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ICC Champions Trophy 2017

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 started on 1st June and if you want to watch all the cricket action online then we’ve put together this guide to show you how you can watch from any country in the world.

Usually the Champions Trophy is shown on expensive cable networks or pay-for TV which for many people is expensive. Often you don’t even want to watch the rest of the content on the network but you’re forced to pay for it all just so you can watch the cricket.

The good news is there is a really inexpensive way you can watch all the ICC Champions Trophy action online and in this guide we’re going to show you how.

Watch the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 online

All the cricket action is being shown live online officially by Indian TV network Hotstar.

If you’re outside India then you’ll be blocked from viewing but by using a service called a VPN you can appear as if you are in India and rather than be blocked you’ll be able to stream all the ICC Champions Trophy action online.

How to watch the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 online:

  1. Visit the VPN provider VyprVPN.
  2. Sign up to their service (you can get a free 3-day trial).
  3. Download their software from the VPN Apps area.
  4. Install the software, run it and log in.
  5. Press the Location Icon (1.) and select India (2.).
  6. Press Connect (3.).VyprVPN India

After 15 seconds the software will tell you it has connected.

Now any website you visit will think that you’re in India.

All you need to do now is visit the Hotstar website where you’ll be able to stream all the ICC Champions Trophy action online.

Other VPN services

There are plenty of other companies who also offer VPN services.

If you’ve got time and want to search around then you should look for a VPN provider that has an “Indian Server”, not many do and it’s critical the service you sign up with has an Indian server like VyprVPN mentioned above.

It’s also important that the VPN service is fast enough to stream video.

We’ve listed a few other VPN services that also have Indian VPN servers and are fast enough to stream video so if you’ve got time to shop around you can also try these:

ICC Champions Trophy Schedule

All times given below are local time in the United Kingdom.

  • 1st England v Bangladesh, The Oval
  • 2nd Australia v New Zealand, Edgbaston
  • 3rd Sri Lanka v South Africa, The Oval
  • 4th India v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 5th Australia v Bangladesh, The Oval (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 6th England v New Zealand, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 7th Pakistan v South Africa, Edgbaston (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 8th India v Sri Lanka, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • 9th New Zealand v Bangladesh, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 10th England v Australia, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 11th India v South Africa, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • 12th Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 14th First semi-final (A1 v B2), Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 15th Second semi-final (A2 v B1), Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 18th Final, The Oval (10:30 BST; reserve day on 19 June)

ICC Champions Trophy 2017

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is well underway with the first 3 matches already being played.

England secured victory over Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand got called off due to rain and South Africa overpowered Sri Lanka.

The tournament set to take place over the next 3 weeks sees 8 major cricketing nations pitted against each other.

England, India, South Africa and Australia are all favourites to win the tournament.

India took the title in 2013 and will be hoping to retain it this year but with 8 very good teams taking part the tournament could really be won by anyone.

Don’t forget you can watch every match including the finals live online with a VPN using the instructions above.

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