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If you’re Australian then you’re probably travelling more now than ever be it for leisure or business.

However, it can be a pain when paying for a subscription TV package such as Foxtel. You kind of feel cheated when you get overseas and realise that Foxtel Go doesn’t work.

If you’re overseas for a long period of time this can be extra annoying so we’ve created this guide to show you just how easy it is to watch Foxtel Go overseas all by using a simple app called a VPN.

The first thing to know is it doesn’t matter what country you are in, this guide will work no matter where you are.

Secondly, it is also possible to carry out the required steps either before you go or after you’ve gone, so don’t worry if you’re already outside of Australia and lastly don’t panic. The process is really simple as even if you lack any real computer skills you’ll still be able to do it!

Why is Foxtel Go blocked overseas

When you attempt to watch Foxtel Go overseas either on one of their apps or on your laptop or desktop it checks your internet connection.

Every internet connection has something called an IP Address which is unique to your internet connection. From this Foxtel Go can understand your location and so knows if you’re in Australia or if you’re outside Australia.

When it sees that you’re outside Australia it’ll block you and you’ll be hit with a message similar to the one below.

Sorry: Foxtel GO can only be used inside Australia. Error code PS403

The solution is to obtain an Australian IP Address which will fool Foxtel Go into thinking you are currently in Australia even though really you’re somewhere completely different. The tool to do that is called a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

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Where can I get a VPN to watch Foxtel Go overseas

A VPN is a small piece of software or app that sits on your computer, tablet or phone and reroutes your internet traffic via another location. So let’s say for example you’re in the United Kingdom, when you visit Foxtel Go it blocks you.

When using a VPN your connection firstly goes to a VPN Server in Australia and then on to Foxtel Go. Due to Foxtel Go only seeing the Australian VPN Server it serves you up the video you want to watch.

The great news is there is no complicated set-up, once you’ve downloaded their software or app you simply select Australia and Foxtel Go will work overseas, there is nothing more to it.

VPN services are provided by VPN providers and range between AU $6.50 and AU $13 per month. They’re even cheaper if you take a longer package length such as 6 months or a year.

Watching video takes a lot of resources and so you need a VPN provider who is fast and reliable. Through our testing we recommend NordVPN but any of the following three providers will be suitable.

  1. NordVPN – Recommended
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN

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What do I do next

Once you’ve signed up to one of the recommended providers you’ll be given a link to download their software or app depending on what device you want to watch Foxtel Go overseas on. You can alternate between computer, laptop, tablet and phone, you’re not just restricted to one.

How to watch Foxtel Go overseas steps

  1. Download the VPN app of your chosen VPN service.
  2. Open the app and login with your account details.
  3. Locate Australia on the map and click it to Connect.
    NordVPN Australia
  4. Once it’s connected visit the Foxtel Go website or launch the Foxtel Go app and you’ll be able to watch both live and catch-up TV as if you were in Australia no matter what country you’re in.

If you have any problems then you can change the server by selecting Countries and then Australia and select an individual server.

That’s all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less. Now you can watch Foxtel Go overseas from wherever you are in the world and start streaming all your favourite cable content.

If you get stuck feel free to post in the comments section and we’ll help you out.

Don’t forget you can get a VPN to watch Foxtel Go by following the link below.

30-day money back guarantee

Where in the world are you watching Foxtel Go from? I would love to know so drop a comment in the comments section below.

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12 Responses

  1. Mitch says:

    NORD VPN Does not work when watching in Indonesia.

  2. noah says:

    hey, ive got a VPN i paid for but it doesnt seem like i can access foxtels website. ive also tired other regions such as perth, sydney and melbs but still no luck.
    do you think they block VPN’s from accsessing there websites?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Noah,

      Usually most sites will attempt to block VPN connections, yes. However, it all depends on which VPN service you’re using?

  3. Mel Ng says:

    Hi, I have ExpressVPN and am currently in Denmark. I have received the message that Access is Denied on many attempts to access FoxtelGo. Do you have any suggestions please? Cheers!

  4. Mark says:

    I have watched Foxtel through Ireland and Greece and now it will not connect in Italy on either iPhone or MacBook. Out of country advice given. I have disabled Location Services, Bluetooth .. still searching for other options. Using one of the recommended Foxtel VPNs.

  5. Lou says:

    Worked a treat from Prague. Cheers for the tip !

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