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Women’s Soccer huge in the United States. If you’re from anywhere else in the world you’re likely to call it Football but the truth is no matter what you call it, the women’s game is bigger than ever. On Saturday 6th June, 2015 the 7th FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place in Canada.

The last event took place in 2011 and saw the USA go all the way to the final only to be beaten by current champions Japan in a penalty shoot-out. This year the USA plus 23 other teams will be battling it out through group stages to reach the last 16. The last 16 will form a knock-out to see which 8 teams make the quarter final. From here on is the semi-final and then the final taking place on the 5th July, 2015.

So whether you’re from the USA or any of the other 23 countries taking part or even from a country that isn’t taking part but have an interest in Women’s soccer then you’ll want to watch online. Unfortunately many countries just aren’t showing the Women’s tournament and many require you to be a subscriber of a cable network to view.

We’ve put together this simple guide to show you just how you can watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 soccer online from anywhere.

watch FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer 2015 online

Women’s soccer is now huge.

Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup Soccer 2015 online

There are a few countries showing a selection of matches online but very few are actually showing every game of the tournament, in fact, some just aren’t showing it at all. The BBC in the United Kingdom are streaming every match online for free, but only if you live in the UK.

If you don’t live in the UK then the BBC will block you. They know you’re not in the UK based on your IP Address. An IP Address is a unique identifier for your internet connection.

The solution is to get a UK IP Address!

You can obtain a UK IP Address by using a tool called a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. They sound scary and technical but they really aren’t and we’ll show you below just how easy they are to use and watch the soccer.

How do I use a VPN

Firstly you’ll need to sign up with a VPN Provider. A VPN service costs around US$5 to $10 per month depending on the provider. To stream high-quality video you need to use a premium VPN provider, they don’t cost anymore they just provide a faster service. Some services can be a bit poor like anything in the world so we’ve listed our three most recommended VPN providers below.

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. VyprVPN

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be directed to download their software or app depending on what device you want to watch on.

You can either download software for a Windows PC or Mac but if you would prefer to watch on an Android or iOS phone or tablet you can also download apps for those devices.

Once downloaded and installed just select a UK server to connect to and press Connect. With IPVanish the process is really simple and you can just press on UK Media or Gaming as shown in the image below.

IPVanish UK Server

One click gets you connected.

Connection takes just a few seconds. Once it connects you should visit the BBC iPlayer website.

The Women’s World Cup matches are being shown across the BBC, BBC Two and BBC Three so select the correct channel for the match you wish to watch and you’ll be able to view live without any blocks or restrictions.

Match Schedule

Below is a list of when each match is being shown live. All matches are available on BBC iPlayer when using your VPN from any country in the world.

StageDateTime (EDT)Match
06 June 1518:00Canada v China PR
06 June 1521:00New Zealand v Netherlands
07 June 1515:00Norway v Thailand
07 June 1518:00Germany v Côte D'Ivoire
08 June 1517:00Sweden v Nigeria
08 June 1518:00Cameroon v Ecuador
08 June 1520:30USA v Australia
08 June 1521:00Japan v Switzerland
09 June 1516:00France v England
09 June 1518:00Spain v Costa Rica
09 June 1519:00Colombia v Mexico
09 June 1521:00Brazil v Korea Republic
11 June 1518:00Germany v Norway
11 June 1518:00China PR v Netherlands
11 June 1521:00Côte D'Ivoire v Thailand
11 June 1521:00Canada v New Zealand
12 June 1518:00Australia v Nigeria
12 June 1518:00Switzerland v Ecuador
12 June 1521:00USA v Sweden
12 June 1521:00Japan v Cameroon
13 June 1516:00France v Colombia
13 June 1518:00Brazil v Spain
13 June 1519:00England v Mexico
13 June 1521:00Korea Republic v Costa Rica
15 June 1517:00Thailand v Germany
15 June 1519:00Côte D'Ivoire v Norway
15 June 1521:30Netherlands v Canada
15 June 1520:30China PR v New Zealand
16 June 1518:00Ecuador v Japan
16 June 1517:00Switzerland v Cameroon
16 June 1519:00Nigeria v USA
16 June 1520:00Australia v Sweden
17 June 1518:00Mexico v France
17 June 1518:00England v Colombia
17 June 1522:00Costa Rica v Brazil
17 June 1521:00Korea Republic v Costa Rica
Round of 16
20 June 1518:00TBC
20 June 1519:30TBC
21 June 1516:00TBC
21 June 1518:00TBC
21 June 1518:30TBC
22 June 1519:00TBC
22 June 1520:00TBC
23 June 1521:00TBC
Quarter Finals
26 June 1518:00TBC
26 June 1521:30TBC
27 June 1516:00TBC
27 June 1518:30TBC
Semi Finals
30 June 1521:00TBC
1 July 1519:00TBC
Third Place
4 July 1516:00TBC
5 July 1518:00TBC

What about free streams

The BBC in the UK are technically showing the games free but you need to pay for the VPN service to activate those and bypass the geographical restrictions.

You’ve no doubt heard of “illegal” free streams that are hosted on dodgy websites that are littered with adverts for unsavoury products. You don’t get anything for free in life and unless you want to run the risk of having annoying pop-ups or spyware installed on your computer, tablet or phone we recommend staying away from websites that promise to stream games for free.

Unofficial sources to watch live soccer online need to make money somehow and usually it is by selling advert space to unscrupulous companies that want to install viruses or other junk on your computer.

Using a VPN is a way of accessing an official stream from a world known company, the BBC. So you can be safe in the knowledge you won’t be bombarded with adverts for viagra, foreign brides and whatever other junk “free streams” send to you.

Enjoy the Soccer, or Football depending on what you call it!

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