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If you’re a Dr Who fan then you’ll be pleased to know that Season 9 is set to air on September 19th, 2015. Although it will air in its home country the United Kingdom, unfortunately, it won’t be available everywhere else at the same time.

If you’re a big Dr Who fan than waiting to watch at a later date isn’t really a solution because lets face it, avoiding spoilers online is almost impossible and if you’re from a country that doesn’t even show Dr Who then you’re going to be even more disappointed.

Watch Dr Who Season 9

Dr Who Season 9

The great news is there is a little tool known as a VPN that will allow you to watch Dr Who Season 9 on the 19th September no matter where you are in the world and you’ll also be able to watch the weekly episodes every Saturday.

Keep reading to find out how to make use of this simple solution.

Watch Dr Who Season 9 online

In the UK Dr Who will be shown on BBC which means it’ll also be available on their online streaming service BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer shows both live TV and have a 30 day catch up service meaning you’ll be able to watch Dr Who Season 9 live if you live in the UK.

If you’re outside the UK then you’ll need to use a VPN. A VPN allows you to disguise your online location. So let’s say for example you live in Australia or the US and you want to watch Dr Who Season 9.

Ordinarily if you visit the BBC iPlayer website you’ll be stopped from watching Dr Who Season 9 because you’re not in the UK but with a VPN you will appear as if you are in the UK so you won’t be stopped, instead Dr Who will stream regardless of where you are in the world.

Where can I get a VPN

There are absolutely hundreds of different providers of VPN services. Some are exceptionally good, but unfortunately others are a huge letdown. When looking for a VPN service to stream TV speed is the key factor. If you choose a VPN service that is slow then Dr Who will be littered with buffering which will end up spoiling your enjoyment.

So how do you find a fast VPN service? Lucky for you we test VPN services and are able to find out which providers are fast and most suitable to watch things like Dr Who Season 9 outside the UK.

Below are my three recommended choices.

  1. IPVanish
  2. VyprVPN
  3. ExpressVPN

VPN services cost about US$10 or less per month but can be cheaper if you sign up for a longer period. There are twelve episodes to Dr Who Season 9 so you’re going to need at least a 3 month service to watch every episode.

The VPN providers listed above are competitively priced to what else is out there and I can guarantee they provide top speeds suitable for TV streaming.

What do I do next

Just follow one of the links to one of the VPN providers listed and sign up.

Once you’ve signed up download their supplied software for your PC or Mac and install it. It’s possible to download software for Android or iOS tablets or phones too, but you’ll need the BBC iPlayer app installed already to be able to watch on a tablet or phone.

When you’ve installed their software simply run it and connect to a UK server. This is really self-explanatory on most VPN provider software and usually just requires double clicking on the UK option.

In the example image below I’m using IPVanish on a Windows PC. As you can see it’s simply just a case of clicking Server Selection and then UK Media or Gaming. The software then takes care of connection itself.

IPVanish UK Server

UK Media or Gaming

Once you’ve connected just visit the BBC iPlayer website at 7:40 pm UK Time and choose Channels then “One” on Saturday 19th and then every Saturday thereafter to watch live. If you miss the live episode you can use the catch-up service to watch for up to 30 days after the airdate.

Once you’ve finished watching simply press disconnect on the VPN software. You can connect and disconnect as many times as you wish and with a service like IPVanish you can watch on up to two different devices at one time.

Enjoy Dr Who Season 9!

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