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In this guide we’re going to show you the easiest way to watch UK TV in Thailand. The guide is beginner friendly so even if you’re not technical you’ll still be able to carry it out.

There are just 6 simple steps to follow and you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

The easiest way to watch UK TV in Thailand is to do so via one of the online streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player or Sky Go etc.

To access these when in Thailand you’ll need to sign up for a service called a VPN.

How to watch UK TV in Thailand

When you visit any of the UK TV streaming services while in Thailand you’ll be blocked from viewing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a free to air service or a subscription service, they’re all blocked because you’re outside the UK.

Instead of being able to watch the programmes you want, you’ll see a block message similar to the following:

BBC iPlayer blocked 2017

The good news is all it takes is a service called a VPN and you can unblock every UK TV service.

Just follow the 6 simple steps below and you’ll be able to watch UK TV in Thailand in minutes.

How to watch UK TV in Thailand:

  1. Visit the VPN provider called IPVanish by clicking here.
  2. Sign-up to their service and download the correct app for your device. (There’s a 7-day money back guarantee so no worries!)
  3. Once installed, login and select United Kingdom.
  4. Press Connect.

It doesn’t take any longer than 30 seconds for the app to connect.

Once it’s connected all you need to do is visit your favourite online streaming website. This can either be a free-to-air one such as BBC iPlayer or a paid-for one such as Sky Go.

If you think it will be too difficult or you’re struggling to find the correct options then take a look at the following two visual guides for mobile and desktop devices.

Android or iOS:

IPVanish Android UK

Windows or Mac:

IPVanish UK v3

Once you’ve finished watching you can simply disconnect.

You can reconnect at any time as long as your subscription to IPVanish is active.

UK TV Services

There is a range of UK TV services which you can now access.

You’re able to access all of the free UK TV services in Thailand such as:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV Player
  • All 4
  • Demand 5
  • TVPlayer

You can also access any subscription services if you have a valid subscription. A few of the best that you may have access to include:

  • Sky Go
  • Virgin TV Anywhere
  • BT Sport
  • Sky Sports
  • Eurosport

You can also access any other streaming website that you would normally use in the UK.

More VPN Services

IPVanish isn’t the only VPN services out there, nor is it the only one suitable to watch UK TV in Thailand.

We recommend IPVanish because overall we find them to offer the best service but we also understand you may want to shop around a little.

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and you want to check out the competition then three more VPN providers we recommend are:

All three providers work in the same way as IPVanish. Simply sign up to their service, download their app and install it and then connect to their United Kingdom server.

The apps from the other providers will look a little bit different but they function in exactly the same way.

Why are UK TV services blocked

When you visit one of the UK TV services when you’re in Thailand the website knows your location and so blocks you.

The reason they know your location is because of something called your IP Address.

An IP Address is a set of numbers that look similar to a telephone number and they help the internet function. Without one, nothing would work.

One of the drawbacks of an IP Address is it gives away your location.

A VPN works by allowing you to alter your IP Address to one from another country. That way any website you visit thinks you’re in another country.

In the case of watching UK TV in Thailand, they see that you’re in the UK even though you’re really in Thailand.

Don’t forget, all you need to watch UK TV in Thailand is to get yourself a VPN service. You can do that by clicking the link below and then following the instructions earlier in this guide.

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