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Tyson Fury takes on Deontay Wilder in one of the biggest boxing fights to end the year. In this guide I’ll be showing you where you can live stream the action free.

All boxers have an air of bravado about them but Tyson Fury takes that to the next level. The Fury v Wilder showdown is one of the biggest boxing meet-ups this year.

British based BT Sport put the question to 13 boxing greats and 7 favoured Fury over Wilder. It’s not surprising the results are a little bias though with BT Sport being a UK institution and Fury hailing from there.

You’ve probably already started researching ways you can live stream the Fury vs Wilder fight online and depending on what country you’re in you could find your options severely limited.

Below I’ll be exploring the way you can watch the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder fight online for free on an official stream.

How can I watch the Fury v Wilder fight free?

Unlike many countries where the Fury v Wilder fight is being shown on PPV cable networks there are some which are showing it free.

These are completely legitimate streams but they’re restricted to their home country.

By using a small app called a VPN you can unblock these live streams and watch in your country.

This means you can watch Fury v Wilder free in America, Canada, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia or any other country.

As the streams in those countries don’t charge you to watch and they’re an official stream it means you can watch the boxing in top quality without the need to pay.

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How to live stream Fury v Wilder

A VPN will cost you a couple of dollars but you can watch the entire fight live and other fights in future.

There are loads of different companies who sell VPN services. For watching boxing I recommend ExpressVPN. They’ve got the best speeds so you won’t suffer any buffering.

If you’ve got a bit of spare time and want to check out the options then these are the three most popular VPN apps:

  1. ExpressVPN: Top Recommendation, fast speeds, 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. NordVPN: Simple to use apps, 30-day money back guarantee.
  3. VyprVPN: Works on most devices.

Step-by-step guide to live stream Fury v Wilder:

  1. Select one of the three VPN providers from above, for example, ExpressVPN by clicking here and sign up.
  2. Download their app for your device.
  3. Open the app and login when needed.
  4. Press ‘Choose Location‘.
  5. Then select ‘All‘ -> ‘Europe‘ -> ‘Russia‘.
  6. Press Connect.
  7. Visit the Fury v Wilder Live Stream page.
ExpressVPN Russia

Watch Fury v Wilder live stream with ExpressVPN.

Just head over to the live stream page before the fight and you’ll be able to watch all the action.

Will Fury manage to continue his unbeaten come back run after beating both Seferi and Pianeta?

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When is the Fury v Wilder fight being shown?

The Fury v Wilder fight will take place on 1st December 2018.

Live coverage will start from 6 pm local time in Los Angeles, United States.

Viewers in the UK can watch from 2 am on 2nd December with coverage starting at 3 am for those in mainland Europe.

If you’re in Australia then viewers near Sydney can live stream from 1 pm on Sunday 2nd December.

Fury v Wilder who’s going to win?

Fury is without question one of the sports biggest personalities and with a professional record of 27 wins and 0 losses including the huge win against Wladimir Klitschko he’s got every chance.

Wilder, on the other hand, is no pushover in boxing with a massive 40 wins in his professional career and 0 losses. With Fury being mostly out of the game for a couple of years he’s got a tough task on his hands.

Deontay Wilder is the current WBC Heavyweight Champion and will be defending his title against Fury.

Fury who previously held the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, IBO and The Ring titles will be aiming to get a belt back under his name.

Summary: How to live stream the entire fight

To live stream the entire Fury v Wilder you’ll need to get a VPN from ExpressVPN.

This will let you watch the official live stream of the fight from another country.

Simply sign up for ExpressVPN, download their app and connect to Russia. Then head over to the Fury v Wilder live stream page where you can watch all the action.

Watch Fury v Wilder with ExpressVPN

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