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Whether you’re a US citizen or not it goes without saying that Fox Now offers some classic American TV. I myself love to tune in to Fox Now to watch episodes of The Simpsons or Family Guy and with a wealth of shows available it’s a great service.

Unfortunately, I’m in the UK and many of you reading will either be from a country other than the USA or a US citizen travelling or living somewhere else in the world.

If like me you’ve tried to watch Fox Now online then you’ll no doubt be sorely disappointed like I was when you see a big block message telling you the video you want to watch isn’t available outside the US just like in the image below.

Fox Now Blocked

Fox Now Blocked.

Seeing “The video you are attempting to watch is only available to viewers within the US, US territories, and military bases.” is hardly what you want to read especially when the show you want to view is on Fox.

I’ve put together this simple guide on how to waltz past that blocked message and watch Fox Now outside the US anywhere in the world.

Why can’t I watch Fox Now outside the US

You’re probably wondering why you can’t watch outside the US, in essence what is stopping you and how the website even knows where you are.

Each internet connection has an IP Address which is a set of unique numbers assigned to you at the time you make connection to the internet. It’s similar to a phone number and tells websites and services who is requesting what and where to send that information.

Unfortunately in the case of Fox Now an IP Address tells any website your current location, the same as an area code might help you understand the area someone is in.

There is no way to manually change your IP Address however there is a service called a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short that will change your IP Address for you. A VPN protects your online privacy and one of the ways it does this is by disguising your location.

A VPN allows you to select another location that you want to appear from. To watch Fox Now you want to select the USA so you appear as if you’re in the USA even though in reality you could be in the next country or half way around the world.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how to get a VPN and how to use it.

Best VPN for Fox Now

If you’re looking to watch Fox Now outside the US you need a VPN provider that offers fast speeds because without that you’ll be left disappointed with laggy, buffering and stuttering playback. The further you are physically from the US the more critical speed is in the quality of the stream you’ll receive.

My three recommended VPN providers to watch Fox Now outside the US and ones I’ve used myself for this purpose are :-

  1. ExpressVPN – My recommended provider!
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

Simply click on one of the providers names above to visit their website and get signed up.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Fox Now outside the US

Once you’ve signed up to one of the providers listed above the process is really simple.

You’ll be provided with links in your welcome email or can visit the provider website directly to download software or apps to get connected. Find the correct software or app for your system from a Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS system and download and install it.

Now you’ve got it installed all you need to do (using ExpressVPN) is click Choose Location (1) and then press United States (2). It’s similar with the other providers too.

ExpressVPN USA

Watch Fox Now using ExpressVPN.

The software takes care of all the technical side of the connection, all you have to do is wait the 15 seconds or so that it takes to connect.

As soon as it has connected you’re free to head over to the Fox Now website and watch any of the shows there as if you were in the US yourself.

The system works for expats, travellers and even those who’ve never stepped foot in the USA. So if you want to watch quality Fox shows on Fox Now a VPN is definitely the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to do so.

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