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Some people call it Starz and others STARZ Play but regardless of what you call it one thing is clear. Starz rules. There is a ton of content on Starz from shows to movies.

I like to think of Starz like Hulu but a good version of Hulu and if you have access to Starz then you’ll certainly know what I mean.

STARZ Play is the online service allowing you to catch-up and watch live shows from the comfort of your computer or tablet and if you’re travelling around the US then you can keep up to date with all of your favorites.

Sadly though if you’re outside the US then Starz is blocked and if you’ve tried to watch then I’m sure like me you’ve been disappointed to see the following message.

Starz Play Blocked

Sadly, fans of our shows and movies in other countries, other planets and distant galaxies cannot access STARZ Play. You must be in the United States or a US Territory to watch.

Now this message baffles me a little. After all, you need access to a Starz subscription via your cable package in the first place to even watch so it’s almost impossible for someone outside the US to have an account unless they’re borrowing an account from someone in the US.

So if you do have a STARZ Play account and you want to watch outside the US when travelling, on vacation or as an expat then what can you do?

Thankfully there is a service called a VPN that will allow you to watch Starz and STARZ Play outside the US and below I’m going to tell you where you can get one and how you can use it.

How To Watch Starz Play Outside The USA

VPN services are offered by hundreds of different companies around the world. Some offer a good service and others aren’t so good.

When watching Starz outside the US you need a VPN service that is fast as video streaming is a speed intensive task and the second most important feature is that they have a US “server”.

When you connect to a VPN it lets you assume the location of where you connect to. For instance, when you connect to the a VPN server in the US then to websites you visit it then looks like you are in the US.

Most VPN services cost between $6 and $10 per month and can be cheaper if you sign up for a longer period of time.

I’ve made a list of the three best VPN services to watch STARZ Play outside the USA so feel free to visit them by clicking on their name below. I recommend ExpressVPN due to their ease of use and price. They’ve also got a 30-day money back guarantee so it’s risk-free.

  1. ExpressVPN – Reader’s Choice
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. NordVPN

30-day money back guarantee

How to use the VPN service for Starz Play

After you’ve clicked one of the links above and signed up you need to download their software or app for your device.

All major devices are supported so find the one for yours and download it.

Once installed you simply connect to the United States.

I’m using Windows 10 with ExpressVPN and as you can see in the screenshot below it’s really easy to get connected. Just click on Choose Location on the right hand side of the window and then press United States.

ExpressVPN desktop app showing United States

Watch StarzPlay outside the US with ExpressVPN.

The software and apps for the other VPN providers might look a little different, but the theory is the same. Just pick their US option and connect.

Once the software or app lets you know it has connected then visit the STARZ Play website.

Instead of seeing the block message that we saw before you’ll be able to play any of the shows or movies that you would normally be able to in the US. Just use the service like you would at home.

When you’ve finished disconnect from the VPN service. You can reconnect when you want to continue watching Starz or you can also use it to watch other US services like Netflix, Hulu, NBC and more.

Now you can watch Ash vs Evil Dead, Da Vinci’s Demons, Flesh and Bone and your other favorites anywhere in the world.

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