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Homeland is one of the most superb and highly rated TV shows ever created.

Not only will it keep you wanting more every week, but it will keep you up at night while you try to figure out what’s going to happen.

It really is one of those TV shows that you just can’t stop. The Guardian even called it “the show that became a work of genius“.

By now, you’ve probably been wondering if Homeland is on Netflix? Luckily it is, but there’s a slight problem, it’s only available in a select group of countries.

Believe it or not, the US isn’t one of them.

But, the UK Netflix library and Canadian Netflix library have every season and episode of Homeland available.

This would usually stop you in your tracks, but by the time you’ve finished reading this article, I’ll have shown you how to unblock Homeland on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

I’ll be discussing how using a VPN can unlock Homeland on Netflix with just the click of a button. But, before we delve into that, let’s get the essential steps of how to watch right now out of the way.

How to watch Homeland on Netflix

To watch Homeland on Netflix, you’ll need to use a VPN app. In this step by step guide, I’ll be using ExpressVPN as my example.

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN site and follow the “Get ExpressVPN” link. Then select a VPN package such as their 12-month plan.
  2. Enter your email address and payment information, confirming your purchase by clicking “Join Now”.
  3. Download the app from either your device’s app store or from the ExpressVPN site, then log in using your email address and password. (Sometimes, they will send you an activation code to use to sign in).
  4. Click the ‘Selected Location‘ option and choose the United Kingdom. Press Connect if needed.
  5. After 10-15 seconds, your connection will be established. Visit the Netflix website or use their app.
  6. Search for Homeland, and enjoy watching the show.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK.

Unlock and watch Homeland with ExpressVPN.

Note: If you are closer to the UK, connect to a server there. If you’re closer to Canada, be sure to select a Canadian connection in Step 4.

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How does a VPN work to unlock the show?

A VPN will help you access Homeland on Netflix by allowing you to connect your internet through another location of your choosing. By doing so, it will enable you to make Netflix think you’re in another country.

ExpressVPN is my number 1 choice of VPN to unlock Homeland on Netflix as they’re one of the fastest VPNs on the market and are ideal for streaming in top quality without buffering.

Not to mention that they work with almost all major streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock TV, and many others.

However, sometimes it’s nice to have a few options to look at, so I recommend that you take a look at NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN.

At the end of the day, what VPN you choose is up to you. I can only guide you with my expert opinion.

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What is Homeland about?

A bipolar CIA officer named Carrie is convinced that a Prisoner of war named Brody has been turned by the enemy and is carrying out a terrorist plot.

However, since his return to the USA, Brody has become a national hero who is making huge moves on the political scene.

Could he really be a terrorist? Or is something else going on here?

With many twists and turns, your mind will truly be boggled. If you’re a fan of a good mystery drama, then you’ll love this.

There are a total of 96 episodes so far, spanning over 8 seasons. The original 4 seasons finish one story off, but the show was so popular that they continued to produce new seasons.

Unlike many shows, Homeland manages to keep you interested from the very beginning right until the end, and I don’t see this stopping anytime soon.

Who stars in Homeland?

There are some excellent actors and actresses in this TV show, some of the main cast members are:

  1. Damien Lewis – This actor is known for his roles in Billions, Dreamcatcher, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Band Of Brothers, Colditz, and Your Highness.
  2. Claire Danes – She’s best known for Romeo + Juliet, My So-Called Life, The Hours, Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, and Stardust.
  3. Mandy Patinkin – He’s known for starring in The Princess Bride, Dick Tracy, Alien Nation, Life Itself, Wonder, and Before You Know It.
  4. Rupert Friend – This actor’s starred in Hitman: Agent 47, The Death Of Stalin, Pride & Prejudice, The Young Victoria, and The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.
  5. David Harwood – He’s best known for Peep Show, The Merchant Of Venice, Supergirl, Blood Diamond, The Fixer, Strike Back, and Robin Hood.


To watch Homeland on Netflix, you need to have access to either the UK Netflix library or the Canadian Netflix library.

To do this, you will need to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

You can sign up for ExpressVPN by following the step by step guide earlier in the article. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to access not only Homeland but thousands of additional movies and TV shows.

Get ExpressVPN now and prepare to binge-watch Homeland on Netflix.

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