How to install IPVanish VPN onto an Amazon Fire TV Stick

A VPN is an increasingly essential tool for all connected devices and the Amazon Fire TV Stick should be no exception. Any internet-enabled device is susceptible to hackers, government surveillance, and other potential threats. The Fire TV Stick is no exception. Indeed, as its popularity grows, the combination of personal and financial details it holds about its users… Read More »

How to watch British TV in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country but let’s face it, if you’re British the TV for us is absolutely rubbish. Not only the fact that we can’t understand most of it, it just doesn’t seem to have that same quality as good old telly from blighty. It’s impossible to get an exact number of expats living in Thailand but… Read More »

How to watch iPlayer abroad

BBC iPlayer is without a doubt one of the best online streaming services in the world. Unfortunately it’s only available in the UK and if you’re outside the UK abroad then you’re blocked from watching. It’s actually really simple to bypass that block and in this guide I’m going to show you the few steps you need to… Read More »

How to install Sportsdevil on Kodi: 2017 guide

In this guide I’m going to show you how to install Sportsdevil on Kodi in 2017. There is a lot of outdated information on the internet from before 2017 telling you how you can install Sportsdevil on Kodi and if you’re like me it’s frustrating following those guides. If like me you’ve trawled the internet and been left… Read More »