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Watch PremierLeaguePass

In this guide I’m going to show you how to watch Premier League Pass in Australia.

If you love English football and you live in Australia the choices for watching are extremely limited. Sure you can get a selection of games on expensive pay for TV but if you don’t have access to those services or the right packages then you can be left out in the cold when it comes to watching the English Premier League.

Strangely your next door neighbours in New Zealand have an excellent online streaming solution called Premier League Pass and not only does it show the EPL, it also shows all 380 games!

This is great news if you’re a Kiwi but if you’re an Aussie it isn’t so much. However, the great news is you can unblock the Premier League Pass service from New Zealand and watch it live in Australia.

How to watch Premier League Pass in Australia

If you head over to the Premier League Pass website in Australia you’ll be faced with a big notice letting you know that it isn’t available like the one below.

PremierLeaguePass Australia

The way to bypass this block is to use a service called a VPN.

A VPN will allow you to sign-up and watch all 380 Premier League games live on Premier League Pass in HD in Australia. When you use a VPN rather than seeing the blocked message above you’ll see one similar to below.

Watch Premier League Pass in Australia

Just $99 New Zealand dollars!

What is a VPN and where can I get one?

A VPN is a small piece of software for your Windows PC or Mac computer and also comes in an app form for Android or iOS mobile devices.

VPN services are sold by VPN companies around the world on a monthly subscription basis and cost around AUS$9.00 per month when signing up for an annual package which will cover you for the entire Premier League season.

To watch Premier League Pass the VPN service must have a New Zealand “server” which lets you appear as if you are in New Zealand and bypass the blocks. This will allow you to watch PLP in HD but also sign-up and pay for the service.

Through my testing I’ve found IPVanish to be the fastest and most reliable but any of the three VPN providers below will be suitable to watch Premier League Pass in Australia. Just click one of their names to visit their website.

  1. IPVanish
  2. Overplay
  3. ExpressVPN

How do I use the VPN to watch Premier League Pass

On Computer (PC/Mac):

Firstly you need to sign up to one of the providers above.

Download either their Windows or Mac software and install it.

Run the software.

Press Server Selection (1) and then List. In the Search Box type New Zealand (2).

Click the upper most listing (3) and press Connect (4).

IPVanish New Zealand

Example from IPVanish.

Once connected visit the Premier League Pass website and sign-up. Enter all your details correctly and then make up a New Zealand phone number. Don’t use the one in the example but get creative.

Once you’ve paid for the service you can watch any Premier League match live online in HD on PLP. All you need to do is connect to New Zealand with the VPN software like you did for signing up and you can watch Premier League Pass in Australia.

On Phone/Tablet (Android/iOS):


Firstly you should sign-up on your desktop as in the above desktop section.

It is more difficult to watch on an Android device because you need the PLP app installed already which is only available on the Google Play New Zealand store.

You can directly download the PremierLeaguePass APK file and manually copy it to your phone to install. Use either of the links below.

If the links no longer work you can search Google for “PremierLeaguePass APK”.

You should then download the Android app for your VPN provider from the Google Play store and connect to New Zealand and enjoy PLP.


Firstly you should sign-up on your desktop as in the above desktop section.

If you don’t have a service like Apple Music its possible to change regions from your account settings on your iOS device to New Zealand and download the iOS app.

Once installed, switch back to your normal region and download the iOS from the Apple Store for your VPN provider. Connect to New Zealand and enjoy PLP.

I heard about Free VPNs

Like anything in the world, you get nothing for free.

Technically there are “free” VPNs and although you don’t pay for the service, you become the service. Most free VPNs use your system resources or sell your access details to fund the service, so while you aren’t paying with cash you are paying with your privacy.

Free VPNs are also massively oversubscribed with thousands of users climbing on board because they are “free”. Due to this they are overloaded and slow meaning video playback is very hit and miss and most times you end up with buffering or choppy playback which isn’t ideal if your team are just about to shoot and score.

Finally because thousands of users are using the same free VPN provider services like PremierLeaguePass regularly block and ban accounts making use of them meaning you could lose your entire PLP subscription.

If you want my advice, it just isn’t worth the risk when for AUS$9 per month you can get a premium VPN service listed earlier in the article and avoid all of those issues.

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