How to watch British TV in the Philippines A Beginner’s Guide



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In this guide we’re going to show you the quickest and easiest method to watch British TV in the Philippines.

It’s also a completely beginner friendly method so if you’re not particularly good with technology or you don’t want to be tinkering around with complicated settings for hours on end then no need to worry.

By following this guide you’ll learn how you can watch British TV in the Philippines in just 5 simple steps by using an app called a VPN.

How to watch British TV in the Philippines

The easiest and most common way to watch British TV abroad is to use one of the online streaming services such as BBC iPlayer.

If you’re an expat or just travelling in the Philippines and you’ve already tried to do that then you’ll know you’re blocked from viewing.

Instead of being able to watch the programmes you want to watch you’ll be blocked with a message that looks something like this below.

BBC iPlayer blocked 2017

It’s not just BBC iPlayer that’s blocked either, all free-to-air or subscription services are blocked when you’re outside the UK in the Philippines.

To good news is all you’re going to need to unblock all British TV services is to use an app called a VPN. Just follow the 5 simple steps below that show you how to get one and how to use it.

The instructions below are suitable for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. If you’ve got a Smart TV skip to the bottom of this guide.

How to watch British TV in the Philippines: Step-by-Step

  1. Visit the VPN provider IPVanish by clicking here and sign up to their service.
  2. Download the correct app for your device from the App area of their website or your app store.
  3. Install the app, run it and login when required.
  4. Select United Kingdom.
  5. Press Connect.

It takes only 15 seconds or so for the app to connect.

Once it’s connected that’s all you need to do. You can now visit any of the usual British online TV streaming services such as BBC iPlayer or ITV Player. You can also use any services you have a valid subscription for like Sky Go or BT Sport etc.

If you’re struggling to find the correct options to connect just take a look at the example images below that show you how you can connect on both a mobile device such as a phone or tablet or a more traditional desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile or Tablet:

IPVanish Android UK

Windows or Mac:

IPVanish UK v3

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy watching British TV in the Philippines.

When you’ve finished watching simply press Disconnect on the IPVanish app. You can reconnect at any time and you can also use the app on different types of devices.

Using IPVanish you can also use it on up to 5 devices at the same time just with the one account.


Internet connection quality can vary massively in the Philippines and if you run into buffering issues when streaming there are a few solutions you can try to resolve the problem.

Lower Video Quality

Many online streaming services such as BBC iPlayer serve up video in high quality because it’s assumed you’re in the UK which has decent internet speeds in 99% of areas.

Try turning off HD or lowering the video quality. You can usually find this option located in the “cog” setting of the video player of the site you’re watching.

Change Server Location

IPVanish has servers all over the UK. Try changing the city or even the individual server for a better connection. This will also resolve issues if the site you’re trying to watch says you’re still outside the UK when connected.

Change VPN Mode

In the IPVanish app go to the Settings area and change the VPN mode.

Under Connection try changing OpenVPN TCP to OpenVPN UDP. For even better results try changing to PPTP if the option is available on the device you’re using.

How to watch on a Smart TV

If you’ve got a Smart TV and you want to watch British TV in the Philippines then there are two different options and it all depends on the type of Smart TV you’ve got.

It must be noted that if you bought the Smart TV in the Philippines some of the streaming apps may be restricted from installation and no method can bypass this.

You’re likely to have better luck if you bought your TV in the UK or alternatively try and install the streaming app of your choice on your TV first and if that works OK then continue with the methods below.

Method One (Change DNS Settings)

If your Smart TV allows you to change DNS Settings such as a Samsung Smart TV then you need to sign up to the provider StrongVPN.

You will then be able to change the DNS Settings on your Smart TV to those supplied by StrongVPN which will allow you to watch British TV in the Philippines.

Method Two (The Hardware Solution)

If your Smart TV doesn’t allow you to change your DNS Settings but does have Wi-Fi capability then you’ll need to invest in a more expensive hardware solution known as a VPN router.

The cheapest method is to get an Invizbox Go device that takes care of the VPN capability. Your Smart TV connects to the new Wi-Fi hotspot created by the Invizbox Go.

Order an Invizbox Go and when it arrives follow the set-up instructions to connect to a UK Server location. Then connect your Smart TV to the new hotspot.

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