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Britain’s Got Talent is back and promises to be one of the most exciting series so far. In this I’m going to help you watch it in the US.

Those of us who have watched Britain’s Got Talent since it’s inception will know that yearning feeling to watch each series that we just can’t shake so when we’re abroad we start to wonder if there is a solution on how to watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US or elsewhere.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the US either, you could find yourself in Europe, Asia, Australia or wherever but missing an episode or even a series of Britain’s Got Talent isn’t something you want to do.

Any parent with young kids or teenagers will tell you that being abroad in glorious sunshine or just enjoying a holiday or life in another country doesn’t stop them from pandering after BGT either.

Today I’ll show you how you can watch BGT in the US and elsewhere and you’ll be surprised just how easy it is.

How can I watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US and elsewhere

To watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US either the current series or any future series you need to access ITV Player which will stream ITV live or if you’re unable to watch live you can use their catch up service.

Unfortunately when you try to access ITV Player either live or to use their catch up service it will block you due to you being outside of the UK.

Blocked ITV Player

To bypass this block you need a product called a Virtual Private Network.

Known as a VPN for short, it allows you to appear as if you’re in another country and as such rather than blocking you because you’re abroad it will let you watch ITV Player which in turn will allow you to watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US or elsewhere.

You’re currently being blocked because ITV Player understands your location from your internet connetion. A VPN allows you to re-route your internet connection through another location and for the purpose of watching BGT, that other location is the United Kingdom.

It sounds incredibly complicated but it really isn’t and the software provided by a VPN service provider does all of the hard work – you won’t even notice you’re using a VPN!

What’s the best VPN to watch BGT abroad

Over the years we’ve tested many VPN services so you don’t have to. There are plenty of poor services and for streaming video like BGT you really need to go with a reliable premium provider. Even though some providers are what we would class “premium” that doesn’t mean they cost any more, they’re just investing in their network.

Our three recommended providers to watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US or anywhere abroad are:

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN

How do I use a VPN to watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US

To use a VPN the process is really simple. Once you’ve signed up to one of the providers above you’ll be given a link to download their software or apps.

Decided which device you want to watch Britain’s Got Talent on and then download either the software or app for your device.

Once downloaded and installed you simply connect to a UK server and then head over to ITV Player. There really is nothing more to it!

IPVanish UK v3

You’ll need to sign up for an ITV Player account and give a UK Post Code. You can use any and simply find one by searching Google.

Series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent

Series 14 kicks off in April 2020 and is set to run in the usual format with auditions followed by finals. This year Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams return to cast their eye over the talent of the UK public and those who travel to the UK especially to take part in the show.

The show is aired at 7pm UK time on ITV for the initial show but from 8pm in the weeks afterwards with the follow up show Britain’s Got More Talent on ITV2 at 9:20pm. Both shows are available to watch live abroad by using the method given above in this article or by using the catch up service which will also require a VPN to view outside the UK.

This looks to be a great series and now you know how to watch Britain’s Got Talent in the US and elsewhere you can keep up to date with the best UK talent show no matter where in the world you find yourself.

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