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Netflix is the streaming giant that has been dominating the entertainment industry for the past decade. It has over 182 million subscribers, 69 of which are from the United States alone.

However, many people have been wondering if you can sign up for Netflix without using a credit card.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the ways in which you can access Netflix without the need for a credit card.

Then you can sign up without a problem and enjoy all the movies and shows that Netflix has to offer.

Netflix consistently puts out some unbelievably good original content, which I will mention later on in this article.

With its ever-growing budget, shows are getting better and better. It is easy to see why it has held the top spot for so long.

Do I need a credit card for Netflix?

Many of you may be wondering if there is a way in which you can sign up for Netflix without using a credit card.

The simple answer is, Yes, you don’t need to use a credit card. But you can use one if you wanted to.

However, there are several other methods that you can use and I have outlined them in the following section of the article.

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Method 1 – Visa Debit Card

This one is probably the most simple and most commonly used method.

Using a Visa Debit card is one of Netflix’s most preferred methods of payment and one of the most common.

Visa Debit Cards are generally set up when you open a bank account and the cards can be used for pretty much all transactions from in-store purchases to online shopping.

This is my chosen method, as it is directly linked to my main bank account and I can keep an eye on all my outgoings with ease.

Note: Only use your Visa Debit Card with websites and services that you trust and have a good reputation. The last thing you need is your card information being used without your knowledge.

Which brings me to my next method.

Method 2 – PayPal

Paypal is an extremely popular choice for many Netflix users.

Paypal originally the payment method adopted by eBay, offers you a very secure and reliable payment method.

It is very popular due to the fact that you don’t need to share any of your bank details with the company that you are purchasing from.

This will give you an added feeling of security, whenever I have purchased items using PayPal I’ve been sent an invoice via email. So you will always be aware of any transactions that occur.

The main point is that it is much harder for internet low lives to steal your bank details using this method.

PayPal also has a good customer service team that will help you solve any problems that may occur.

Method 3 – Netflix Gift Card

This method isn’t known by many people. But if you visit the Netflix website, you will be able to buy a gift card which you can award to one of your family, or you can use it yourself.

It will have to be one of Netflix’s own gift cards though, as they stopped accepting other gift card payments a while ago.

You can purchase the Netflix gift cards from the Netflix website or PayPal, StartSelect, and Amazon. All of which will require an online payment.

However, you may wish to buy them in a store.

Several supermarkets and high street stores now sell the gift cards on their premises. You will find them in stores across the world in the US, Canada, the UK and many other countries.

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Method 4 – Share Netflix

We all know a person who pays the Netflix subscription and has their entire family benefiting from using the streaming platform.

In fact, I am that person. I pay the subscription fee and five members of my family regularly log in and watch whatever TV show or movies they want.

The best part about it is that Netflix still allows this to happen, it would be pretty hard to stamp out as many households share their account with their children or vice versa. So for the time being, this method is here to stay.

So you may want to sweet talk some of your friends and see if they will be generous enough to trust you with their username and password.

Oh and if you have a Netflix account already and are still reading this article… Be kind and let a trusted friend use your Netflix account, they will love you forever and always be in your debt.

It might get you some free drinks when you next visit the pub.

No more FREE Trial

As of December 2019, Netflix has suspended its offer for a 30 Day Free Trial for all new customers. The offer has been Netflix’s way of tempting people to join up for years.

This is mainly due to the fact that many people took advantage of this deal and used fake email addresses and fake credit card details to “Free Trial Hop”, meaning that they never have to pay for a subscription and just open another account using a different set of details.

While this may have seemed like a great idea, doing so meant that you would miss out on some of Netflix’s features such as remembering what episode you are up to and also making recommendations to you based on your watch history.

It may sound like a small sacrifice, but I enjoy watching things that Netflix recommends to me. I have found some golden TV shows this way.

So, for those of you who used to do this. You should try one of the methods I mentioned above, seeing as you can no longer cheat the system.

What’s on Netflix?

When it comes to libraries of content, Netflix really does have the most diverse offerings out of all online streaming platforms.

With huge budgets being spent producing Netflix exclusive content such as the TV shows Ozark, Top Boy, Black Mirror, Stranger Things and the hit show Tiger King.

To movies such as Chris Hemsworth’s latest movie ‘Extraction’, or Scorsese’s long-awaited movie ‘The Irishman’.

You really are spoilt for choice.

Netflix has also recently secured the entire collection of Friends and also South Park, both of which I am sure you have watched and loved.

I can guarantee that you will find yourself entertained for hours upon hours. I have binged watched many TV shows on Netflix and they just keep adding more and more.

My to-watchlist is always growing and I’m sure yours will be too.


If you are looking for alternative methods to using a Credit Card for Netflix, then you are in luck.

There are a handful of methods that I would recommend that you use.

  1. Use a Visa Debit Card – This will be linked to your bank account and you will need to give Netflix your bank details.
  2. PayPal – By using PayPal, you can rest assured that your payment is secure and safe in their hands. A bonus to this method is that it bypasses the need to share your bank details with Netflix.
  3. Purchase a Gift Card – You can now purchase gift cards from several reputable stores, both online and offline. They can then be redeemed via the Netflix website.
  4. Share someone else’s account – You will need to find somebody who trusts you enough to share their Netflix Username and Password with you. If you do, lucky you. Just make sure you buy them a beer or two.

So there you have it, you have four methods that are excellent substitutes for using a Credit Card and should give you the means to sign up for Netflix and watch until your heart is content.

You’ll be binge-watching Tiger King in no time.

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