How to watch New Zealand TV in Australia: Beginner’s Guide



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In this guide we’re going to show you the quickest and easiest way to watch New Zealand TV in Australia.

If you’re like a lot of New Zealanders then you’ve probably spent some time in Australia and if you’re there currently then you’re probably missing TV from home. Alternatively, you may be an Australian who wants to keep up with Kiwi TV.

Regardless of your situation the easiest way to watch New Zealand TV is to use online streaming services. However, if you’ve already tried to use some of the New Zealand online streaming services in Australia then you’ll know you’re blocked from viewing.

The easiest way to unblock these is to use an app called a VPN. Below we’ve explained the simple steps you need to take to get yourself a VPN and how to use it to watch New Zealand TV from Australia.

How to watch New Zealand TV in Australia

If you’ve already tried to visit some of the New Zealand online streaming services while in Australia then you’ll know you’re blocked. Instead of being able to see your favourite shows you’re blocked with a message that looks a little bit like this.

Content blocked

An example of a block message you may see.

The reason you’re blocked is clear and that’s because you’re in Australia and not in New Zealand.

The easy way to unblock these websites is to use an app called a VPN which is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

All you need to do is follow the instructions below that will show you where to get a VPN and how to use it to watch Kiwi TV in Australia.

How to watch New Zealand TV in Australia:

  1. Visit the VPN provider IPVanish and sign-up.
  2. Download the correct app for your device from the Apps section of their website.
  3. Install the app, run it and login when required.
  4. Select New Zealand on the app.
  5. Press Connect.

It takes about 15-30 seconds for the app to make connection to New Zealand.

Once it has connected it’ll let you know. All you have to do now is head over to your favourite New Zealand online streaming service.

The VPN works for both free-to-air TV and also paid TV such as services like Sky Go New Zealand.

If you’re struggling to find the correct options to connect or you just want to see how easy it’ll be before you sign-up, take a look at the example below.

IPVanish New Zealand

The above is an example of the Windows software which takes just 2 steps to get connected to New Zealand allowing you to unblock your favourite TV services in Australia.

The mobile apps for both Android and iOS are even easier to use and take just 1 or 2 clicks to get connected also.

If you’re interested in shopping about a little for a different VPN provider then check out our options below.

Alternative VPN services

IPVanish is our number 1 recommended VPN service and we’ve been using them for years for multiple purposes without issue.

They have VPN servers in both Australia and New Zealand which is what will enable you to watch all your favourite New Zealand shows in Australia.

If however you’ve got time on your hands and you want to shop around then there are other VPN providers who are suitable for the job.

A few you may want to check out are:

All you need to do is click on their name to visit their website. They work in exactly the same way as IPVanish and offer apps for all the same devices.

Their app will look a little bit different but the process is the same. All you need to do is select New Zealand on their app and press Connect.

Don’t forget, all you need to watch New Zealand TV in Australia is to get yourself a VPN, just click the button below to get one and follow the instructions earlier in this guide.


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      Hi John,

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