now in the illegal street race business, working along with her crew who she considered her family. She’s in a relationship with Letty Ortiz, her girlfriend from her teens.

Lucia “Lucy” Hobbs is an ex-agent of the Diplomatic Security Service who was given the task to capture the wanted criminal Dominika Toretto.

However, instead of arresting her, she ended up joining Dominika’s crew in their heist. From there on, she has been collaborating with Dominika and her crew in different missions.

How we created these

Females have long been underrepresented in many walks of life and while things are certainly improving, we still live in a world where many of the shots are called by males.

It goes without saying that things are changing. However we can’t go back and change some of those classic movies that are already household names.

It got me wondering what these films would look like if the lead was female, but it dawned on me, I didn’t need to simply imagine.

Why not actually see what they might look like?

We worked with super-talented Canadian-based concept artist, Hossein Kalantari (check him out) in creating versions of popular movie characters in a female vision with a twist.

To ensure they stayed true to the original we retained certain clothes, styles, accessories, tattoos and such.

This was no mean feat but I’m sure you’ll agree that what we ended up with was a strong, positive female version of the original male actors.

In the real world these would have made a movie just as good if not better than the originals.

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