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If you’re interested to find out how to watch Demand 5 outside the UK then you’ve come to the right place. In this short article I’m going to look at the best way to watch Demand 5 from anywhere in the world with as little effort as possible.

It’s worth noting that Demand 5 is also known as My5 and this guide will let you access either.

Throw away any technical jargon or complicated guides and follow this simple step-by-step solution and I will have you watching Demand 5 anywhere in the world in no time.

Channel 5 hasn’t always been the most premium channel in the UK but in the last few years a collection of good TV shows have started to turn up on it. After buying some classics like Home & Away, Neighbours and Big Brother Channel 5 and the online streaming service Demand 5 have a loyal following.

So if you’re a Brit abroad who wants to keep up with their favourite Channel 5 TV programmes or you’ve seen a show that peaks your interest and you’re not from the UK then this guide is for you.

How to watch Demand 5 outside the UK

To watch TV outside the UK including Demand 5 you’ll need to sign up to a service called a VPN or to give it its full name a Virtual Private Network.

Now the name alone might sound incredibly complicated but they’re not. A VPN is basically a small piece of software that you install on your computer, tablet or phone and then click to connect to another location.

If you’re in Spain for example you run the VPN program, connect to the UK and then Demand 5 thinks you are in the UK and streams you the programme you want to watch.

VPN services are available from hundreds of different providers around the world and below I’ve put together a list of the three most suitable. Firstly the VPN server must have UK access also known as a “UK Server”, secondly it must be fast to watch video without buffering and thirdly it should be reliable and cheap.

The following three providers all range between $6.49 and $8 per month when taking a yearly account and not much more if taking a monthly account.

Just click on one of their names to visit their website and sign up.

  1. ExpressVPN – Recommended
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

30-day money back guarantee

What do I do next

Once you’ve signed up to one of the three VPN providers listed above you need to download their service or app for your system.

If you have a Windows or Mac then download their desktop client from the VPN provider’s website and if you have a mobile device like a tablet or phone then you can download their apps from the relevant store such as the Google Play or the Apple Store.

Once downloaded and installed the process is simple, just select the United Kingdom option and press connect. Once the software or app has connected you can simply visit the Demand 5 website or use the Demand 5 app. Now you can watch any programme you want.


Below I’ll show you the easy steps using ExpressVPN on a Windows PC but the process is almost identical on all systems using all providers.

  • Download the ExpressVPN software and install it.
  • Open the ExpressVPN software and login or activate it when required.
  • Press Choose Location
  • Press United Kingdom.
  • Wait for the software to connect or press Connect.
ExpressVPN UK

Watch Demand 5 with ExpressVPN anywhere.


Why am I blocked without a VPN

Regardless of where you are in the world your internet connection gives out your physical location. When you visit the Demand 5 website it knows what country you’re from and when it sees you’re outside the UK it blocks you.

If you’ve tried without a VPN you will have been hit with a message similar to the following.

How to watch Demand 5 outside the UK

The programme you are trying to watch isn’t currently available. Please try again later.

Every internet connection is assigned an IP Address and like a phone number it is with this IP Address they can determine your location. When you use a VPN it alters your IP Address to one of another country.

When you connect to the United Kingdom with the VPN service your internet connection appears as if you’re in the UK even though you’re in the US, Australia or wherever else.

When you disconnect your connection reverts back to normal. Don’t worry though you can reconnect to the VPN service as many times as you wish within your subscription length.

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30-day money back guarantee

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