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If you’ve ever tried to watch outside Germany like I did then you’ll know also like me that it’s blocked from viewing. is a great website full of sport. There are most sports you can think of shown live on including football, table tennis, ice hockey and a whole host more.

Some sports that aren’t shown in my own country are shown on and so I was trying to access it from outside Germany. Unfortunately I found it blocked.

The good news is there is a really simple way to get around those blocks and watch outside Germany from anywhere in the world. I’ve put together this little guide to show you how easy it is so you can do it yourself and enjoy all your favourite sporting action no matter where you are in the world.

How to watch outside Germany

When you visit the website and you’re outside Germany most of the videos and live streams will block you from watching by displaying a message similar to the one below.

Content blocked

An example of a block message you may see.

When you try to play some of the content on the website it firstly checks your IP Address to determine your location.

An IP Address is a unique set of numbers that helps the internet function and tells websites who requested what and where to send it.

Unfortunately your IP Address also lets the website know your location so it’s easy for to block you from watching.

I discovered that using a service called a VPN it allows you to change your IP Address to one from another country and disguise your real location.

All you need is a VPN service that offers a German “server” and then you can appear in Germany and watch from anywhere in the world.

Below I’ll show you the best place to get a VPN and how to use it.

Best place to get a VPN

When searching Google for VPN services there are hundreds of choices and the amount of options can be confusing.

To watch anywhere in the world you need a VPN service that has a German “server”. The second most important feature to consider is the speed of the service because you’ll be streaming video.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to know how good a VPN service speed is until you’ve tried them so I’ve done the work for you and tested some of them to find the best.

The following three were the best for watching outside Germany.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

All you need to do is click one of the names above to visit their site or the white button to visit my top recommended VPN service and sign-up.

Once you’ve signed-up continue reading below and I’ll show you how easy it is to use the VPN service to watch anywhere in the world.

How to use the VPN service

Once you’ve signed up using the VPN service is really simple.

All you need to do is download the software or app for your device of choice and connect to their German server.

Once connected simply visit the website and you’ll be able to stream any of your favourite sports anywhere in the world.

Below I’ve put a more detailed guide using the ExpressVPN service on a Windows PC but the Mac software is the same too. If you signed up to one of the other providers then the process is exactly the same. The only difference is the software layout will look a bit different, but don’t worry it’s just as easy.


  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website by clicking here and sign-up.
  2. Download the software from the Products section.
  3. Install and run it.
  4. Click Choose Location.
  5. Click Germany.
  6. Press Connect if it doesn’t automatically connect.
ExpressVPN Germany

ExpressVPN helps you watch

The ExpressVPN software will do all the work for you now and make connection to the German server.

Once connected all you need to do is visit the website and you’ll be able to watch any of the live sports or recorded videos from anywhere in the world.

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