Top 46 Best Morgan Freeman Movies on Netflix

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Morgan Freeman has one of the most recognisable voices in the world, not only is his voice incredibly soothing, but it brings a certain amount of gravitas to his acting roles.

Speaking of his acting roles, he has starred in a large selection of movies, many of which are available to stream on Netflix.

In this article, I’ll be discussing Morgan Freeman’s top 46 movies on Netflix, ranking them in reverse order. You’ll be shocked at #1… but no peeking!

I’ll also show you how to access and watch each and every one of them right now.

Let’s get going Morgan Freeman fan!

How to watch these on Netflix

Morgan Freeman has a staggering 46 movies available to watch on Netflix. However, to access all of them on your Netflix account, you will need to have a little bit of help.

This is where I come in.

Each of the movies on the list will be available in a select group of countries, this is due to restrictions in place between the movie studios and Netflix.

To gain access to ALL of the movies on your Netflix account, you will need to use a VPN app.

A VPN will allow you to make Netflix think you are in another region, giving you full access to that regions Netflix library. Best of all – you don’t need a new Netflix account!

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ExpressVPN offers connection speeds that will make every other VPN feel like you are sitting on the back of a snail… not great when you want to stream movies in 4K.

A couple of others worth taking a look at include CyberGhost VPN and Surfshark VPN. Although I recommend ExpressVPN, it’s entirely up to you which you end up choosing.

Anyway, I digress, let’s get on to the list.

46. Transcendence

Dr. Will Caster and his research partner are working on a new project that will revolutionise the world.

They are trying to create artificial intelligence with the capability to outperform the collective intelligence of the entire world and to give it the full range of human emotion.

Dr. Caster becomes the target of anti-AI extremists, but this only spurs him on to finish his research and try his findings on himself. He does this by linking his mind to the AI.

Caster’s transcendence becomes problematic and they struggle to stop his quest for knowledge.

Available in regions: Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Spain, and Sweden (We recommend connecting to Japan).

45. The Story Of Us

OK, this one isn’t a movie, but it certainly deserves a mention. In this limited TV series, Morgan Freeman investigates everything that ties humanity and explores power, love, belief, freedom, war, and peace.

This is an excellent documentary that takes you across the world.

Available in regions: United States.

44. March Of The Penguins 2

Just like us Humans, the Emperor penguin will form families, fight for survival, and even fall in love during their lifetime.

Morgan Freeman narrates one young penguin’s journey through the arctic as he takes his first journey across the unknown to a destination that calls all Emperor penguins at some point in their lives.

Available in regions: Poland, and the UK (We recommend connecting to the UK).

43. The Story Of God

Morgan Freeman travels around the world investigating the various beliefs that we have all around the world.

Faith played a huge part in the evolution of our civilisations, and in most cases, it still does today. With a wide range of beliefs worldwide, learning about other people’s way of life is truly fascinating and is well worth watching.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Japan, the UK, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the UK or US).

42. The Nutcracker And The Four Realms

Before her mother dies, Clara is given a mysterious key.

After her mother’s passing, Clara embarks on a magical journey through a dreamlike land in this brilliant reimaging of this classic Christmas fairytale.

This is certainly a film to watch during the festive period, especially if you have kids.

Available in regions: Canada, and the United States.

41. An Unfinished Life

In an effort to escape an abusive boyfriend, Jean and her young daughter pack their bags and leave for her father-in-law’s ranch in Wyoming.

While they are there, the past comes up and causes them all some pain, but they soon learn that given enough time, the pain will heal.

Based on a book, this drama is one to watch for fans of a good story.

Available in regions: France and Switzerland (We recommend connecting to France).

40. The Magic Belle Isle

When struggling western novelist Monty Wildhorn moves to the small Belle Isle, he finds his passion for writing renewed after befriending a single mother and her three daughters.

With their help and inspiration, will Monty be able to write a new long-overdue novel, I will let you find that one out for yourselves.

Available in regions: India and Japan.

39. Under Suspicion

Henry’s holiday in Puerto Rico turns into a thing of nightmares when he discovers the body of a 12-year-old girl.

Unfortunately for Henry, he has just become the number one suspect in the child’s murder case.

With the police keen to wrap things up and get Henry to slip up, they invite him to the station to “tie up loose ends” in an effort to trip him up.

Available in regions: India.

38. The C Word

In this documentary movie, Morgan Freeman narrates yet another brilliant investigation.

This time, a French Neuroscientist Dr. Schrieber and cancer patient Meghan join forces to show the failure of our society, and why all of our bad habits need to be broken if we are to live a healthy and happy life.

The documentary shows that with just a few small changes, we could start to turn the tide of the war against the C-word.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, the UK, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the UK or US).

37. 5 Flights Up

After 40 long years of living together in the same Brooklyn apartment, a married couple plan to sell their long term home and buy a new place.

What they didn’t anticipate was the drama that would ensue during the sale of their apartment, leaving them wondering if they are doing the right thing after all.

This is an excellent independent movie based on the book Heroic Measures by Jill Ciment.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, Mexico, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the US).

36. Dolphin Tale 2

When Winter the Dolphin loses her surrogate mother, the aquarium is on a race against time to find Winter a companion to keep her company in her home.

Failure to do so will require the aquarium to move Winter to another location and they would lose their beloved dolphin.

This movie is the second outing for Winter, I will discuss more about her further down in the list when I mention the original Dolphin Tale.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the US).

35. Outbreak

After a virus breaks out in 1967 along the Motaba River Valley, Zaire, leaving no survivors behind, a corrupt general drops a firebomb on the village to stop any further infections.

Twenty-seven years later in 1994, the virus reappears except for this time it is even more deadly and has mutated into a strain that is now airborne.

The same corrupt general wants to drop yet another bomb on the area to prevent infection. However, a group of scientists believe they are a vaccine.

The opposing sides must fight it out and quickly before the virus spreads even further.

Available in regions: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the UK (We recommend connecting to the UK).

34. The Poison Rose

Carson Phillips is a down on his luck private investigator who has a soft spot for a woman in distress.

He takes on a new case of what seems to be a routine missing persons investigation. What he didn’t expect was to find that the main suspect is his own long lost daughter.

With bodies piling up and a web of crime building around him, he sets out to prove his daughter’s innocence, solve the murders and uncover the dark secrets that are lurking in the shadows.

Available in regions: Netherlands and Turkey (We recommend connecting to the Netherlands).

33. Just Getting Started

An ex-mob lawyer is placed in witness protection at a Palm Springs retirement home where he develops a petty rivalry with the community manager named Duke, who happens to be an ex FBI agent.

The pair must put their silly rivalry aside to stop a mob hit. Will the couple come out of this one unscathed?

If you want a dark comedy, then this is for you.

Available in regions: Japan and Sweden (We recommend connecting to Japan).

32. Ben-Hur

Judah Ben Hur is a rich Jewish prince living in Jerusalem during the 1st century.

When his old friend Massala (who is a commanding officer for the Roman army) returns, the pair try to put their political differences aside and enjoy the day.

During a welcoming ceremony, an attack happens and Judah gets the blame for orchestrating it. He is taken to the galleys and banished from the lands, while his family are imprisoned.

Judah returns years later to seek revenge against the Romans and Massala who has grown in power.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico (We recommend connecting to Brazil).

31. Ted 2

In this sequel to the hugely successful Ted, shortly after John’s divorce, Ted and Tami-Lynn’s marriage seems to be going along the same route.

To help fix their marriage, Ted and Tami-Lynn decide to have a child.

However, to do so, John must help Ted prove that Ted is a person and that he has the right to have a child.

This dark comedy is definitely not one for the kids.

Available in regions: UK

30. Dolphin Tale

After being rescued from a crab trap by a young boy, Winter the Dolphin has to have her tail amputated. The young boy who saved her believes that Winter would be able to swim again if they replaced her tale with a state of the art prosthetic.

This movie is a heartwarming tale suitable for the whole family.

Available in regions: Australia and the UK.

29. Angel Has Fallen

Secret service agent Mike Banning returns in this brilliant action thriller.

Set 2 years after the attacks that took place in London, Mike believes that he and the president are out of harm’s way. That is until a terrorist attack takes place, leaving Mike as the main suspect for the attack.

Not only does Mike need to prove his innocence, but he must also evade capture from both sides of the law, all while protecting the president.

The stakes are higher than they have ever been before.

Available in regions: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the US).

28. Dreamcatcher

Four childhood friends meet up for their annual hunting trip in Maine woods. Everything seems normal, but unbeknown to them this year is different.

When the friends discover a strange man wandering through the woods, they soon realise that nothing is what it seems, and a much darker secret lies ahead, one that could bring destruction to the world.

Available in regions: Portugal, South Korea, and Spain (We recommend connecting to South Korea).

27. Glory

This movie follows the first African-Americans who served during the American Civil War.

A white officer named Shaw serving in the Federal Army is put in charge of the regiment and is forced to face not only the racist treatment from the enemy but also from his fellow officers.

This is a great period drama based on real events.

Available in regions: Canada and Sweden (We recommend connecting to Canada).

26. Oblivion

As one of the last drone repairmen on earth, Commander Jack Harper must navigate a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers as he repairs earth’s defences.

Everything appears to be normal until he discovers an aircraft crash site that contains something that has him questioning his existence.

A brilliant movie for Sci-Fi lovers.

Available in regions: Belgium, Switzerland, and the UK ((We recommend connecting to the UK).

25. Evan Almighty

Evan Baxter, a Buffalo News reporter is visited by God himself and told to build an Ark.

Evan is in disbelief until a massive load of timber and tools arrive in his back yard along with pairs of animals.

When his friends and family think he has gone crazy, Evan must build the ark as God has requested. Oh, and more to the dismay of Evan, his hair and beard grow out of control too.

This light-hearted spoof is an easy watch that will keep you entertained.

Available in regions: Australia, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary (We recommend connecting to Australia).

24. RED

Retired CIA agent Frank is enjoying a peaceful life living off of his pension.

One of Franks favourite things to do is to visit his pension caseworker Sarah. Sarah has an equally peaceful yet admittedly dull life, with the reading of Spy novels being the highlight of her day.

However, when something from Frank’s past resurfaces, Frank is forced to return to his old career, dragging Sarah into the mix.

Franks best days might have past him, but he is Retired Extremely Dangerous (RED).

Available in regions: Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK (We recommend connecting to the UK).

23. Deep Impact

When a massive comet on a path straight to Earth is discovered, the US teams up with Russia to assemble a group of astronauts. Their task is to destroy the comet before it impacts the earth, destroying everything on the planet.

Should their mission fail, there are several contingency plans in place to ensure the survival of the human race.

This action Sci-fi will have you on the edge of your seat.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Mexico, and South Korea (We recommend connecting to Germany or Australia).

22. Unforgiven

In the quiet town of Big Whisky, a local saloon girl is murdered and the other saloon girls place a bounty on the murderer.

The bounty attracts the bounty hunters William Munny, and The Schofield Kid.

William is an ageing killer who vows that this will be his last bounty. With the hunters on the trail of the killer, they find themselves blurring the lines between heroism and villainy.

This is an excellent movie for fans of a western.

Available in regions: Australia, India, Japan, and Sweden (We recommend connecting to Australia or India).

21. The Lego Movie

After being mistaken as the LEGO master builder, regular guy Emmet is swept into a mission to stop the evil tyrant Lord Business.

With all of the Lego universe in the balance, Emmet must figure out a way to stop Lord Business and his evil plan before it is too late.

If you are a fan of Lego, or perhaps your children are, then you will certainly love this movie, just remember… “Everything is awesomeeeee”.

Available in regions: Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, Slovakia, South Korea, and Thailand (We recommend connecting to France or Japan).

20. Momentum

Mysterious thief Alex is pulled into one last heist by her old partner. It isn’t long before things take a wrong turn and Alex realises that there is more to the heist than just the promise of diamonds.

In a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Alex must get to the bottom of what is really going on before its too late.

This action thriller makes for a good watch. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Available in regions: Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea (We recommend connecting to South Korea).

19. Now You See Me 2

A year has gone by since the group known as the Four Horsemen outwitted the FBI with their Robin Hood-esque magic spectacle.

The Four Horsemen are forced to perform what seems is an impossible heist by an evil tech tycoon, using a state of the art machine. They plan to complete the heist and expose the tycoon in what will be their most daring trick yet.

Available in regions: Canada, Greece, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand (We recommend connecting to Canada).

18. Going In Style

In this remake of the 1979 classic, three OAPs are cheated out of their pensions and decide enough is enough. They choose to take matters into their own hands and plan to rob a bank.

There is just one problem… none of them knows how to handle a gun, never mind robbing a bank.

This crime comedy will entertain you and have you asking the question “what would you do in that situation”.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Thailand (We recommend connecting to Australia).

17. Lucy

On her way back from Taiwan, Lucy is captured and becomes an unwilling drug mule. When one of the bags of drugs leaks inside her, the experimental drug that was inside them activates, giving Lucy superhuman abilities.

Using her newfound powers, Lucy hunts down the people responsible for her capture and seeks to make them pay for all of their wrongdoings.

Available in regions: Brazil, Greece, Hong Kong, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK (We recommend connecting to the UK).

16. Last Vegas

Three friends all over the age of 60 plan a bachelor party for their playboy friend in Las Vegas.

When they arrive, they quickly realise that Vegas isn’t what it used to be and that the times have changed. However, they soon adapt and they make one thing clear… that this weekend, Vegas is theirs.

Available in regions: Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Romania, and Slovakia (We recommend connecting to Japan).

15. Wanted

Wesley is just a regular broke guy living in Chicago. That is until he discovers some belongings of his late fathers.

What he finds pulls him into a world that he never knew existed. He is trained by a group of assassins in the art of professional murder, and it pays handsomely.

But, is it really how it seems? Or is there more than meets the eye?

Available in regions: Canada.

14. London Has Fallen

Mike Banning returns in his second outing as a secret service agent tasked with protecting the President during a terrorist attack in London.

With the terrorists hell-bent on bringing as much destruction as possible upon the streets of London, Mike is fighting against the odds. But that is how he likes it.

If you enjoyed the first movie, then you will love this one.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, Hungary, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, and Sweden (We recommend connecting to Canada).

13. Now You See Me

Four magicians answer a mysterious call that leads them all to a location shrouded in mystery.

One year passes by and the group are now famous, known as The Four Horsemen, their biggest claim to fame is a magic trick that has them rob a bank, without leaving the stage.

This catches the attention of the FBI and with the help of an illusion debunker, they try to solve the mystery and the crime.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, and the UK (We recommend connecting to the UK).

12. Million Dollar Baby

Aspiring boxer Maggie wants to learn from the best, so she hires veteran Frankie Dunn to train her. At first, Frankie refuses to teach a woman, but with a little persistence, he decides to train Maggie.

Maggie’s career takes off, however, an accident in the ring leaves Maggie asking Frankie for help one last time.

Get the tissues at the ready for this tear-jerker.

Available in regions: Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the US).

11. Invictus

Based on real events, this movie tells the story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the South African Rugby team captain to unite the country at the end of the apartheid.

By using sport, the pair believe that they can bring people together and put the past behind them.

South Africa’s 1995 Rugby world cup run is brought to life fantastically.

Available in regions: Belgium, France, India, Japan, and South Korea (We recommend connecting to France).

10. Thick As Thieves

Old school master thief Keith Ripley and a bold younger thief team up to steal two Faberge Eggs that are worth $20 Million each on the black market.

Keith plans to use his cut to pay off debts he owes to some gangsters, however, that is the least of his worries. While they are both planning the heist, a police lieutenant is hot on their trail trying to figure out what their next move is.

Available in regions: Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania.

9. Batman Begins

The movie that reignited everybody’s love for the caped crusader.

This movie tells the origin story of Batman, and it does so in a brilliant manner. Bruce Wayne returns after being missing for years to find that Gotham city is overrun with crime and that its citizens live life in poverty and fear.

This movie kickstarted a fantastic Trilogy which I will mention further down the list.

Available in regions: Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand (We recommend connecting to Canada).

8. Kiss The Girls

When detective Alex Cross discovers that his niece is missing, he suspects that it is the work of a serial killer that kidnaps and kills strong-willed women.

Alex teams up with an escaped victim to hunt down the killer before it is too late. Will they manage to save his niece? You will have to watch and find out.

This is a great crime thriller that will keep you thinking from start to finish.

Available in regions: Brazil, Canada, and the United States (We recommend connecting to Canada or the US).

7. The Bucket List

Two terminally ill cancer patients from totally different worlds bust out of the hospital and go on an adventure that takes them all around the world as they tick items off from their bucket lists.

They find that their unlikely friendship is a comforting reminder that there is more to life than just money.

Available in regions: Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, and Thailand (We recommend connecting to Germany).

6. Olympus Has Fallen

Disgraced Secret Service agent Mike Banner comes to the rescue during an attack on the White House.

Banner must rescue the Presidents son, and then find the President himself before the Korean terrorists get the nuclear launch codes that they are after.

This is Banner’s first outing in what is one of the most explosive action movies I have seen in a while.

Available in regions: Australia, Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Sweden, and the United States (We recommend connecting to the US or Canada).

5. Dark Knight Rises

This is the final chapter in Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy, so if you haven’t watched them yet, skip this part until you have watched part 1 and 2.

After the Dark Knight tarnished his reputation in the second movie, he has spent the last years in exile. Crime has yet again taken over the city and a new enemy hell-bent on bringing Gotham to its knees makes an appearance.

This is Batman’s most deadly enemy yet.

Available in regions: Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain (We recommend connecting to Canada).

4. Along Came A Spider

When the daughter of a senator is kidnapped, Alex Cross works tirelessly to hunt down her kidnapper and find out where she is before it’s too late.

With the kidnapper wanting to deal with Cross personally, it is only a matter of time before he slips up and gives something away that maybe he shouldn’t have.

Available in regions: Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, and South Africa.

3. Seven

Two detectives are on the hunt for a serial killer whose memo is leaving the victims remains in ritualistic manors linked to the seven deadly sins.

With the gap between each murder getting smaller and smaller, the detectives must act fast to stop the killer in his tracks and to prevent more innocents from being murdered.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and South Korea (We recommend connecting to Canada).

2. The Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne is back in the sequel to Batman Begins and is arguably the best Batman movie of ALL time.

Bruce Wayne faces his all-time nemesis, the infamous Joker.

The Joker brings a new crimewave to Gotham City, forces Batman to question his beliefs and is forced to upgrade his technology in a bid to catch him.

I won’t say much more, as I don’t want to leave any spoilers, but this is a much watch.

Available in regions: Canada, Hungary, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, and Spain (We recommend connecting to Canada).

1. The Shawshank Redemption

In the number 1 spot is this fantastic story that is classed as one of the all-time great movies.

Andy Dufrasne is framed for murder and is sent to Shawshank Prison to see out the rest of his days. During his time in prison, he and an older inmate become close friends and forge a bond that can’t be broken.

Life in Shawshank is as tough as it gets, with corrupt guards and a corrupt warden, the inmates have no chance.

As I mentioned before, this movie is held in such high regard by many, it is a must watch and it makes you wonder what would you do in that situation.

Available in regions: France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden (We recommend connecting to France or Germany).


The list above is a round up of some of Morgan Freeman’s best movies, all of which are available on Netflix.

However, not every film will be available in your country and this is why you need a VPN app.

My number 1 recommendation is ExpressVPN.

They are the Shawshank Redemption of VPNs, they are simply the best and offer the fastest connection speeds, so you’ll be watching Morgan Freeman in full 4K UHD.

It is also important to note that not all VPNs work with Netflix, so choose wisely if you’re shopping around.

Now all that is left to do is grab the popcorn (does anyone actually eat popcorn at home?), open your favourite drink and get ready for a full Freeman marathon!

I would love to hear which of these 46 is your favourite. Let me know in the comments section or if your favourite isn’t listed here, which is it?

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