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Bellator 221: Chandler vs Pitbull is going to be an epic fight for the lightweight title between two favourite champions.

It’s one of the biggest fights of the year so far, and if you’re like most combat sports fans, then you’ll be itching to watch.

However, your options for watching can be severely limited depending on what country you live in and if you don’t have access to a cable subscription, then you can be left with few options.

The great news is, there’s a straightforward way you can watch an official overseas stream of the fight and in this guide I’ll be showing you how easy it is to do just that.

So if you want to be the hero of your buddies and get the big fight live then read on.

What you need to watch

The fight is going to be broadcast for free on the official Russian TV network, MatchTV.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Russia”, it’s probably some sketchy stream. But actually, it’s not. Just like HBO or ESPN or Sky Sports or any other premium cable network, it’s the same but for the Russian market.

The difference is, in Russia MMA and Bellator air for free, you don’t need a subscription. The service is, however, geo-blocked which stops viewers outside Russia from watching.

Silhouette of MMA fighter kicking another

In order to avoid the geo-blocking, you’re going to need a VPN service. It’s a small app that lets you change your online location.

There are loads of VPN services out there, but sadly, not all VPNs supports Russian services.

One we recommend is VyprVPN, it’s fast, works with Russian services like MatchTV and has a completely free 3-day trial.

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How to watch the fight

You need to create an account with VyprVPN providing your payment method.

Once you’ve made an account and you have your login details, you must download the app on the device you want to watch Bellator on and install it.

VyprVPN has apps for all the major platforms such as desktops, tablets and phones, plus routers and smart TVs.

Once you’ve signed up for their service, follow the instructions below for your type of device.

On desktop (Windows or Mac OS)

  1. Go to the VyprVPN website and sign-up.
  2. Then download their app for Windows or Mac.
  3. Install and open it.
  4. Login with your account details.
  5. Click on the Location Icon (1) in the top corner. In the country list, search and select ‘Russia‘ (2).
  6. Double-click on ‘Connect‘ (3).
  7. Once you’ve connected go to the MatchTV live stream page and enjoy watching the fight.
VyprVPN Windows app connecting to Russia

VyprVPN Windows Software

On mobile devices (Android or Apple iOS)

  1. First sign up for VyprVPN at their website.
  2. Go the app store (Google Play or Apple Store).
  3. Search for ‘VyprVPN’.
  4. Download and install the app.
  5. Open the installed app.
  6. Login with your account details.
  7. Press the Location Icon at the bottom right corner of the app.
  8. From the list, select ‘Russia‘.
  9. Also press ‘Connect‘ if the app doesn’t connect you automatically.
  10. Once the app has connected, open any mobile web-browser on your device and go to the MatchTV live stream page and enjoy the fight.

When is the Chandler v Pitbull fight taking place?

The fight is going to be held on May 11th (Saturday) starting at 6:30 pm ET (US time) but the main title fight is more likely to take place around 9 pm ET.

Use the time zone converter to work out the exact fight time in your country.

The venue is Allstate Arena, a multipurpose arena in Rosemont, Illinois, USA.

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What are they fighting for?

This super fight between two of Bellator’s greatest champions is for the lightweight title.

Currently, Michael Chandler holds the lightweight belt, and the featherweight titleholder, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire is ready to take it.

According to Pitbull in an interview, he doesn’t care about the belt, but what he truly wants is Chandler’s head.

Who’s likely to win?

This fight is between two champions, one that we’ve been waiting for, for some time.

The famous rivalry between the two fighters has increased the speculation about this fight.

Chandler is the current lightweight champion, and Freire isn’t concerned with the title or the belt, he just wants to defeat him at the arena as something of a personal mission.

Illustration of a fist wearing an MMA fighting glove

From a technical point of view, both of them have equal chances for winning, but Freire’s resolution makes me think he is a sure winner.

What are your thoughts? Will Chandler or Pitbull take this title?

What are the fighters records?

Freire has a total of 28 wins in his whole career, and only 4 loses, while Chandler has a total of 19 wins and 4 loses.

Chandler is also the current and three-time Bellator Lightweight World Champion.

How does a VPN work

As I previously said, a VPN is the solution so you can enjoy this fight.

But, how does it work?

A VPN or ‘virtual private network’ is an app that acts as an intermediate between your devices and the internet.

Above all, this is a legal service which the main goal is to protect your privacy online concealing your actual location. They’re used by millions of users each day to increase the security of their internet connections.

This way, you can navigate securely on the web without risking your privacy and avoiding hacking attacks, scams, and other risks.

The MatchTV stream is official for Russia, and having access to it with a VPN from any other part of the world is just a side feature from the main VPN purpose of protecting your online privacy.

In Summary: How to watch

Bellator 221 featuring Chandler vs Pitbull will take place on May 11, and MatchTV from Russia will be streaming it for free.

If you live in any other part of the world, you’ll need a VPN to watch it since it’s restricted for Russia only.

In order to do it, the only option is VyprVPN because they’re the only VPN service that supports Russian TV.

So, make an account with them, download and install their app, login, choose Russia as your location, and enjoy this epic super fight between these two champions.

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