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Live NetTV is probably one of the best Android apps out there for watching live TV from across the world.

If you’ve got an Amazon Fire TV, a Fire TV Stick or some other kind of ‘Fire TV’ device however you won’t be able to find the app simply by using the search function. In this guide I’ll be showing you how you can get it.

The great news is Live NetTV works really well with the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube devices and below I’ll show you the super simple steps how to install and use it.

This will allow you to watch live TV from across the world all from within the one app, no messing about.

How to install Live NetTV on an Amazon Fire TV

The below instructions work on the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube so it doesn’t matter which kind of device you have.

[!] Attention

Before we start it’s important to protect your privacy when watching. From your internet connection your ISP, your government, companies and hackers can discover what you’re watching.

To avoid this you should use a VPN from ExpressVPN which will allow you to disguise what you’re watching on Live NetTV.

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How to install Live NetTV on an Amazon Fire TV:

  1. From the Home screen scroll right to ‘Device‘ and click it.
  2. Then scroll down to ‘Developer options‘.
  3. You’ll see an option ‘Apps from unknown sources‘. Turn this to ‘On‘.
  4. Then press the ‘Home‘ button on your Amazon remote control.
  5. Now, scroll to the ‘Search‘ option and select it.
  6. Type in ‘Downloader‘ and scroll down and click on the name.
  7. Install the app.
  8. Now, go back to your home screen or the apps page and click on ‘Downloader‘.Live NetTV Step 1
  9. When the Downloader app opens enter the URL: and press ‘Go‘.Live NetTV Step 2
  10. On the new screen that opens press on the ‘Download Live NetTV APK‘ button.Live NetTV Step 3
  11. Once the file has downloaded scroll down to ‘Files‘ and click on the Live NetTV apk.
  12. On the new screen that opens press the ‘Instal‘ button and let the app install.Live NetTV Step 4
  13. Once the app has installed press on the ‘Done‘ button.Live NetTV Step 5
  14. Next, hold down the ‘Home‘ button on the Amazon remote control and go to ‘Apps‘.
  15. Then press on the newly installed app, ‘Live NetTV‘.Live NetTV Step 6
  16. Now the app is open you can navigate around and watch all the live TV networks.Live NetTV Step 7

You may need to select a player each time you choose a TV network to watch. We recommend using Android player because you don’t need to install any additional apps to use it.

That’s all there is to it. You can now watch as much TV as you want on Live NetTV in any country.

Don’t forget to protect your privacy

It’s important to protect your privacy when using the internet, either when browsing websites or watching content on your Fire TV device.

The best way to use this is a VPN app. It will stop companies and hackers from monitoring what you’re doing on the internet.

When you use a VPN for watching Live NetTV, no one but yourself will know what you’re watching allowing you to view freely while retaining your privacy.

For this I recommend ExpressVPN. They’ve got a really neat Amazon Fire TV app that works on the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Cube.

Sign up for ExpressVPN on a computer or tablet and then download their app directly from your Amazon device by searching ‘ExpressVPN’.

Is Live NetTV legal?

While we’re not qualified lawyers so we can’t advise you on the legality of an app in every country it’s worth remembering this.

Many of the TV networks available on the app are free-to-air. What this means is there’s no subscription required to watch them.

There are some questionable channels which show premium content.

If you don’t have an active subscription to those networks then it’s best avoiding watching them if you want to stay on the correct side of the law.

In Summary: Live NetTV for the Amazon Fire TV

Using Live NetTV on your Amazon Fire TV device is really easy.

You just need to follow the 16 simple steps from above. Live NetTV will allow you to watch live TV networks from around the world directly on your Amazon device.

That means you can sit back and enjoy live TV on your actual TV. Exactly how TV is meant to be watched. No more squinting over a tiny tablet or phone.

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