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Kodi is one of the best streaming media services of the moment and its popularity doesn’t look like its slowing down any time in 2018. In this guide I’m looking at the best Builds for use with Kodi.

On its own Kodi is not up to much but with addons it can be turned into the only streaming media centre you need. Everything from sports to movies and TV shows are available on Kodi with addons.

There is one thing better than addons for Kodi and that’s ‘builds‘ for Kodi. A build is like a supercharged version of an addon, in fact, it’s a collection of addons all in one place. Usually builds are grouped into categories but they can contain a mixture of entertainment such as movies, sports and TV shows all in one.

If you don’t want the hassle of searching and installing tons of addons then let a build do the job. Below I’ve rounded up the Best 11 Kodi builds that you need to install in 2018.

Before we start, a word of warning

You’ll probably already know that using Kodi can be detrimental to your privacy. When you use Kodi and you stream content it’s possible for others to know what you’re watching or more importantly, what you’re searching for.

This can be your internet company (ISP), it could be the addon or build author or in fact, it could be almost anyone.

What you watch should remain private and to do this you should always use a VPN service with Kodi. A VPN allows you to disguise what you’re watching and doing on Kodi and means that no one will know what you’re watching, searching for or downloading. In fact, they won’t even know you’re using Kodi.

A VPN will also let you access more content on Kodi, download extra addons and builds and overall simply give you a greater choice of entertainment to watch.

We recommend using a VPN for Kodi when using both addons and builds and for ease our recommended service is IPVanish. You can also check out ExpressVPN too if you want to compare. Both services have apps for the Fire TV and Firestick, Android, Windows, Mac and iOS so no matter what device you use Kodi on you’ll be protected.

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Best 11 Kodi Builds you need to install in 2018

Here’s my list of the best 11 Kodi builds you’ll want to install this year. It’s not a comprehensive list of every available build going because quite frankly, there are too many. However, for the majority of uses, these are the best.

1. Durex Build

Durex build is one of the best around at the moment and is getting high praise across the Kodi community. The name is a little bit 18 rated so it’s probably not one you want the kids learning but the content is top notch and ironically it does have a good kids section too.

There are more than 21 addons included in the Durex build that cover everything from movies and music to sport like MMA. There’s also a premium section but it isn’t a requirement to sign up and use this because there is plenty of free content too.

2. Buck’s Build

Buck’s Build is one of the most popular builds for Kodi and it seems like it has been around forever. One of the nice features is it is kept regularly updated and being one of older guys on the block they know what they’re doing.

The interface is minimal and there’s plenty of content to keep you busy. Unlike some other builds it’s easy to navigate through and isn’t bloated. It’s also smaller to download than some of the other Kodi builds. Everything from live TV to movies and sport is included and there are also some UK essentials such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.

3. SubZero Build

Two builds came together to make this one, namely SubZero and Razor leading to a very slick build indeed. It concentrates more on content than on widgets making it lightweight. Although the content is anything but lightweight.

There are both family and adult versions so if you’ve got kids to keep entertained opt for the family version. If you want content of a more adult nature then the adult edition should have you covered. There are some great sections on documentaries but also movies and TV shows are well covered too.

4. BK Links Build

BK Links has one of the better interfaces I’ve seen which doesn’t look out of place against regular streaming services like Netflix or HBO. Content contains all the usual suspects like movies, sports and TV shows and there’s also a dedicated section for 4k content.

There’s a good selection of addons included in BK Links build which includes some of the most popular such as Neptune Rising, The Dogs, Placenta, Uranus and many more.

5. Doomzday Build

Doomzday has some great content if you’re into your movies and TV shows. While it’s a little light on sport the movies and TV shows sections are well stocked. The interface is somewhat unique and makes it an interesting build to look at.

The build recently introduced a sports section which is why it’s a little light currently. But if you’re after live sports plus movies and TV shows in the one build it could be for you. With so many widgets though the build can be a little slow to load initially so if you have a weak powered Kodi box, you may want to use one of the other Kodi builds.

6. KodiNoLimits Build

KodiNoLimits build has been around a while but is still going strong and is a firm favourite with Kodi users. The interface is simple to navigate and there’s plenty of movies and TV shows to keep you going.

Again there’s an Adult and Family version available of the KodiNoLimits Build so you can keep the kids entertained or keep yourself entertained, whichever is more important to you.

7. UKODI1 Build

UKODI1 Build should actually be called Builds with an ‘s’ as there are many of them, in fact, more than 16 at our most recent count. If you’re after a stunning visual build then check out the UKODI1 builds collection.

Not only are they awesome to look at but they also contain plenty of content. Movies buffs, TV hounds and Sports gurus are all covered in these builds and the layout makes navigation and finding what you want to straightforward. If visuals are your thing, UKODI1 builds should be on your radar.

8. Nebula Build

Nebula gets some great reviews across the net. While it’s not as popular as Durex or Buck’s Build it does have some excellent content that works and works well.

This no-nonsense Kodi build gets you the content you want with minimal fuss. If you want a more lightweight build without all the bells and whistles of some of the others then Nebula is work a look.

9. No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build for Kodi is another one of the most popular builds. Containing many of the popular addons from the Kodi world it’s not hard to see why. A firm favourite of the Kodi community it contains more addons than many of the others.

If you’re looking for a lightweight build then it certainly isn’t but if you want everything in one place then opt for No Limits Magic Build and join the thousands of other happy users.

10. Titanium Build

Titanium has been around for an age in the Kodi world and for the longest time has been received well by the Kodi community. There’s plenty of the most popular addons included making finding everything from movies to TV shows and sports simple.

I really like the ability to customise the theme of the build which makes it a little bit more personal allowing you to have a Kodi build that not only looks good to your liking but also has plenty of content on top.

11. Fire TV Guru Build

Fire TV Guru Build rounds up my selection of the best 11 Builds for Kodi in 2018. This build is targeted at users using a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. The interface looks a lot like the Amazon one so if you’re a beginner who wants familiarity then this could be the Kodi build for you.

It’s not lacking in content either as there are a handful of the most popular addons installed in the build. If you want a lightweight build that doesn’t look too far from the Amazon interface then get yourself Fire TV Guru.


WatchTVAbroad takes no responsibility for the content of the above builds, we also host nor link to any of the mentioned builds. Many offer free-to-air content but also may contain copyright material that is illegal to view. It is your responsibility to ensure that you access only legal content in your jurisdiction through any build.

Got suggestions?

Kodi builds and addons change all the time and so do the most popular. This is my list of the 11 best Kodi builds in 2018 but perhaps you know of some you think are better? Let us know in the comments what you think the best build is this year.

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