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Learn how to watch the Grand National online and enjoy the UK’s biggest horse racing event. That’s right the 2019 Grand National has begun with three days of races leading up to the culmination of the grand finale on Saturday, 6th April 2019.

Although the main race is the highlight of the event and no doubt the majority of viewers main concern let us not forget that the two days proceeding have some excellent races too! No matter if you’re interested in all the races or just the main event watching the Grand National online is something those of us who like to place small (or large) bets will be keen to do.

If you live in the UK then to watch the Grand National online you simply head over to ITV Hub, the new live online streaming service from ITV. If you’re outside the UK then we’ve put together a little guide to help you.

Watch the Grand National online

Why can’t I watch the Grand National online abroad?

If you’re not in the UK then ITV Hub will block you from viewing. It does this for rights reasons and so if you try to watch overseas you’ll be presented with a blocked message. This isn’t much good if you have a sneaky little bet riding on one of the horses and want to watch all the horse racing action live.

When you connect to the internet your connection gives away your location so if you’re in the US, Spain, Australia, Asia or anywhere else in the world the ITV Hub website or app knows this simply from your internet connection and subsequently blocks you from viewing.

To bypass this block you need a small application called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This encrypts your connection and passes it through another location automatically. To watch the Grand National online overseas, a VPN will pass your connection through the UK so ITV Hub thinks you’re in the UK and doesn’t block you. This doesn’t cost you anything extra on your internet bill or incur any long distance costs like an old telephone system so no need to worry!

Where can I get a VPN for the Grand National?

Watching live TV online takes a bit of speed and one of the best VPN providers we’ve found for this purpose is IPVanish. Not only do they offer simple software for Windows and Mac and apps for tablets and phones but they cost just US$10 per month (Approx £6.75 / €9.30) which is excellent value for money.

If you’re concerned it all sounds too complicated then don’t be, just follow the steps below and you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

  • Sign up to IPVanish.
  • Download their Windows or Mac software or Android or iOS app depending on what device you want to watch on.
  • Login and connect to their United Kingdom location.IPVanish UK v3
  • Visit the ITV Hub website and scroll down to the Watch Live section or use their app.
  • Enjoy watching the Grand National live online overseas!

There are a few other good VPN providers so if you fancy checking them out we also recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Both offer an equally good service and have software and apps just like IPVanish does.

Tips for the National

If you’re a betting man or women you’re probably wondering which horse to place a bet on. If you’re like me you select wildly based on something as simple as a name you like. OK, granted this tactic has rarely won me much, but I have won in the past solely from picking a name that seems good to me. If you’re a bit more professional then you probably have your own way of deducing the ultimate winner.

Tiger Roll last years winner would make an obvious good choice but the odds aren’t great being the current title holder.

Pleasant Company would make a good section choice as a good solid jumper but again the odds aren’t favourable because they’re in with a shot at winning.

If you want a rank outsider with a low chance of winning but with a good payout if it does then Walk in the Mill is your horse.

Good luck no matter who you pick and watching the Grand National online!

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