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Sky Go New Zealand is a great service and if you pay for it then you know the benefits of having a premium TV subscription.

When you’re travelling through New Zealand using Sky Go New Zealand is a great way to keep up with all your favourite premium TV shows and watch the TV stations regardless of where you are in New Zealand at the time.

Unfortunately even though Sky Go New Zealand is a paid for subscription service it’s not possible to watch when you’re outside New Zealand.

I’ve always found this a bit strange especially as you’re paying for the service, it’s not as if it is free to air. You need your login and password details to even use the Sky Go New Zealand service so it baffles me why this is the case.

Companies often use the reason that they don’t have the rights to show the broadcast outside New Zealand but if you have a Sky account and pay your bills in New Zealand then why shouldn’t you be able to watch Sky Go outside New Zealand?

You’ll be pleased to know there is a way to watch your Sky Go account from New Zealand in any other country in the world. So if you’re planning on travelling to Australia, the US, UK or anywhere else read on as I’m about to show you the simple steps using a VPN app to watch anywhere.

How to watch Sky Go New Zealand overseas

It’s actually really simple to achieve and requires you to alter the location your internet connection is reporting you’re in.

Every time you connect to the internet the websites or services you access can see your location. In most cases they can’t pinpoint you to your exact location but they can see the area you’re in and they can certainly see the country you’re in.

A service called a VPN which comes as a piece of software for your computer, tablet or phone allows you to mask your location and appear as if you’re in another location. The purpose of a VPN is to protect your privacy but the by-product of that is you can appear as if you’re in New Zealand even when you’re not.

Content blocked

Block messages can be annoying.

If you’re outside New Zealand then you’ll get stopped with a message a little bit like the one above but with a VPN you can bypass that block message and watch Sky Go New Zealand anywhere.

Where can I get a VPN

These days there are thousands of companies out there that provide VPN services to all kinds of people from professionals concerned about protecting their privacy to everyday users like grandparents who want to access TV services whilst outside their country.

Three easy to use VPN services that are ideal for watching Sky Go New Zealand are listed below. We’ve tested these services for ease of use and speed and found them to be the best three for anyone wanting to watch Sky Go outside New Zealand.

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN

Your first port of call is to click on one of the provider’s names above or the green button and sign up, then follow the rest of our guide below in which I’ll show you just how easy it is to watch Sky Go New Zealand overseas.

How to use the VPN service

VPN services work on a range of devices. The first area to consider is what device you’re going to watch on. If you want to watch on an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or phone then make sure you have the Sky Go New Zealand app installed before you leave New Zealand as it makes your job so much easier.

If you’re planning on watching on a PC or Mac desktop or laptop then you don’t need any special Sky Go New Zealand software and can just access their website normally like you would do while you’re in New Zealand.

Now download the software or app for your VPN provider for the device you’re going to be using. Links are provided in your welcome email or from the provider’s website itself.

Once downloaded and installed it is simply a case of picking the New Zealand server and connecting to it.

With the IPVanish Android app this can be achieved by simply launching the app and selecting the New Zealand option under Quick Connect Preferences as seen in the image below, then press Connect. A similar layout is present in the iOS app for iPad and iPhone. Other providers will have a similar layout.

IPVanish Android

If you’re using the IPVanish PC or Mac software then click New Zealand (1.) in the bottom right-hand side then press Connect (2.).

IPVanish New Zealand

Once you’re connected all that is left to do is either launch the Sky Go New Zealand phone or tablet app or visit the Sky Go New Zealand website.

You would normally be blocked from viewing outside of New Zealand but now you’re connected to the VPN service both the app and website think you are in New Zealand and will stream you whatever you want to watch.

Enjoy Sky Go outside New Zealand.


10 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    Using NordVPN and can watch sky go on demand but can’t watch live, infuriating with olympics coming up and no NZ content here 😢 anyone had anymore luck?

  2. logan says:

    im using express vpn from the netherlands but i am just getting a “browser compatability problem” saying that i need to enable flahs, but from my understanding flash is now redundant, wondering if you have any other solutions?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Logan,

      Unfortunately it seems VPNs with Sky Go New Zealand have stopped working and unless you have a local Kiwi internet connection it won’t work. The error may be related to this.

      Just out of interest, have you tried a different browser?

  3. Rob Goodwi says:

    This frigging pisses me off. NZ will tax me wherever I am in the world but i cannot watch the bloody television I am legitimately paying for….?

    • Chris says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you Rob. Even with it being a subscription service you can’t access it overseas. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Jay says:

    I’ve got a premium NordVPN account and am still unable to watch Sky Go NZ whilst here in Germany. I turned off the location service, I changed my time location to be NZ and selected a NZ vpn but I still get the “The content is not available in your region” message

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jay,

      Unfortunately it seems Sky New Zealand have restricted access to ISPs only in New Zealand which isn’t too hard with there only being a couple of NZ based ISPs. Currently we have no alternative workaround.

  5. Robert housley says:

    For some reason even with bird VPN connected to an Nz server the app still knows I’m not in Nz. I’ve disabled location for everything but it still knows. I’m using an ipad

    • Chris says:

      It seems BirdVPN is a ‘free’ VPN. These are generally no use because too many users use them. It’s possible Sky have blocked BirdVPN from using their service. You can also try putting your phone into ‘airplane mode’ and then reenabling Wi-fi. Connect to the VPN and try again. Don’t forget to turn airplane mode off after you’ve tested.

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