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A connoisseur of 80's action films like 300, Predator, and Terminator, Lee blends his extensive movie knowledge with adeptness at streaming shows worldwide. His love for cinema permeates his lifestyle, from attending Comic Con to sporting Star Wars socks.

You don’t get anyone more famous than Tom Hanks. The guy is the definition of A-List Superstar.

In this article I’ll be taking you through the best 30 Tom Hanks movies available on Netflix and showing you how to access them no matter where you are in the world, bypassing regional restrictions at will.

So buckle up and get ready for some top quality films coming your way.

How to watch these on Netflix

30 Tom Hanks movies sound great, but unfortunately, they’re not all available in your region.

So let’s discuss how to unlock the movies that aren’t officially available in your region.

Without this one trick, you won’t be able to watch all of the films I’m about to mention. This is due to regional restrictions meaning certain movies are only available on Netflix in certain countries.

For example, a movie that is available on the United States Netflix library might not be available on the UK’s Netflix library and vice versa.

This will leave many of you missing out on thousands of additional TV shows and movies purely because you live in a different region.

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1. Forrest Gump

I don’t think there is a movie more iconic than Forrest Gump. Forrest is a simple man who finds himself shaping history throughout the 60s – 70s, even if he doesn’t quite realise it.

The story is fantastic and will take you through a range of emotions.

Available in regions: Canada, Belgium, Brazil, South Korea, India, Switzerland, and Japan.

2. Saving Private Ryan

This World War 2 epic depicts the most pivotal moment in the war of all wars… D-DAY.

The movie follows a group of US Rangers tasked with penetrating through German lines and bring home a soldier whose three brothers have died.

As you can imagine, this is no easy task. The men face an uphill battle from start to finish.

The movie is a cinematic experience that you will never forget.

Available in regions: Australia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, and Spain.

3. Toy Story

If you haven’t heard of Toy Story… what rock have you been under?

Arguably the best Disney Pixar movie ever created, it is the one that started it all. Toy Story is set in a world where toys come alive when their owners aren’t around.

When Woody the cowboy is replaced by a new toy ‘Buzz Lightyear’ he lets jealousy get the best of him which leads the toys on an adventure that they had never dreamt of.

If you have kids, this movie is one for you. In fact, even you will love this movie.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea.

4. Toy Story 2

The sequel to Toy Story and my personal favourite out of the franchise.

The toys find themselves needing to leave the house and enter the big wide world when Woody is stolen.

Just like the first movie, the story is fantastic and is full of humour that both you and your children will enjoy.

It is a must-watch for all Disney fans.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea.

5. The Green Mile

Ah, the movie that made me cry more than the Notebook.

The Green Mile tells a story of a correctional officer who discovers one of the death-row inmates he is in charge of has mysterious powers.

The movie is a very emotional tale that will certainly have you reaching for the box of tissues.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico.

6. Cast Away


Get used to that name, because you will never forget it.

Cast Away follows one man who is the lone survivor of a plane wreck. He finds himself stranded on an island, completely isolated from the world for years.

He must survive and hope that one day he is found so he can reunite with his partner.

The movie is one of Tom Hanks best-acting roles, and that says a lot.

Available in regions: South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, South Korea, Switzerland.

7. Toy Story 3

The third instalment of Toy Story sees their owner Andy going off to college. The toys have to come to terms with the fact they now have a new home in a local daycare centre. Not all is what it seems though.

Toy Story 3 is another fantastic movie brought to you by Disney Pixar, full of hilarious moments suitable for both adults and children.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and South Korea.

8. Sleepless In Seattle

Meg Ryan stars alongside Tom Hanks in this romantic comedy.

When Sam (Tom Hanks) is forced by his eight-year-old son to call up a radio talk show to discuss his wife’s recent death, he finds himself the talk of thousands of women all across the United States who want to be his next partner.

The movie is an effortless watch and is great for a rainy day sitting on the couch with a blanket. The film is iconic and is certainly one for all Rom-Com enthusiasts.

Available in regions: Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, India, South Korea, and Turkey.

9. The Da Vinci Code

The adaption of Dan Brown’s book of the same name.

Robert Langdon (Hanks) must travel to Paris to investigate a mysterious murder that has links to Leonardo Da Vinci’s work.

With twists and turns at every corner, this movie will keep you in mystery.

Get your thinking caps on and give this movie a watch, it is brilliant.

Available in regions: Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, South Korea, France, Spain, Greece, several others.

10. You’ve Got Mail

Meg Ryan joins Tom Hanks again in another romantic comedy and they don’t disappoint.

Set in 1998 when the internet was starting to become the beast it is today. A small book shop owner Kathleen falls in love with Joe via an online chat room and the pair have no idea that they are sworn enemies in the real world.

Will the pair find out who each other really is? Well, I’ll let you guys discover that one.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Greece.

11. Apollo 13

The movie depicts the happenings from the 1971 Apollo 13 mission to the moon. When the main oxygen module fails on the spacecraft, the crew must abandon efforts to reach the moon and get back to earth before they run out of oxygen.

This is one to watch if you wanted to be an astronaut when you were growing up. I know I did.

Available in regions: Argentina, France, India, Switzerland, Turkey, South Korea, and Italy.

12. Catch Me If You Can

Based on a true story of Frank Abagnale Jr, an expert con man who scammed people out of millions during the 1960s.

He really was one of the world’s best con men. He even managed to fly a passenger jet with over 140 people onboard, posing as a pilot.

Throughout the movie he’s hunted by the FBI, but will they catch him?

It is fascinating to see what he got away with.

Available in regions: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, and Germany.

13. Road To Perdition

A depression-era hitman goes on the hunt when his wife and son are murdered. He must protect his remaining son while hunting down those who want to do him and his family harm.

If you enjoy gangster movies, then I’m sure you will enjoy this one. In fact, I’m going to revisit this movie again.

Available in regions: United States and South Korea.

14. The Terminal

Viktor Navorski finds himself stranded in New York’s JFK Airport when his country is taken over in a violent coup where it is no longer recognised as a country.

As he is no longer a citizen of a country, he can’t leave the airport to enter the USA and he can’t fly home either. He is stuck in limbo.

This based on a true story film is quite remarkable and is worth a watch.

Available in regions: UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, and Sweden.

15. The Polar Express

If you like Christmas movies, then this heartwarming tale will certainly fill you with the Christmas spirit.

When a young boy’s Christmas spirit is dwindling, he finds himself aboard a magical train on its way to the North Pole on the eve of Christmas.

The movie is a must-watch during December for all the family. It’s animated, but you’ll definitely pick out Hanks’ voice.

Available in regions: United States, Hong Kong, France, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Switzerland.

16. Angels And Demons

This movie is a sequel to The Da Vinci Code. While the film follows the same main character, the storyline is unrelated to the first movie.

When Robert Langdon is hired by the Vatican to solve another mystery, he must help thwart an attack by a mysterious secret society.

Available in regions: UK, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, and Greece.

17. Joe Versus The Volcano

Yet again, Meg Ryan joins Tom Hanks in this feel-good movie. They must love working together!

When Joe, an office clerk finds out that he doesn’t have long to live. He travels to a remote island where the locals want a human sacrifice to please their volcano god.

Available in regions: Australia.

18. Bridge Of Spies

Set during the height of the cold war. James B. Donovan, a Brooklyn lawyer finds himself in the world of espionage. He is tasked with negotiating the release of a CIA U-2 spy plane pilot Francis G. Powers.

If you are like me and enjoy a cold war era movie, this is for you.

Available in regions: Germany, South Korea, and Switzerland.

19. The Money Pit

When a con man sells a man and his girlfriend a beautiful mansion, everything seems great, until they move in that is.

The moment they move into the house, it begins to fall apart. They must work tirelessly to beat the clock and restore the house before it completely collapses.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States.

20. Philadelphia

Andrew Beckett launches a lawsuit against the law company he used to work for after they fire him for being Gay and HIV positive. He pairs up with another lawyer to beat the opposition before his illness overcomes him.

The movie won 2 Oscars and 22 other awards. So it is certainly one to watch.

Available in regions: United States.

21. Captain Phillips

“I am the Captain now”, this phrase will be engraved in your minds after you watch this movie.

It is a terrifying story based on actual events.

When Somali pirates hijack captain Richard Phillips’ ship, he must do all he can to ensure he and his shipmates are kept safe until they can be rescued.

This thriller will keep you on your toes.

Available in regions: South Africa, Hong Kong, Greece, Switzerland, South Korea, France, and Japan.

22. Saving Mr. Banks

When Walt Disney decides he wants to buy the rights to P.L. Travers’ Mary Poppins, he must endure a long and frustrating ordeal that nearly saw the film adaption of the book never happen.

It is fascinating to see all the things Walt Disney did to secure the rights to the movie.

Available in regions: United States.

23. Charlie Wilson’s War

Charlie Wilson, a womanising US Congressman is involved in two covert operations committees.

He decides that he will put all his political efforts into supporting the Afghans against the Soviets in the 1980s. He soon learns that things aren’t as simple as he thought and must deal with the consequences.

Available in regions: Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, and Greece.

24. Inferno

This is the third installment of Robert Langdon’s adventure following on from The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons.

Robert finds himself suffering from memory loss and is on the run. He must decipher a code and stop a plague from destroying the earth’s population.

The movie is an excellent adventure mystery and will keep your mind ticking from start to finish.

Available in regions: UK, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Greece.

25. Larry Crowne

After being laid off from his job, Larry Crowne finds himself back at college where he falls in love with a college professor.

This is a brilliant romantic comedy that will keep any rom-com fans happy.

Julia Roberts stars alongside Tom Hanks and it is brilliant, just when he thinks life has passed him by, he finds a new reason to live.

Available in regions: Hungary, Italy, Romania.

26. The Post

When a government cover-up is discovered by the United States first female newspaper publisher, she must fight to have her articles published. Throughout the movie she is battling the government as they try to cover up something that happened during Vietnam.

Based on real-life events, the movie is an interesting insight into what really goes on behind closed doors.

Available in regions: Australia, Canada, UK, Hungary, and Sweden.

27. A Hologram For The King

Based on the 2012 novel of the same name. This comedy-drama follows Alexander Black, a failed salesman who is tasked with selling an I.T service to Saudi Arabia’s King in what will be the most lucrative deal in his life.

Little did he know, he would find love along the way and discover a whole new culture.

Available in regions: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and Mexico.

28. Cloud Atlas

This sci-fi epic is a story through the ages. Starting with a lawyer on a ship in 1849 to a composer in 1936 with many other interlinked stories that take you into the year 2321.

The movie is full of adventure and is one to watch if like me, you love a good sci-fi movie.

Available in regions: Italy, Japan, and Romania.

29. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

After losing his father during the September 11th attacks, a troubled young boy named Oskar struggles to come to terms with the events.

He discovers a mysterious key and embarks on a journey to find out what the key unlocks and is convinced his late father has left him a message.

Available in regions: Japan and Sweden.

30. The Circle

When Annie is hired by the worlds largest and most powerful tech company, she soon finds herself climbing through the ranks.

As her career progresses, she is asked to take part in an experimental research project that pushes her boundaries and causes her to question her morals.

How far is too far? And will she let it affect her personal life?

While the movie received negative comments from the critics, it was a financial success and is worth a watch… can’t please everyone, especially movie critics.

Available in regions: UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Hungary, and India.


There are over 30 Tom Hanks movies available on Netflix. However, not all of them will be available in your region.

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So get yourself a VPN now and enjoy working your way through this list. I wonder how long it will take you?

What’s your favourite Tom Hanks movie out of the list above? Or is your fav missing? Let me know in the comments section below.

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