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Chris, a UK-born media connoisseur, is an expert in watching international TV. Known as "The Global Screen Wanderer", he has travelled extensively across the globe with long stints away from home. With over 10 years of experience he has become the go-to guru for streaming content from home and abroad.

Showtime is one of those classic networks that a lot of us have favourite shows on. Finding out how to watch Showtime abroad can be a time consuming task with lots of misinformation and complicated guides that make you think you need an engineering degree to achieve.

I’m going to put an end to that.

These days people from the United States travel all over the world. It could be in the military or just for a vacation, you could even be trekking around the whole world with a backpack, but the simple fact is, many of us love to travel.

One of the biggest things I miss when travelling is quality TV, while there are some good shows out there in the world not much of it compares to the likes offered by Showtime and because of this I’m going to show you how to watch Showtime abroad so you can keep up with all your favourite shows from back home in the USA.

Watch Showtime abroad seats

Sit back and get ready to watch Showtime abroad

How to watch Showtime abroad

There are a few different options to watch Showtime online which include accessing the site via Showtime Anytime if you already have a compatible cable subscription or using one of the other options such as the cord cutters favourite of subscribing to the new stand-alone Showtime online package either directly or via Hulu.

As long as you have an active subscription to Showtime either via your cable package or another means such as Hulu then this method I’m about to explain will work without issue.

If you visit one of the Showtime streaming websites directly when you’re abroad then you’ll be hit with a blocked message that will either give you an error or tell you that the content isn’t available in your location.

Content blocked

An error message similar will block you.

Showtime blocks you because it knows you’re not in the US and it knows this from something called your IP Address. An IP Address gives away your the location so the solution is to get a US IP Address and it’s extremely simple to do, read on and I’ll show you.

How to get a US IP Address

You need to sign up for a service called a Virtual Private Network. To keep it simple most people call them a VPN. A VPN is a way of routing your internet connection securely through another location.

So essentially you’re virtually residing in another country. Once your internet connection shows you’re in the US, any website that you visit will think you’re in the US and so Showtime will allow you to login and stream the shows you want to watch.

It all sounds really complicated but it isn’t because providers of VPN services allow you to download extremely easy software or apps for a range of computers and other devices that all get you set-up with one or two clicks.

What’s the best VPN for Showtime

Firstly you need a provider with a US “Server” and most do. Secondly you want one that is fast because streaming video requires a lot of speed. If you get a VPN provider that’s slow you’ll end up with buffering, especially if you’re half way across the world.

I’ve tested hundreds of VPN providers over the past few years and my three recommendations for to watch Showtime abroad are below. Just click on your provider of choice and sign up.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

Or click the button below to get my recommended VPN provider to watch Showtime.

What do I do with the VPN

VPN services cost about $10 or less per month. You can get some great savings if you sign up for longer periods of time but it all depends on how long you’re going to be outside the States.

1. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be given the choice to download software for your PC or Mac but can also download apps for Android or iOS devices. So if you’ve got an Android phone or tablet or even an iPhone or iPad you’re also covered.

2. Once downloaded and installed simply choose a US Connection or “Server“. Wait for it to connect. With ExpressVPN you can do this by pressing Choose Location and then United States.

ExpressVPN USA

Watch Showtime with ExpressVPN.

3. Once connected head over to the Showtime website of your choice, either their Showtime Anytime site, Hulu with Showtime subscription or whatever other site you would usually access Showtime on back in the US.

4. Rather than seeing the blocked message that you experienced without a VPN you’ll now be able to stream any of your favourite shows just as if you were back home in the US.

There is nothing more to it. When you’ve finished watching Showtime just disconnect.

You can connect and disconnect as many times as you want and also use the VPN service to watch other sites like Hulu etc. You aren’t limited to just enjoying the one network.

I’d love to hear how you got on or if you have any questions so feel free to post in the comments section below, but until then, Happy Showtime viewing!

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