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If you’re an NRL fan and you’re outside Australia then you’ll want to know how you can watch all of the NRL action and in this guide we’re going to show you how.

There are two main ways to watch NRL online which include getting yourself an NRL Live Pass or having a subscription to Foxtel and using the Foxtel Go service.

Unfortunately even if you’ve got yourself an NRL Live Pass or a Foxtel subscription you’ll be blocked from watching when outside Australia.

The great news is in this guide we’re going to show you the incredibly easy way using something called a VPN how you can bypass that block and watch NRL from anywhere in the world.

How to watch the NRL outside Australia

If you’ve got yourself an NRL Live Pass or a Foxtel subscription and you try to access these online outside Australia you’ll be blocked with a message that looks something a bit like this:

Content blocked

An example of a block message you may see.

The reason you’re blocked is obvious, you’re outside Australia.

All you need to do to bypass this block is use a VPN and below we’re going to show you how to achieve that in just 6 easy to follow steps.

How to watch the NRL outside Australia:

  1. Visit the VPN provider IPVanish and click Start Now.
  2. Select a subscription length and complete the sign-up process.
  3. Visit the Apps area of the main IPVanish website.
  4. Download the correct app for your device.
  5. Install and run the app and when required, login.
  6. Select Australia and press Connect.

It takes about 15 – 30 seconds for the IPVanish app to connect.

Once it’s connected all you need to do is head over to the site you have a NRL Subscription on, be it NRL Live Pass, Foxtel or any other service.

Rather than be blocked like earlier, you’ll now be able to watch NRL like normal.

You can also use it with the mobile apps too but you may need to enable Airplane mode and then re-enable Wi-Fi if you run into location issues.

Below are example images on how to connect on both a mobile device like a tablet and phone or a more traditional computer such as a laptop or desktop.

Mobile or Tablet:

IPVanish Australia Android

Desktop or Laptop:

IPVanish Australia

When you’ve finished watching the match or content you want to watch you can simply press disconnect and everything returns to normal.

Your IPVanish account is valid for as long as you subscribed for and you can extend it if you wish. This means you can reconnect at any time to watch more NRL or other Aussie TV such as Foxtel Go, SBS and more.

If you want to know about alternative VPN services then check out the section below.

Other VPN Providers

A VPN is a totally legal service invented to protect your online privacy.

Online privacy is big business these days which means there are thousands of companies all offering VPN services.

A quick search of your favourite search engine will throw up thousands of different options, probably too many that will leave you confused.

We recommend IPVanish because they’re the best option for watching NRL outside Australia but if you want to shop around then you need to look for a VPN service that offers an “AustralianVPN server” and not all do.

It also needs to be fast enough to stream video, if it isn’t then you’ll end up with buffering and stuttering.

Three more providers we recommend to watch NRL outside Australia are:

Just click on one of their names above, sign up and download their app.

They work exactly the same as IPVanish but the app will look a little different in its layout. You are of course free to search Google and find a provider of your choice but we can’t guarantee their quality or that they’ll work with NRL.

That’s all there is to it, grab yourself a VPN using the button below and follow the instructions earlier in this guide.

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