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Love it or hate it Eurovision is back! For those looking to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online we’ve put together this handy little guide to get you watching Europe’s largest and often most controversial music contest from anywhere in the world!

Watch the Eurovision Song Contest online

Eurovision has produced some star acts from the likes of ABBA to the more recent headline-grabbing Conchita Wurst. No matter what country you’re from some friendly rivalry is bound to take place amongst the singers with all hoping to avoid the dreaded “nul points”.

So read on and find out how you can watch Eurovision online.

How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online

The Eurovision Song Contest is being shown on the BBC in the UK which means it will also be simultaneously streamed live online on BBC iPlayer. If you’re from the UK simply head over to iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer is restricted to viewers in the UK but with a smart little program called a VPN you can appear as if you are in the UK even if you are in another European country or even in any other country in the world!

So with a VPN you will be able to watch the Eurovision live online on BBC iPlayer no matter if you’re in Austria or Australia, USA or Ukraine or even Canada or the Canary Islands!

What is a VPN and where can I get one?

When you connect to the internet your connection gives away your physical location by something known as an IP Address. This is unique to you at your time of connection. A VPN allows you get a new IP Address in another country. To watch the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC iPlayer you need a UK IP Address and a VPN allows you to get one.

A VPN can be easily accessed by downloading a small program to your computer or app to your tablet or phone. VPN Services are provided by different companies and cost between US$5-$10 per month and if you only want to watch Eurovision you’ll only need a 1-month account. You can watch other things too outside of your country so it may be worthwhile keeping the service longer if you wish.

There are tons of VPN providers, some good and some bad. We’ve tested a range of them to find the best VPN and recommend the following three if you want to watch Eurovision online.

  1. IPVanish
  2. Overplay
  3. ExpressVPN

What do I do once I’ve signed up?

When you’ve signed up to IPVanish or one of the other providers follow the link in their welcome email to download their software or app depending on what device you want to watch on. You can switch between devices such as computers, tablets and phones.

Once installed connect to a UK server. With IPVanish select their UK server.

IPVanish UK v3

If this doesn’t work you should press Server Selection, List, then type Manchester in the search box and select the top option and press Connect.

Next visit the BBC iPlayer website and you’ll be able to stream Eurovision live online anywhere in the world.

But can you tell me who will win?

Unfortunately not! The Eurovision is generally unpredictable as we all know. Even though you now know how to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online from anywhere in the world we don’t have a magic ball to predict the winner so you’ll just have to get your enjoyment from watching and hope your country puts in a good show.

One VPN package will allow you to watch both the Semi-Finals and Finals of the Eurovision and also any other shows on the iPlayer and other streaming sites that are usually region locked.

So now you know how to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online from anywhere in the world why not take a look around our site and find some other uses for your VPN service?

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