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Woah, Brazil v Mexico, this is a match you don’t want to miss and in this guide I’m going to show you how you won’t need to.

Below I’ll show you how you can watch the entire Brazil vs Mexico match in the Last 16 group of the World Cup from anywhere in the world. Best of all, you can watch for free on an official stream in great quality.

Brazil vs Mexico is probably one of the biggest matches of the Last 16 stage of the World Cup. After wins for France against Argentina and two giants Uruguay vs Portugal ending the Portuguese World Cup dream, Brazil vs Mexico is the next big game.

Finding a reliable and official stream to watch Brazil vs Mexico can be difficult though so read on below to find out how and where you can watch it.

Watch Brazil v Mexico

Brazil vs Mexico is one of the biggest matches left in the Last 16 stage of the World Cup but finding a reliable and official stream to watch can be difficult.

There are hundreds of sketchy streams online but these not only put the security of your device at risk of ending up with nasty malware on it but they’re also illegal.

In the UK the network ITV is showing the match online completely for free. If you try to visit the ITV website known as ITV Hub outside the UK then you’ll be blocked from watching.

To unblock this stream in another country you’ll need to use an app called a VPN.

A VPN is legal privacy tool that allows you to change your online location. So if you’re in the United States for example you can make it appear as if you’re in the UK.

Below I’ll show you how to get a VPN and how easy in just a few steps it is to connect and watch the Brazil vs Mexico match no matter what country you’re in.

How to watch Brazil v Mexico free

The UK network ITV is showing the Brazil v Mexico match completely for free online. To view this outside the UK though you’ll need to get a VPN service.

A VPN service will cost you a couple of dollars but you can watch the Brazil v Mexico match and the remaining World Cup matches including the Semi-Final and Finals too.

Three VPN providers I recommend are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

Don’t overthink it, you can choose any of the three above, they all work. I’ve been using ExpressVPN and as such will use them for my example steps below:

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website by clicking here and sign up for their service.
  2. Go to the ‘Products‘ section of the ExpressVPN website and download and install the correct app for your device.
  3. Open the app and login when required. You can get the activation code from the ExpressVPN website under ‘My Account’ or use your email and password to login.
  4. Press Choose Location and then click on United Kingdom.
  5. The app will automatically connect for you but if it doesn’t then just press the Connect button.
  6. Once it’s connected all you need to do is visit the ITV Hub website to watch the Brazil vs Mexico match.

ExpressVPN UK

When you visit the ITV Hub website connected to the VPN app you’re now able to watch the Brazil vs Mexico match live online for free.

You’ll need to create a free account on the ITV Hub website and enter a UK Post Code. You can use any, try some of these, G72 8QF, IP6 8AY or OX5 2UP.

Without a VPN you’ll be blocked from viewing.

When you’ve finished watching Brazil vs Mexico you should simply disconnect from the app. Now you’ve got the VPN service you can use it to watch every remaining match of the World Cup. See my full ‘How to watch the World Cup‘ guide for details on how to use the VPN to watch the remaining matches.

When is Brazil vs Mexico shown

The Brazil vs Mexico match in the Last 16 stage of the World Cup takes place on Monday, 2nd July 2018.

Kick-off is at 2 pm UTC which is 3 pm UK time, 5 pm Moscow – Russia time, 11 am Brazil time and 9 am in Mexico.

Brazil is expected to start with players including Liverpool-linked Alisson, ex-Liverpool Real Madrid player, Coutinho, PSG’s Neymar, Man City’s Gabriel Jesus and Liverpool’s Firmino.

Mexico on the other hand will be fielding players such as Porto’s Herrera, West Ham’s Hernandez, Benfica’s Raul Jimenez and PSV Eindhoven’s Lozano.

On paper when you look at the stars Brazil have in their team it should be an easy win but with many claiming Brazil don’t have the quality of their past it could be an opportunity for Mexico to throw an upset for the five time World Cup winners Brazil.

Mexico has never lifted the World Cup trophy in their history so have everything to play for as this Central American country goes head-to-head with their South American neighbour.

Mexico saw off Germany with relative ease surprising many and following up with a win against South Korea. Yet their match against Sweden saw them lose 3-0 asking questions of their calibre.

Brazil on the other hand drew with Switzerland but then saw off Costa Rica and Serbia with relative ease.

The winner of the Brazil vs Mexico match will face either Belgium or Japan depending on the outcome of the evening game on Monday.

Recap How to watch Brazil v Mexico Live free

To watch the Brazil vs Mexico match live online on an official stream for free you’re going to need to get yourself a VPN service.

There are hundreds of VPN services out there but my recommended service is ExpressVPN. You can get ExpressVPN by clicking the orange button below.

Once you’ve signed up simply download the correct app for your device and connect to the United Kingdom. You can watch the entire match live online on ITV Hub as explained in this guide.

Where will you be watching the match from and more importantly, who do you want to win? Why not let me know in the comments section below, I’m interested to hear.

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