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In this guide you’ll learn how you can live stream every NFL game in the United States and around the world plus avoid blackouts.

If you’re an NFL fan then you’ve no doubt bought a Game Pass in the past to live stream all the games online or you’re considering buying one.

One of the most annoying things about the Game Pass is blackouts and geo-restrictions. Even though you pay heavily for the pass most of the games you’ll want to watch are either blacked out or restricted to specific regions.

There’s a cool little trick that’s been working for the past couple of years that allows you to beat the NFL blackouts allowing you to watch every game.

This means you can watch every game of the season right at home in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

How can I watch all 256 plus NFL games in the US?

When you sign up for the Game Pass you’re usually offered up the ‘American’ Game Pass.

This is the one that is locked down with geo-restrictions and blackouts on local games and any shown by local TV networks.

In Europe they have a European Game Pass which is slightly better but it’s still plagued by blackouts depending on who your team is, who they’re playing and where they’re playing.

If you’re hoping to watch all the touchdowns of your favorite NFL team then blackouts and other restrictions are hardly ideal.

Outside the States and Europe there’s what is basically the holy grail of game passes. What I’ll call the ‘International‘ Game Pass.

The beauty of the International Game Pass is it allows NFL fans to watch ALL 256 games plus the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

There are no blackout restrictions on any team and there are no region restrictions.

Where is the International NFL Game Pass available?

The International Game Pass is available outside North America, Europe and Australia.

Basically, that means it’s available in countries like India, the Philippines, Egypt and pretty much anywhere classed as a secondary market. Or what you should think of as a ‘cheaper’ market.

Best of all, not only are all NFL games shown on the International Game Pass but it’s actually cheaper than the American or European price. At the time of writing a couple of month into the season, it’s just $59.99!

Can I get the International NFL Game Pass in the States?

The cool thing is there’s a little trick that will allow you to get the International NFL Game pass in the US, Europe or anywhere else.

To get the International Game Pass you’ll need to download a VPN app that lets you change your location to one of the regions where it’s available, for example, India.

VPN is a legal privacy tool that helps you disguise your real online location.

A VPN will cost you a couple of dollars but it still works out a lot cheaper than your regular Game Pass. You do also get the more important bonus that you can watch all the games and suffer no NFL blackouts.

I recommend using ExpressVPN to bypass NFL blackouts because they’re super simple to use.

Importantly they have an Indian connection point which lets you grab the International Game Pass. Plus they’ve got a massive 30-day money back guarantee just in case you can’t get it to work.

There are many other VPN services out there which I’ll explore below.

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How do I choose a VPN?

When you’re watching your team in the NFL you want to watch in high quality, right?

I mean, these days online streaming should be at the very least 720p and that’s a bare minimum.

If possible you’ll want to watch in 1080p and in my dream, 4k would be better. For good quality video you require a good VPN with fast speeds otherwise you’ll hit buffering issues.

Now if the Patriots are playing the Chiefs and Brady is nearing the end zone, the last thing I want is buffering and I’m sure it’s the last thing you want too.

Below I’ve listed the three best VPNs for unblocking the International NFL Game Pass and avoiding blackouts, region restrictions and most importantly, buffering!

Best 3 VPN services to bypass NFL blackouts:

1. ExpressVPN

2. IPVanish

3. CyberGhost VPN

How do I get the Game Pass with the VPN?

To break it down into easy steps I’ve put the full steps below that you’ll need to follow.

It only takes a couple of minutes allowing you to get watching all the NFL games without any blackouts.

How to live stream every NFL game and avoid blackouts:

  1. Visit one of the three VPN services from above, for example, my favorite, ExpressVPN by clicking here.
  2. Sign up for their service. 12-months is 49% cheaper than paying monthly.
  3. Download their app from the ‘Products‘ section of their website or your regular app store.
  4. Open the app and login with your newly created account details.
  5. Press ‘Choose Location‘.
  6. Then press ‘All‘, ‘Asia Pacific‘ and ‘India‘.
  7. Press ‘Connect‘.
    ExpressVPN India

    Watch all the NFL games without blackouts using ExpressVPN.


  8. Once the app has connected visit the International NFL Game Pass site.
  9. Then select the ‘Season Plus‘ package and sign up.

You can either choose to pay upfront, pay in 2 installments or take a free trial whichever works out best for yourself.

It’s slightly cheaper to sign up for the Season Plus package and pay upfront than it is to pay in two installments although only by a couple of dollars.

You will need to connect to the VPN each time to watch the games but you can now enjoy all NFL games without blackouts. Plus watch the playoffs and Superbowl no matter what state or even what country you’re in.

30-day money back guarantee


You can watch every NFL game without blackouts by buying an International NFL Game Pass.

To do this you’ll need a VPN app from ExpressVPN.

Sign up to ExpressVPN and download their app, then connect to India. You’ll now be able to buy the International NFL Game Pass and watch all the games in any state or country without blackouts.

It’s nearly 50% cheaper to sign up for a full year with ExpressVPN than it is to pay monthly so I definitely recommend taking their 12-month package which comes with 3 months free.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee meaning you can test it first without risk.

Who do you think will win this season? I would love to hear your thoughts so drop a note in the comments section below.

Watch all NFL games using ExpressVPN

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