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Meryl Streep is regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, and it is easy to see why. With over 21 Academy Award nominations, 3 of which she has won, Streep shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

In this article, I will be listing the top 27 Meryl Streep movies on Netflix and showing you how to access each film with the click of a button.

You’ll be watching her brilliant acting in a matter of minutes. See if you can guess what took our #1 spot as you work your way through, and no peaking until the end!

How to watch these on Netflix

With 27 brilliant Meryl Streep movies on Netflix, you won’t find yourself short of movies to watch.

However, you will struggle to access all 27 of her movies without some help.

This is due to the fact that each movie has its own regional restrictions in place, meaning that certain movies will be unavailable in your country, but available on others.

To bypass the regional restrictions in place and to gain access to Meryl Streep’s best movies on Netflix, you will need to use a VPN app. This lets you dial into other Netflix regions with your regular account.

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Now, on with the movies…

27. August: Osage County

Violet Weston is an alcoholic, and she is also addicted to pills. However, she is also a mother, and not the best one either.

When her husband finally leaves her, her children turn up to try and fix the matter, but it’s not as simple as that. What is bothering this family will take much more than just a few quick fixes.

As the gathering proceeds, more and more family secrets are unearthed.

Available in regions: Hungary and Poland.

26. Suffragette

This heartbreaking and inspirational drama tells the story of the fight for women to get the same rights as men.

Back in the early 1900s, women had barely any rights, the world was run by men for men. A good woman was to stay at home with the kids and do as the man said.

However, times were changing and so were women’s desires. A group of women watched peaceful protests get nowhere and decided to set their own agenda by using violence to get what they wanted.

Based on actual events, this is an excellent period drama.

Available in regions: Germany, South Korea, and the United States.

25. Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is an heiress from New York City who loves the arts and has a passion for opera. Ever since a young age, she has wanted to perform on stage at Carnegie Hall. However, there is a problem, her voice is awful.

With the help and support from her husband and lots and lots of practice, Florence’s performance promises to be a historic event.

This strange story is based on real events and is worth a watch.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Slovakia, and Sweden.

24. Out Of Africa

Karen Blixen and her womanising husband Bror move to Nairobi to establish a plantation. While they are there, Karen falls in love with one of the farmhands.

With trouble brewing on the plantation and a war on its way, Karen struggles with everyday life.

Things get worse for Karen when she catches VD from her husband, who has been sleeping around with questionable women.

Will Karen get her happiness?

Available in regions: Belgium, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, and the UK.

23. The Giver

Set in a dystopian future, after an event known as “The Ruin”, a colony of humans are lead by the chief elder, the world is a colourless and emotionless place where free choice has been taken away.

On the day of his graduation, Jonas is given the job role of The Reciever Of Memories.

His job is to hold all of the memories of the past, including that of the world before The Ruin. After receiving the memories, Jonas also receives emotion, and when he realises the world is wrong, he sets out to change it.

Available in regions: France, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, and Spain.

22. Sophie’s Choice

After surviving the Holocaust, Sophie falls in love with an unsteady American Jew named Nathan. The only problem is that he is obsessed with the Holocaust.

When they befriend a movie narrator, Sophie and Nathans’s happiness takes a turn for the worst as the ghosts of her past come back to haunt her, and Nathans’s obsessions consume him.

Available in regions: France, Iceland, and Sweden.

21. Prime

Set in modern-day Manhatten, 37-year-old photographer Rafi is struggling with her recent divorce, so she hires a psychiatrist.

However, when Rafi meets a fresh-faced college graduate named David, the pair instantly hit it off and things become serious. Everything is going great until Rafi realises that David’s mother is Rafi’s psychiatrist.

David’s mother is very displeased and does her best to ensure the pair break up.

Available in regions: Canada.

20. Kramer Vs Kramer

Ted Kramer is a career-driven yuppie who puts his work before his wife and 6-year-old son. However, one day his wife Julia packs up and leaves him, along with his son.

Ted has no choice but to adapt and look after his 6-year-old as well as ensuring his career is on the right track.

Just as Ted is adjusting, Julia returns and takes Ted to court over the custody of their child.

Available in regions: Greece, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, and Thailand.

19. The Horseman

A pious female pioneer hires a drifter named George Briggs to assist her in the transportation of three women who have been driven crazy by the pioneering lifestyle.

The pair must navigate the wilderness as they travel from Nebraska to Iowa, facing the many perils that any long journey during that period of time suffered from.

Available in regions: India and South Korea.

18. Into The Woods

In a modern twist of the Grimms Brothers fairy tales, Into The Woods is a fantastic musical that brings many of your favourite fairy tale characters to life.

From Cinderella and Red Riding Hood to Jack And The Bean Stalk, this tale brings them under one roof in one EPIC story that is full of magic, music, and laughs.

This is an excellent movie to watch with your children.

Available in regions: South Korea.

17. The Post

The United State’s first-ever female newspaper publisher and her hard-driven editor face a huge dilemma that could have implications that’ll change the world.

When a file full of evidence lands on her desk that shows the president is involved in a cover-up during the Vietnam War, the publisher is faced with a tough decision, either push it under the carpet or expose the truth for the world to see.

Based on real events, this is an interesting movie that offers an insight into a pivotal part of American history.

Available in regions: Australia, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Spain.

16. The Guardian Brothers

In this animated tale, the Chinese spirit world is in crisis… humanity doesn’t believe in the gods anymore. This causes many problems in the spirit world, leaving many gods facing unemployment, including a door god.

To prove his worth and to get humans to believe again, the door god travels into the human realm in a last bid to save his career.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, the UK, and the United States.

15. Five Came Back

This historical documentary explores the stories of five Hollywood directors who were sent to the frontlines of World War 2 to document the war.

Each of their tales are narrated by Meryl Streep and uses footage from over 100 hours worth of video captured during the war and brings the best parts together in this masterpiece.

If you are a fan of history, then this will fascinate you.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, Greece, South Africa, South Korea, the UK, and the United States.

14. Ricki And The Flash

Wannabe rockstar Linda leaves her family behind to pursue her dreams. After failing to reach the levels of fame she thought she would achieve, Linda’s ex-husband calls her to inform her that their daughter has suffered a break down after her husband left.

Linda returns home to try and help her daughter, but neither her daughter nor son welcomes her with open arms.

If she wants to fix her broken home, Linda will have to work at it.

Available in regions: Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

13. The Ant Bully

Fed up with being bullied, Lucas Nickle decides to take his frustration out on an Ants nest in his back yard.

However, the Ants have plans for Lucas. They use their special powers to shrink Lucas to their size and force him to work for them.

Lucas soon realises that the Ants colony is on the verge of destruction and he seeks out to help them.

During his adventure, Lucas finds the one thing he has been looking for, friendship.

Available in regions: Belgium and the Netherlands.

12. Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events

After their house mysteriously burns down, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are left orphaned.

The children find themselves in the custody of their distant relative named Count Olaf and they quickly realise that the Count has no interest in them, but wants their inheritance.

Will the children manage to escape with their inheritance before Olaf steals it?

Available in regions: Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States.

11. Julie And Julia

Julia Child and Julie Powell find their lives entwined. Both of the women have written memoirs and both women are at loose ends.

Julie Powell decides that she will cook all of the recipes (a whole 524 of them) in Julia Childs’s book in a bid to spice up her life.

This biographical drama will bring a smile to your face.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

10. The Manchurian Candidate

After being knocked out during the Gulf War, Sergeant Raymond Shaw and Captain Ben Marco wake up in a medical bed and are sent home.

However, Ben feels like something isn’t right and begins to investigate. Years pass and Raymond Shaw is now running for the Vice presidency.

But, Ben feels that while they were knocked out during the war, they had been brainwashed and that Raymond’s bid to secure his spot in the Whitehouse is exactly what the enemy wants.

Available in regions: Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden.

9. The Iron Lady

Margret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister looks back at her life and recounts the successes, failures, and hardships that she encountered on her way to the top of Britain’s political hierarchy.

Meryl Streep shines in this portrayal of one of the most controversial Prime Ministers of all time, her tenure as PM really split the British public opinion.

Available in regions: Czech Republic, Japan, Sweden, Slovakia, and the United States.

8. Hope Springs

Middle-aged couple Kay and Arnold whose marriage has declined to the point where they no longer sleep in the same room as each other and have barely any interaction with one and another.

That is until Kay finds a book by Dr. Feld and it inspired them to sign up for a week-long intense marriage counselling session in a bid to bring a spark back into their relationship.

However, even with the Doctor’s help, both Kay and Arnold find it difficult to reignite their passion and to leave their therapy as a happy, loving couple.

Will they manage to find their love for each other again?

Available in regions: Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and South Africa.

7. It’s Complicated

Brought together by their son’s graduation, divorced couple Jane and Jake find themselves united after 10 years apart.

While the pair’s affair seems to be the product of spontaneity, they soon find that it follows them back home to where they live and it starts to affect their personal lives.

Even though they both have romantic ties with other individuals, the pair can’t help but carry on their affair.

Maybe the 10 years apart have been precisely what they needed, as they say, time is a healer.

Available in regions: Australia.

6. The Laundromat

Based on real events, a widow is swindled out of insurance money which leads her to begin to investigate where her money has gone.

Her investigations bring her to Panama, where she finds two cunning lawyers who specialise in hiding money for the super-rich by exploiting the world’s financial system.

Will she manage to get her money back? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. This is a great movie if you are a fan of dark comedies.

Available in regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, the UK, and the United States.

5. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

The long-awaited sequel to the hit movie and theatrical musical Mamma Mia is here.

Set five years after the events of the first movie, Sophie prepares for the grand opening of the hotel “Bella Donna” named after her late mother. Meanwhile, she learns more about her mothers past and has a sing and dance at the same time.

This movie is a worthy sequel to the original and carries the story on brilliantly using hits from ABBA.

Available in regions: Australia, Greece, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

4. Little Woman

Set after the American Civil War, writer Jo Marsh lives in New York and her sisters have travelled afar and are living totally different lives to each other.

In the movie, Jo looks back at her life living with her sisters and tells the stories of the significant happenings in her lifetime. Life back then wasn’t the easiest for a woman.

Based on a book, this period drama is great for fans of the genre.

Available in regions: Singapore and Thailand.

3. Mary Poppins Returns

Set in the 1930s during the depression, Michael Banks and his three children are visited by the magical Mary Poppins who help the family regain the wonder and joy that has been missing from their lives.

This movie is a fantastic sequel to the 1964 Original that still holds its spot as one of the greatest musicals ever written.

It’s fun, magical, and a joy to watch. I’m sure you and your family will love every minute of it.

Available in regions: Canada and the United States.

2. The Devil Wears Prada

Miranda Priestly is a ruthless executive of a fashion magazine, her newly appointed second assistant Andrea Sachs is naive and innocent, not the kind of girl you’d expect to work in such a ruthless environment.

However, as time goes by, Andrea learns to change her appearance and how she acts so that she fits in with the industry. This causes a whole manner of problems for her personal life.

Life is full of choices and the ones you make will end up defining you.

Available in regions: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

1. Mamma Mia

In the top spot, and rightly so is Mamma Mia.

Mamma Mia uses a whole host of hit songs from the band ABBA in this brilliant musical set on a Greek island somewhere in the Mediterranean.

A young woman is due to be married and discovers that her father is one of three men, all of which had romantic ties to her mother. She decides to invite them all to the island in a bid to discover who her father is so he can walk her down the aisle.

All of which is done without the knowledge of her mother, so you can imagine the shock when all three of the men turn up at her mother’s hotel.

With a strong cast and a fantastic soundtrack, you will love this film. I enjoyed it more than I’d like to admit.

Available in regions: India, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.


Now that you know the list, you can work your way through each of Meryl Streep’s movies and decide on which one is your favourite.

Don’t forget, you will need to get yourself a VPN app so you can access all of these as not every one is available in your region.

My number #1 VPN recommendation is ExpressVPN. Our speed tests show that they are the fastest VPN around and the perfect option for you to stream video content.

It is no wonder that Meryl Streep is held so highly in Hollywood, she has starred in some top-flight movies and her acting abilities are second to none.

The only question left is, will you binge watch most of them this weekend and next or spread them out over the coming months?

I would love to hear what your favourite Meryl Streep movie is, so post a comment below and let me know.

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