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Detective Pikachu is the first live-action Pokemon movie ever made. Also, it’s one of the best video game adaptations to the big screen.

Probably, if you’re a Pokemon fan, you want to enjoy this movie, but you can’t find it on Netflix.

Let me tell you that this movie is available on the streaming platform but with a trick. Keep reading our guide to find it out!

Where is Detective Pikachu available on Netflix?

Netflix has different libraries according to countries and regions. This discrimination is due mostly to copyright and licensing issues.

Detective Pikachu is distributed by Warner, who is retrieving all their movies and series from Netflix to exclusively group them on HBO Max, their new streaming service.

For this reason, Detective Pikachu can only be found on Netflix Japan and one or two other countries.

What you need to watch it

To access Netflix Japan, you need an app called a VPN like ExpressVPN that will allow you to hop Netflix’s geo-restrictions, and watch the Japanese library as if you were there.

A VPN’s primary objective is to protect your privacy online by connecting you to the Internet through servers located in other countries.

This also the added benefit to access streaming services, websites, and YouTube videos affected by regional blocking.

Which VPN to choose?

There are hundreds of VPN services out there, but only a few are really worth your money.

ExpressVPN is our first and primary choice.

The reason? Although a little bit more expensive than the rest, its service is the most complete. Fast connection speeds, a user-friendly interface and a 30-day money-back guarantee are some of the main remarkable features.

We also recommend NordVPN or Surfshark which offers similar features and work fine for unblocking Netflix Japan.

The final decision is up to you!

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How to watch Detective Pikachu on Netflix

When it comes to configuring a VPN, maybe sounds like something difficult. But, actually, it’s easier than you think.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to watch Detective Pikachu faster than Pikachu saying Pika-Pika.

Step 1

Go to the ExpressVPN website, and hit the Get ExpressVPN button.

Step 2

Chose the plan best fitting to your budget.

Top-tip: with the annual subscription you save a lot of money!

Step 3

Create your account with your email address, and choose the payment method you prefer.

Step 4

Get the app from the Products section, where you can find the one for your device and OS.

If you’re on a mobile device you can grab the app from your regular app store by searching ‘ExpressVPN’.

Step 5

With the app installed on your device, log in with the account credentials you created in step 3 or the activation code from your account area.

Step 6

Now is the moment to look for Japan in the VPN locations section. Once you find it, tap on it, and press Connect.

ExpressVPN connecting to Japan

Unlock the film in your country.

Congratulations! Now you can log in to Netflix with your regular account as if you were in Japan and watch the movie.

30-day money back guarantee

What’s Detective Pikachu about?

Based on the Pokemon Franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri and working as a loose adaptation of the 2016 video game of the same name, Detective Pikachu is a mystery film directed by Rob Letterman (Shark Tale, Monsters vs Aliens).

Tim Goodman, a 21-year-old insurance adjuster, arrives at Ryme City after being notified that his father, Harry, has died in a car accident. While at his father’s apartment, he meets a talking Pikachu who was Harry’s partner and only Tim can understand what he says.

Together, they will join forces to solve what happened to Harry. Pikachu believes he has survived because the police never found the body.

Cast and crew

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Green Lantern), serves as Pikachu’s voice and facial motion capture for the character.

Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Every Day) is Tim Goodman, a young man trying to solve the mystery around his father’s presumed death, and the only one able to understand when Detective Pikachu talks.

Kathryn Newton (Big Little Lies) is Lucy Stevens, a junior reporter whose pokemon is a Psyduck and helps Tim and Pikachu in solving the case.

Related movies

Without giving away any spoilers in the case you haven’t watch the movie yet, I can tell you that Detective Pikachu works as a sequel to the 1998 Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, and the more recent CGI animation remake Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back-Evolution.

There is a big element that ties together the two stories, making Detective Pikachu a canonical instalment of the Pokemon universe.


Are you a Pokemon fan? Do you want to watch Detective Pikachu on Netflix but you can’t find it?

With a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can access Netflix Japan where the movie is available, and also you can protect your privacy online!

ExpressVPN offers the best features on the market, including a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the service.

You can also give NordVPN or Surfshark a try, which have similar features and fees.

Are you ready to become into the next Detective along with Pikachu?


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