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If you’re from Japan or just a fan of Japanese programming then you’ve probably heard of Abema TV. In this guide I’m going to show you how you can watch Abema TV outside Japan.

If you’re living outside Japan or you just can’t get enough of Japanese language shows or cartoons and you’ve tried to watch Abema TV then you’ll know like me that you’re blocked from watching.

Abema is restricted to viewing from within Japan only and without the aid of a little tool that I’ll explain to you in this guide you won’t be able to watch.

So let’s find out how you can watch Abema TV outside Japan from anywhere in the world using a simple app called a VPN.

How to watch Abema TV outside Japan

When you visit the Abema TV website outside Japan rather than being able to select the channel or network you want to watch you’ll instead be hit with a screen that tells you that “AbemaTV is only accessible within Japan”.

Abema TV blocked

If you want to watch your favourite Japanese shows then the above block can be really annoying.

To bypass this block you’re going to need to get yourself a VPN service.

A VPN is a way to encrypt your internet connection and alter your online location. When you visit any website it knows which country you’re from and even which city.

With a VPN you can alter your country so that you appear elsewhere.

Where to get a VPN

There are many companies that offer VPN services but not all are suitable to watch Abema TV outside Japan.

The first and most important feature is that the VPN provider offers a Japanese “server”. The second most important feature is that the VPN provider offers fast speeds, fast enough to stream video from Abema TV to wherever you are located.

I’ve been testing a selection of VPN services and found that ExpressVPN is most suitable for the job, not only do they have a Japanese server but they’re also fast and competitive on price.

All you need to do is click the white button above to get started with ExpressVPN and then continue reading below once you’ve signed up to their service.

How to use the VPN

Once you’ve signed up to ExpressVPN the process is really simple.

All you need to do is download the correct software for your computer either PC or Mac or you can download the apps for Android or iOS.

Below I’ve put together a step-by-step guide using ExpressVPN on a Windows PC but the process is the same on a Mac too and if you’re using a mobile device then it’s even easier.

Once you’ve signed up to ExpressVPN you’ll receive an email with a link to download the software.

Download the ExpressVPN Windows software.

Install and Run the software.

Press Choose Location then All then press Asia – Pacific and then Japan.

ExpressVPN Japan

Press Connect.

The ExpressVPN software will now make connection to Japan for you.

Once it is connected you should visit the Abema website and rather than see the block message that you saw earlier you’ll be able to choose from all the different channels and stream whatever shows you want wherever you are in the world.

The great news is that you can use the VPN service from ExpressVPN for other purposes too and to access other blocked TV services from around the world.

After you’ve finished watching why not take a look around our website as there are hundreds of other TV services both in Japan and around the world that you can unblock with your new VPN service.


20 Responses

  1. Avatar Jon says:

    Very frustrated trying to watch jp tv live. Attempting to ajatt so it would be really helpful. Anyone know other ways to watch online?

  2. Avatar gino says:

    My wife is japanese and we can use a vpn appliance pyramid with a fire stick but not a fire tablet. So came here trying to see why.

    • Chris Chris says:

      Unfortunately Abema TV has blocked most VPNs from accessing its service. However, if you can access on a Fire Stick, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to access on a Fire Tablet too.

  3. Avatar baconcow says:

    VPNGate worked, but it don’t seem can be used for any security reasons

  4. Avatar Brad says:

    I’ve previously used NordVPN to watch the Sumo on AbemaTV, unfortunately it no longer works. Do you have any workarounds?


  5. Avatar Tony says:

    Do you think they started to trace vpn or non genuine ip and started to block them?

    • Chris Chris says:

      Yes, they probably blocked IP address with multiple users streaming from them with the assumption they’re VPN services. We’ll keep testing and update the article accordingly.

  6. Avatar Tony says:

    Just came across this article and wanted to know if this is still current with ExpressVPN that you are still able to access Abema TV. I have NordVPN and I am unable to watch Abema TV.

    • Chris Chris says:

      Hi Tony,

      Sadly not. I just tested on your behalf and discovered it’s not working. I also tested at least 4 other VPN services and none of those worked either.

  7. Avatar STEPHEN THOMPSON says:

    I’ve been using a VPN to watch sumo on but this month, when I tried accessing Abema through my VPN, it says I can’t use it because I’m not in Japan.

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